Security cooperation between China and Russia is increasing

The Clever American shuffle to split the two strategic long term friends is not working......not even with the use of the Nazi Germans......or even with India (Fascist religious based right-wing government brought into power by the USA in 2014)

Their game is simple....promise the earth to China, and wield the big stick against Russia.


Promise the earth to Russia in G-20 meetings in Germany (Putin speaks German, and as a KGB officer in the 1980's was posted there....so he still has many German contacts and friends there.....for Putin, Germany is his comfort ZONE)....and threaten China with North Korean attacks, Pacific Sea attacks and India.

The trick is to understand the game of 'DIVIDE AND CONQUER' ....and not become entrapped by it.

A joint military maneuver in the Far East between China and Russia is good....in the Pacific with both navies is good, Near the South China Sea....In the Baltics with both navies is good.

But it almost smells of tokenism.

China should have joined Russia shoulder to shoulder fighting the CIA's ISIS in Syria, ESPECIALLY given the fact that 10,000 Chinese terrorists were/are based there in Northern Syria and NATO Turkey...hearded, trained, armed and marshaled by the CIA with MIT, with future Islamist ops in Central Asia and Sinkiang, China.

Training Syrian army medical units SAA in China is mere tokenism.

China should have voted with Russia....in the UNSC 100% over Syria, rather than allow the CIA spies and pro-Americans in Beijing to force an abstention over the critical vote of who exactly initiated the criminal chemical attack in Syria, against civilians.

In a true security block China must stand 100% with Russia, and Russia must stand 100% with China. But not through tokenism and gestures politics.

OBOR.....is a remarkable strategic goal that will change the world for the better. The setting up of the banks for OBOR, AND the remarkable humanitarian and economic INFRASTRUCTURE projects across ASIA .......as a grand first step....they are truly visionary.

However, as stated oft before an economic goal and an economic alliance is not going to be effective unless they contain clear SECURITY DIMENSIONS.  OBOR and SCO needs a separate security cooperation agreement between member states, operating rather like NATO.....and sending and voting military action around the world whenever, and wherever member states vote or decree.

Neo-liberal/Globalist USA will economically collapse.....soon. 

Who will take care of the earth then??

China can attempt to do so alone.


China can do so within an alliance of partners from the SCO, under a formal INTERNATIONAL SECURITY AGREEMENT.

The latter is safer for China's long term security.


Chinese Warships Enter Baltic Sea — For Drills With Russia

As NATO exercises in the Black Sea Russia welcomes the Chinese navy

By Russia Insider

A Chinese naval squadron has sailed into the Baltic Sea to join the Russian navy for annual two-nation drills.
The Chinese squadron consists of a supply ship, missile frigate and a Type 052D destroyer. The latter is the most advanced guided missile destroyer in Chinese service which is highly significant:
"By sending its most advanced guided-missile destroyers, China is expressing its sincerity to Russia and also sends a strong signal to other countries who plan to provoke us," said Li Jie, a Beijing-based navy expert.
The Chinese ministry of defense says the drills are not aimed at any third party: 
The Chinese ministry of national defense said the drills are held every year, and are not aimed at any third party. The drills are meant to enhance the China-Russia ties and also to improve both sides' ability to cope with maritime threats. 
But at the same time the Chinese seem to be privately aware that by holding the exercise in the Baltic they are in fact sending a message:
Holding this year's drills in key strategic locations sets them apart from those in the past, Li said, citing the Baltic Sea as the scene of confrontations between countries, such as the US and Russia. 
Recently Beijing has become increasingly upset with US presence in the South China Sea. It may see exercising with the Russians in the Baltic as just the right antidote.

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Footage at first light of the Chinese Task Group passing the North Sea towards the Baltic region, escorted by HNLMS Van Amstel.
Amusingly the Dutch, the British and the Danes all scrambled to escort the Chinese past their shores, and the British tabloids in particular are making the most of the Chinese "armada": The SunDaily MailDaily Express.
Even more amusingly, as the Daily Mail reports, the British trailed the Chinese squadron with their trusty HMS Richmond which looks like this: