Foreign spies in Russia

There are foreign spies in Russia, and the Russian secret service usually know who they are, under cover as :






Jason Bourne tackled by Russian security in Moscow.

Jason Bourne, wearing a wig, and trying to recruit 'TURN' Russian agents in Moscow.

It is more difficult to know which Russians are spying for the USA, AND this would be the focus on Russian intelligence, and what intelligence they are providing to the Americans....and how they are providing the intelligence, and what the USA is paying these Russian agents of America.

This last part is more challenging for Russian Intelligence.

The USA has been VERY ACTIVE in Russia through spying especially since 1916.

1. The USA along with London funded the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1918, with many Russian activists travelling from NY and London to participate in the Revolution that eventually brought the Bolsheviks to supreme power by 1921. The Bolshevik revolution funded by NY and London eventually either directly or indirectly through war killed 60 million Russians, eliminating the old Indo-European ruling class including the monarchy and the aristocracy. Thus the 1918 Bolshevik revolution was also a RACE revolution.

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Nikita Pearlmutter Khrushchev a Jew, part Ukrainian and a British agent, PROPAGATED through the Rothschilds spy network since the days of Imperial Russia....and SLAVIC.

This genocide pleased the British Empire in competition with the Russian Empire over the Near East, Central Asia and South Asia.....and the International Jews based in London and NY who saw their specific ideology experimented in a whole nation, and the Jew from being the under-dog living in the 'Pale of Settlement' to actually running the country, and formulating its key policies....and the final ability to vent their angst against Russians for segregating them in Russian society, along with the Pogroms in the late 19th century.

The crime of Vladimir Putin in the eyes of the USA DNC, an ethnic Slav (race is of course a key issue hear.....the Globalist Jews consider Slavs to be more inferior, and far more controllable than ethnic Indo-Europeans) is that Putin has PARTIALLY REVERSED the extremely adverse situation that was imposed on Russia during 1918---1991. And the disastrous offences and crimes by the drunkard lecher Yeltsin, a defacto USA puppet, sponsored and run by the USA on a turn key basis.

Russia under such conditions collapsed by 1999....with a NOMINAL GDP of $185 billion.

The Globalist Jewish elite is thus unhappy why Putin who has denied them their traditional looting ground....in Russia.

This explains the DNC hatred of Russia and Putin.

AND the negative activities of the USA Deep State against Russia, on the orders of the DNC.


Russia Threatens Expulsions, Says Too Many US Spies in Moscow

Expulsions Would Be Retaliation for Last Year's US Moves

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement today warning that they believe there are too many US spies operating in Moscow under diplomatic cover, and that they may decide to expel some of those “diplomats” soon in retaliation for US moves late last year.

President Obama seized this Russian compound in Maryland in late 2016

Those US moves included the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic personnel, including consulate cooks, and the seizure of a pair of vacation houses belonging to the Russian government as diplomatic compounds, which the US took as part of sanctions for “election hacking” allegations.

Russia was very public in deferring the retaliations until after President Trump took office, expecting the Trump Administration to return the seized facilities. That hasn’t happened, however, and patience is wearing thing, with Russia’s diplomatic corps wanting to do something in retaliation.

The Foreign Ministry statement held out hopes that the US could reverse its sanctions and resolve the whole situation, but warned that time is running out, and that they’ll soon feel obliged to retaliate, expelling some US diplomats.

The spy allegations are almost certainly true, as large nations commonly use their diplomatic facilities as a way to get spies into the country as employees, which also gives them diplomatic immunity if caught. The US made the same charges of the Russians in their expulsion last year.
The big question is not if the US has spies in Russia working at the embassy, but rather how effectively Russia could identify them for the sake of this expulsion. If they expel the wrong people, it’s tantamount to admitting they haven’t identified the right ones, and such a revelation is a big part of why nations rarely make such expulsions.