Elite Jewish Nazis and the Third Reich vehicle

From time to time we get a whiff of Nazism coming out of Jews. Especially in Israel. Their treatment and description of the Palestinians in Nazi like terms, and when the Palestinians could longer be trusted to do the menial jobs in Israel, the Jews subsequent treatment of imported African migrant workers....the secret sterilization of Africa women, even as guest workers...."do not produce in Israel and don't even think about it in your own country when you go back home...you fucking Schwartzers.".....Apartheid Israel, with Berlin Walls....and nuke weapons and technology to Apartheid South Africa back in 1975, and North Korea in the 1990's.

The same is reflected in the USA, where millions in nations of color have died from the Pentagon's habitual wars, which seem to be for resources and yet don't turn out to be so; most of the resource contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not be going to American companies.

Being gay is not a problem, but the problem lye's with the fact that the Elite Jew's in the USA and Europe can manipulate even quite sophisticated nations to commit to war, which subsequently kill 60 million people. Which involve the entire world at war. Creates a UN which is dominated by one nation. Creates the multi-trillion $ apparently fake Cold War which necessitates massive stockpiles of nuclear weapons between the two Jewish run super-powers, the Soviet Union and the JEWSA.

......AND many proxy wars which killed millions more since 1949.

We hope books from prominent authors, documentaries and cinema movies can explore this area of high standard and quality.

We need to understand and acknowledge the existence of such a shadowy power structure that resides in the USA, and the West which has implications for the world to this day.

The Nazis of Germany 1933--1945 were brought into power by the International Jewish bankers, using crypto-Jews in Germany.



Magda Goebbels and her children, including Harald.

Magda Goebbels was born Johanna Maria Magdalena Behrend.

Magda's mother Auguste Behrend divorced Oskar Ritschel and married a JEWISH businessman named Richard Friedl√§nder.

Magda Goebbels once dated Haim Arlosoroff.

He became a prominent ZIONIST.

Magda married G√ľnther Quandt, a rich German industrialist twice her age.

Quandt's business later grew into VARTA batteries among other businesses. 

He also had large shareholdings in BMW and Daimler-Benz.

Magda and Gunther produced a child called Harald.

Harald, being touched by Adolf

Magda became attracted to her 18-year-old stepson Helmut Quandt.[3]

On a trip to the USA, Magda formed a relationship with a nephew of the U.S. President Herbert Hoover.[9]

Harald being followed by a strange man.(The typical Aryan looking Goebbels...."The Rabbi")

Magda divorced Gunther and married Joseph Goebbels.

Joseph Goebbels had many affairs during his marriage to Magda. 

Reportedly, Joseph Goebbels had Jewish origins and was gay.

Harald, Magda, Joseph.

Joseph Goebbels' first girlfriend was Jewish. Goebbels' family came from Holland; he was nicknamed "rabbi" in school.


"Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star." Website

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70)." 

In 1945 Albert Speer offered to have the Goebbels family smuggled out of Berlin.

Reportedly, Magda and her family retired to South America at the end of World War II.

Joseph Goebbels; wife Magda; In uniform -Harald Quandt, Magda's son by her first marriage; Magda's children, Helga, Hildegard, Helmut, Hedwig, Holdine and Heidrun in 1942. Photograph: Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

How Goebbels' step-grandchildren became billionaires

In the spring of 1945, Harald Quandt, Goebbel's stepson, was a prisoner-of-war, in Benghazi.

He received a letter from his mother Magda Goebbels.

Magda claimed that she, Joseph, and their six children, were going to die with cyanide capsules.

Goebbels Family or doubles?

Harald Quandt was released from captivity in 1947.

Seven years later, he and his half-brother Herbert, inherited the industrial empire built by their father, Guenther Quandt.

Harald's decendents now share a fortune worth at least $6 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.


Who are the decendents?

Gabriele Quandt, who lives in Munich.

Katarina Geller-Herr, who is Jewish.

Colleen-Bettina Rosenblat-Mo, who is Jewish. Her first marriage was to Michael Rosenblat, a German-Jewish businessman.

Anette-Angelika May-Thies, whose first marriage was to Axel May, a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) international adviser for private banking, who managed the family’s investments for about 25 years.

Holding hands.

[1996] Adolf Hitler - Founder of Israel: Israel in War - With Jews by Hennecke Kardel 

"Igra...cites Hitler aides and close friends who were known homosexuals.

"He states that Hitler's chauffeur and one-time personal secretary, Emile Maurice, for example, was homosexual, as well as the pornographer Julius Streicher, who "was originally a school teacher, but was dismissed by the Nuremberg School Authorities, following numerous charges of pederasty brought against him" (Igra:72f).

"SS Chief Heinrich Himmler's 'pederastic proclivities [were] captured on film' by Nazi filmmaker Walter Frenz (Washington City Paper, April 4, 1995).

"Reinhard Heydrich, mastermind of the first pogrom, Kristallnacht, and of the death camps, was homosexual (Calic:64).

"In The Twelve Year Reich, Richard Grunberger tells of a party given by Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, which degenerated into a homosexual orgy (Grunberger:70).

"A recent biography of Albert Speer by Gitta Sereny speaks of a 'homo-erotic (not sexual) relationship' between Speer and Hitler (Newsweek, Oct. 30, 1995).

"Langer notes that Hitler's personal bodyguards were 'almost always 100 percent homosexuals' (Langer:179). Hitler's later public pronouncements against homosexuality never quite fit with the lifelong intimacy-sexual or otherwise-which he maintained with men he knew and accepted as homosexuals." 

The Pink Swastika by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams.

"Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebbels, and Adolph Hitler were all of Jewish extraction.