China is helping to rebuild CIA destabilised Syria.

Since the initiation of the CIA destabilization program from 2011, the overall capital and infrastructure damage to the country caused by the CIA terrorists has been in the region of $350 billion.

Eventually due to its strategic geography, Syria will come into China's OBOR grand plans in the future.

Whilst Syria will continue militarily to be close to Russia, the country can become economically closer with China selling its oil and gas.

In return China can help with infrastructure.


By Information clearing House and AMN news. 

With virtually all Euphrates River bridges in Syria destroyed by the US-led coalition amid a wider bid to defeat the Islamic State, China has meanwhile agreed with the Syrian Government to invest two billion dollars in construction of industrial parks across the country, an important step in restoring the war-torn country’s infrastructure. 

The agreement was ratified at the First Trade Fair in Qin Yong on July 9 and enables Chinese companies to begin construction on a total of 150 enterprises. 

 “China, Russia, and Iran have provided substantial support to Syria during the military conflict. Therefore, it is these three countries that will a major role in the reconstruction of Syria,” 

the Syrian ambassador said during a press conference on the matter. Other deals are also in the making to allow Russian companies to operate Syrian oil and gas fields, many of which have been captured from ISIS in recent months.