Exports are not everything

It is good that the Iranian economy/trade is less reliant on oil/gas exports. If the puppet mullah statistics are to be believed, Iran will achieve non-oil exports of $45 billion for the financial year of March 21st, 2011 ---March 20th, 2012. It was $32 billion 2010-2011, and will reach $60 billion 2012--2013.

This a modest success in comparison to Turkeys non-oil projected exports of $160 billion for 2012--2013 and China's $1,900 billion.

But exports is not everything, but what is the overall performance of the economy.

It would be useful if the puppet mullah donkeys could achieve 10% real annual GDP growth fully justified given the current boost in oil prices and boom in non-oil exports. It is simply ridiculous to have $150 billion exports and a MERE $60 billion imports projected for 2011--2012.

We understand the puppet mullahs are stealing from the state funds rather than allow greater imports which would boost the economy significantly....INVESTMENT AND CONSUMPTION (petrol exports would pay for these imports.) It is also a shame that the mullahs have driven out 5,000,000 million middle class Iranians with their $1500 billion assets.

But this all to be expected from such a regime.

Iran non-oil exports to hit $60bn by 2013


Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his administration is planning to increase the country's non-oil exports to 60 billion dollars by March 2013.

In a televised interview with state television late on Tuesday, the Iranian chief executive said that Iran's non-oil exports have reached about USD 20.5 billion in the first half of the current Persian calendar year (started March 21), IRNA reported.

The president stated that the value of Iran's exports will surpass USD 45 billion by the end of this year.

Ahmadinejad also pointed to an improvement in Iran's economic conditions despite the sanctions imposed on Tehran over its civilian nuclear program and the current economic crisis facing the world.

Meanwhile, Director of Iran's Customs Administration Abbas Me'marnejad said on Sunday that Iran's non-oil exports in the first six months of the current year have increased by nearly 40 percent.

China was the main importer of Iranian goods and the United Arab Emirate, Iraq, India and Afghanistan were the other major destinations for Iran's exports over this period, Me'marnejad added.

Iran also witnessed a 20.5-percent drop in its imports, with the value of the country's imports falling to USD 29.5 billion, the official added.

Me'marnejad said steel, corn for livestock and rice were the country's major imports.

According to Me'marnejad, the United Arab Emirate, China, South Korea, Germany and Turkey are the major exporters to Iran.