The Trump Revolution continues unabated--Neocon removed from Whitehouse!

The DNC will have a hard time explaining this one.

Hilary and her Neocons in the State Department (She usually held the most extreme policies on ALL foreign matters, and others like Biden and even Obama held her back)

Maybe, as with Seth Rich, Pizzagate, emailgate, John Pedo Podestagate, voterfraudgate, Hilary's crimes and much more the DNC should just keep quiet and hope that the MSM will ensure Americans don't notice.......after all the fake meda have not been 'dealt with' as decisively as the President promised.....CNN and the MSM are back in the Whitehouse press briefings...its business as usual....no over haul of the Telecommunications Act of 1996...so vital for Trump going into 2018, and 2020.

No wait, the PROBLEM starts with his own administration and the GOP doesn't it?

80% of the administration appointees are OBUMMER hold-overs....wreck--balling his administration and the vital POLICY IMPLEMENTATIONS WHICH are the signature tune of the Trump administrations promises to the masses .......like repeal and replace Obummer care. BUT Ryan and McConnell does want it to be replaced, so they sabotage and produce lame excuses.

So the President has a WAR on his hand, where he has to go on the OFFENSIVE AGAINST the Washington consensus, and the swamp insiders within his own party.

What he doesn't need is NEOCONS within his administration distracting his focus from the domestic front (FRONTS---PLURAL...MANY)....where the real WAR is.....where it is a matter of life and death for the Trump Revolution.

Conflict with Russia, over Syria, over Iran, over North Korea ENERGIZES the DNC, THE NEOCONS AND HILARY'S COMEBACK in 2018, 2020.
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White House Sacks Top Iran Hawk Amid Ongoing Disagreements

Tillerson, Mattis Seen Opposing Aggressive Action Against Iran
Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

The White House has announced today that National Security Council member and top Trump adviser on Iran Derek Harvey has been fired “effective immediately.” 

Harvey was seen as extremely hawkish on Iran, and his firing comes amid major cabinet disagreements on Iran policy.

Derek Harvey

Harvey was said to be among the proponents for unilaterally withdrawing the US from the P%+1 nuclear deal, a position which ultimately lost out in recent weeks, as Secretary of State and Defense, Tillerson and Mattis, managed to convince Trump to take a more measured approach.

Some reports cited officials as denying that Harvey’s position on Iran was the reason for his dismissal, saying rather that he was viewed by other cabinet members as too close to Stephen Bannon. 

Harvey was initially hired for the council by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has also been sacked, and may not have been favored by H.R. McMaster.

Harvey, who had previously worked for the military’s intelligence bureau, the DIA, was broadly hawkish on current issues, and was said to have been among the main proponents of President Trump’s decision to fire missiles at Syria over allegations of chemical weapons use.