No longer 6 months, its now over 4 years.

Meir Dagan head of Mossad (2002--2010) has stated that Mullah Iran cannot build its first nuke bomb until 2015 at the earliest, over 4 years later.

Presumably installing the technically complicated nuke payload on an unreliable copy of a North Korean missile, the Shahab III, as a delivery system WILL TAKE A FEW MORE YEARS FURTHER to achieve.......... maybe by 2020.

This is a welcome statement of a partial fact/false truth........because Mullah Iran installed by the USA/UK/France/Israel in fact does not have a nuke bomb program at all, BUT this latest concession/admission from the epicenter of Israeli security is better than the 6 months time span which the Israelis ceaselessly churned out since the early 1990's, alleging that mullah Iran could have the nuke bomb any day soon within 6 months.

Its is also a shame Meir Dagan didn't make such an important statement during his 8 years in office as Mossad Head, rather than at the eve of retirement, thus suggesting he was merely up holding a government sponsored myth/propaganda. An earlier statement would have clarified natters much sooner, and could have avoided the paranoia and obsession that had been building up around the issue.

If anybody is misusing nuclear technology since the 1950's it is Israel, not Iran.

But anyway, beyond these facts, Meir Dagan proffers several seemingly rational analysis of why the none-existent Iran nuclear bomb program has been delayed, by a further four or more years:

(i) Technical difficulties.

(ii) Internal sabotage by unhappy Middle Class Iranians.

(iii) External sabotage by Israel mainly.

(iv) Sanctions against Iran.

(v) Intelligence reevaluation.

Therefore Meir Dagan suggests the Israeli directed strategy of containing the alleged nuke program is successful, because if it weren't mullah Iran would have a bomb by now.

But Mr. Dagan doesn't appear to be alone. Other senior Israeli officials have also scaled back their estimations of Iran's nuclear program in recent days. Last week, Israel's Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon said Iran was now three years away from developing a nuclear warhead due to recent technological difficulties. The relaxed estimate came as a surprise since Mr. Yaalon is a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party and considered a hawk on security matters.

A senior official in Mr. Netanyahu's office wouldn't say whether Mr. Netanyahu agreed with the recent appraisals of Messrs. Dagan and Yaalon. The official, however, appeared to agree that new intelligence has prompted a reevaluation of Israel's assessment on Iran." WSJ.

Yes I suppose, such reasoning is far more professional and believable than the previous 6 months deadline offered in the preceding 20 years.............because with each 6 month warning.....well they came and went.....and each time an Israeli "experts" repeated the 6 month meme lie the more people stop listening, and started whistling and looking at the other way.

I suppose it would have been too much to expect from him to admit that the mullahs were installed by his country, as with Hamas in the 1970's, and how his country intended to topple the illegal mullah regime in Iran eventually, rather than play with semantics and false games around Iran's none-existent nuclear bomb program.

The Shah of Iran, and special friend of Israel initiated Iran's Civilian nuclear program in 1974, backed by the USA, and West Germany......intending to build 20 nuclear power stations using his abundant petro $, and encouragement from the likes of Kissinger, Nixon, Cheney and Rumsfeld. The Shah would also have a "Surge Program" along with the civilian program, with the capability to assemble a nuke bomb within 6-18 months if the need required. Many countries other than the official nuclear powers have "Surge Programs" countries such as South Korea, possibly Japan, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Taiwan.

The Shah was toppled in 1979 by the USA/UK/France/Israel......and the Luddite, medieval, illiterate mullahs duly almost smoothly installed.The mullahs closed down the Shah's nuclear program, and also for good measure ALL universities throughout Iran...........including nuclear research facilities in Iran.

It has been almost 32 years since the mullahs first came to power, and still the mullahs are far away from their alleged nuclear bomb program.

Failed State Pakistan achieved building the nuke bomb in 10 years, 1974---1983, as confirmed by AQ Khan in a letter to his daughter, and leaked to the press. Pakistan also seems to have received the covert help of Israel in this endeavor to expand its nuclear capacity and technology, especially from the late 1980's, once it had the bomb.

Failed State, North Korea, NOW does have a nuclear bomb......perhaps with the assistance of Israel, China and Pakistan. Mullah Iran has far greater resources, technical expertise in comparison to these two failed states, and ample access in the black market to build at least one or two nuke bombs in short order.

If it still hasn't then it would suggest INTENT.

It does NOT take 40 odd years, from the start of the Shah's intent of a "Surge Program" from 1974, to build a nuke bomb...........If Iran still does not have a nuke program then it would suggest the mullahs DON'T WANT NUCLEAR BOMBS IN THE FIRST PLACE.

This is the actual intelligence fact.............and the IAEA, established by the USA in the 1950's, and a nest of nuclear experts and spy's linked to the USA/Israel, have said as much after 7 years of go any where intensive, short notice inspections of all suspected sites in Iran, after being invited into the country by mullah Iran...........people of that background, caliber and political indoctrination wouldn't miss spotting a covert nuclear bomb program in Iran, even as they have chosen to do so Israel's for obvious political reasons.


(i) Psychologically if you keep pushing a country into the corner, and keep telling them that they have a nuke bomb program, when they don't then somewhere along the line, JUST MAYBE, they might be tempted to throw their arms in the air, and actually go for such a program.............its called tempting fate, and moulding the narrative, discourse and conditioning for the enemy.

(ii) The Massive propaganda.....by Israel about Iran's alleged nuclear bomb program ENCOURAGES other countries of interests to Israel to go for nuclear bombs, because maybe they have a fear of mullah Iran too, like Israel......maybe like Israel they might also SHIT IN THEIR PANTS......about a nonexistent nuke bomb program. Saudi Arabia, alleged to have nuke bomb program with the assistance of ...........Pakistan. Egypt, Algeria, Indonesia.......and so on.

(iii) Israel seriously needs to reign in its covert black market in nuclear technology from the USA mainly into some seriously unstable rogue states.....first and foremost, rather than SHIT IN THE PANTS, and rave and rant about Iran's none-existent nuclear program.....Valery Palme's activities, Sibel Edmonds et al.

(iv) If Israel genuinely SHITS IN THE PANTS about mullah Iran, then Israel should attempt to topple the vile regime first and foremost, and replace it with a more acceptable regime. Rectifying the wrong done by Israel in 1979....with the assistance of Jew globalists in the USA/UK/France. That is a more viable state objective which is also rational, rather than waste energy seeking to prevent a nuke bomb program that does not exist in the manner of Moby Dick.