The USA government is complicit in the International drugs trade........using the Intelligence agencies and military.

For all their verbal eloquence, and positions with titles within the State, at the end of the day Hilary Clinton and Obama are just glorified drug peddlers of International Jewry.

This explains the appallingly poor rule of USA governments in recent years in that country, and why average Americans are unhappy with their government.

Glorified drug peddlers with eloquent words at the end of the day never make good rational statesmen of an otherwise sophisticated nation.

This also explains why American and British security "insist" on staying on in Afghanistan, long after their welcome has outlasted.

Let fate allow the USA State to destroy itself.......soon, so that a new "Just State" may arise from its present evil, criminal incarnation......led by a few International Jews and their WASP fronts.

This will also allow the USA criminal poodles to moderate their intentions accordingly from the Western hemisphere mainly.

One cannot take "Civilization" to the next level with International Jew drug peddlers.


UN: Afghan opium production up by 61%

By Presstv.com

A recent UN report says insecurity and rising opium prices have driven Afghan farmers to increase cultivation of the illicit drug despite the presence of nearly 150,000 foreign troops in the country.

The UN said in its report on Tuesday that cultivation of the poppy crop reached 131,000 hectares in 2011, seven percent higher than in 2010 "due to insecurity and high prices", AFP reported.

The report added that overall opium production in Afghanistan would potentially rise by 61 percent in 2011 as the crop yield per hectare rose markedly from last year.

The price of dry opium also rose 43 percent this year compared to 2010, and total farm-gate income is set to increase by 133 percent to reach $1.4 billion in 2011, or nine percent of Afghanistan's GDP.

"If the profits of manufacturing and trafficking heroin are added to this figure, opium is a significant part of the Afghan economy and provides considerable funding to the insurgency and fuels corruption," the UN report pointed out.

It stated that about 78 percent of cultivation was concentrated in southern Afghanistan, where the United States has concentrated its troops to beat back militants' influence.

“This confirms the link between insecurity and opium cultivation observed since 2007," the report said.

The UNODC's representative in Afghanistan, Jean-Luc Lemahieu, said that on average the drugs trade made a $2 billion profit in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2010, turning into a $66 billion profit abroad.

“The total amount of hectares eradicated increased by 65 percent in 2011. However, the area eradicated represents only three percent of the total cultivation area," Lemahieu noted.


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