Doenme Turkey must not become another slave of Washington

Turkey is a strange mixture of Latin people to the West, and Iranian people to the East, and a minority of ethnic Turks in the center constituting less than 8% of the population, and Celtic people (Galata) constituting 5% again in the center of the country.

Ataturk the secret Doenme Jew, created the modern secular State of Turkey in 1923, and saved it from Western backed Balkanization plans led by the British after their defeat in the Great War.

Ottoman Turkey's decline had been accelerated by the Secret Jewish Doenme Young Turk movement funded by the Rothschilds of London from about 1900, and specifically when they came to power in 1913; 25% of Ethnic Turks died in the Great War, created division within the multi-cultural empire with the false Pan-Turanism, and they killed the economically and socially dominant 1.5 million Armenians, using the Ottoman army so that the Jews/Doenme could become the dominant economic group within the country (Ditto Soviet Union then and now).

However it must also be said Ottoman Turkey as a power had been slowly declining from about 1650 onwards, and that this was not due to the Doenme secret Jews within the Ottoman Empire.

Turkey since 1950 has been a member of NATO, and has sought EU membership even though the Europeans don't want them in the Jewish run club, CLEARLY.......though this does not seem to discourage the Turkish State. It plays in the European soccer leagues, and participates in the European song contest.

Turkey also participates in the USA occupation of Afghanistan harvesting the Afghan Opium/Heroin with M.I.T transporting the drugs to Turkey, then Kosovo and finally into Europe.

In my journeys through Turkey and Istanbul, a lot of the cliche Jewish games were obediently and methodically played to please their Jewish masters, by MIT and the Istanbul Police.........mixed with Jewish Chutzpah Parody. Even to the extent of contradicting the essence of what Turkey is.

In the current situation it is not in Turkey's long term interests to endorse the CIA/Western backed destabilization of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen and so forth, because:

1. Today it is Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria........tomorrow it can be Turkey, with the gradual slow weakening of its secular position.

2. NO games from the West involving destabilization, using special forces and "People Power" should be legitimated for moral, economic, political and security reasons. Especially a country from that region.

3. If "al-CIA-duh" comes to power with Western covert backing then the target State is obviously de-legitimatized.......which means it will militarily be targeted in the future as per Taliban Afghanistan, and Mullah Iran. This is the Jewish game since the 1970's, with Israel creating Hamas.

4. To be sure it feels good to belong to a "Secret Boys Club" where one is the "INSIDER" with briefings of top secret information, and perceptions of strategic gain (Pakistan/Afghanistan/Taliban/"strategic depth"......total disaster for Pakistan....now "given" to India by the USA)......but this is a temporary high of Pabulum, something the Pakistani military well know.

5. Turkey 90% is in Asia, and it is in Turkey's strategic interests to get along with her Asian neighbors first, and not conspire against the very same for the sake of the International Jew, far away based in NY, London and other such places. To do otherwise would be donkey Doenme stupid.......greater trade between Turkey and her neighbors, greater security cooperation, rather than carry out security ops for NATO, a defunct organization originally set up to fight the Soviet Union, and now struggling to find meaning and justification for its existence, and as muscle for the harvesting of opium in Afghanistan in essence.

It is not wise thus for Turkey to base any NATO missiles and radar which are directed against Iran, or support the destabilization of Syria.

It is foolish for Sultan Erdogan I to visit Egypt, Tunisia and Libya JUST AFTER Cameron and Sarkozy had visited the region, endorsing the rise of "al-CIA-duh" in the region.

Endorsing Turkeys model of secular Islamic governments is however a good thing in such regions.........BUT the overall context within which it is promoted timing wise is wholly wrong.


Iran tells Turkey: change tack or face trouble

By Robin Pomeroy of Reuters, Yahoo News, and antiwar.com

A key aide to Iran's supreme leader said on Saturday Turkey must radically rethink its policies on Syria, the NATO missile shield and promoting Muslim secularism in the Arab world -- or face trouble from its own people and neighbors.

In an interview with the semi-official Mehr news agency, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's military adviser described Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's invitation to Arab countries to adopt Turkish-style democracy as "unexpected and unimaginable."

Turkey and Iran, the Middle East's two major non-Arab Muslim states, are vying for influence in the Arab world as it goes through the biggest shake-up since the Ottoman Empire fell, a rivalry that has strained their previously close relations.

While cheering crowds greeted Erdogan on his recent tour of North Africa, Tehran accused him of serving U.S. interests by opposing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's crackdown on street protests and agreeing to NATO's missile defense.

"The behavior of Turkish statesmen toward Syria and Iran is wrong and, I believe, they are acting in line with the goals of America," Major-General Yahya Rahim-Safavi told Mehr.

"If Turkey does not distance itself from this unconventional political behavior it will have both the Turkish people turning away from it domestically and the neighboring countries of Syria, Iraq and Iran (reassessing) their political ties."

Khamenei has dubbed the Arab uprisings an "Islamic awakening," predicting peoples in the Middle East that have overthrown dictatorial, Western-backed regimes will follow the path Iran took after its 1979 Islamic revolution.

The uprisings have been generally secular in nature, analysts say.

Erdogan's advocacy of secular Muslim democracy -- which he extolled during his tour of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya last month -- is far from the message the Islamic Republic of Iran wants spread in the region.

"I think the Turks are treading a wrong path. It might very well be that the path was set for them by the Americans," said Rahim-Safavi.

"The Turks have so far committed a few strategic wrongs. One was Erdogan's trip to Egypt and his presentation of the secular model there. This fact was unexpected and unimaginable since the Egyptian people are Muslims."

While Tehran has publicly urged its close ally Syria to listen to people's legitimate demands, Erdogan has predicted Assad will be ousted "sooner or later" and is set to impose sanctions on Damascus despite a veto on U.N. action by Russia and China.

But it is Turkey's decision to deploy a NATO missile early warning system that has most angered Tehran, which sees this as a U.S. ploy to protect Israel from any counter-attack should the Jewish state target Iran's nuclear facilities.

Rahim-Safavi said trade ties with Turkey -- which is an importer of Iranian gas and exporter of an array of manufactured goods -- would be in jeopardy if Ankara does not change tack.

"If Turkish political leaders fail to make their foreign policy and ties with Iran clear, they will run into problems. If, as they claim, they intend to raise the volume of contracts with Iran to the $20 billion mark, they will ultimately have to accommodate Iran."

(Additional reporting by Mitra Amiri and Hashem Kalantari; Editing by Mark Heinrich)