The Smoke and Mirrors parallel Universe is a big lie

Lying is not the worst aspect of the CIA, after all deception is their staple (and we ought not be too surprised when they become confused and deluded with power and lie to/against their own  CONSTITUTIONALLY ELECTED government)............... but rather of greater constitutional/legal significance is that they artificially manufactured false flags and then shepherd/direct the state to deal with their manufactured agenda, as the central policy focus of the state, and government above all else.

This hijacking of the state in Capital Hill, and its policy directions is only one of the problems with the CIA, domestically.

The others is the running of various covert illegal domestic programs which increases their power in the USA, and promotes their world view, ....where some of the programs besides being illegal and unconstitutional are also truly bizarre and hazardous to the prosperity and well being of the USA. (Some of these unconstitutional illegal domestic programs were inherited from Nazi Germany, whilst the other programs are so out there, their very existence in the USA through the dark satanic elite golf clubs of the country 'naturally' levitated towards the CIA with its 'reputation' for doing badass things.....Paedophilia and human sacrifice, the importation of narcotics; ....and so on)

Carter made the mistake of ONLY focusing on getting rid of 800 personal in the operations office of the CIA...and that somehow this quick fix of getting rid of 800 officers would sort out the problems identified by the Church Committee (1975)....WRONG....he should have used the full resources of the state to identify the key illegal domestic programs of the CIA, and then DISMANTLED THEM GRADUALLY, SYSTEMATICALLY AND FINALLY rather like de-Nazification in post war Germany (where the CIA went in the opposite direction recruiting wanted Nazis), and the dismantling of Saddams WMB program which took over a decade, and was completed by 2000.

So what the President has to do is find a dozen special prosecutors of the caliber of Rudy Giuliani (In his 1980/90's incarnation...not the present one in 2017)...and give each special prosecutor massive resources, timelines and staff to go after each illegal CIA domestic program one by one, and shut them down totally and completely (The CIA subcontracts and in addition works with a lot of American civilians who are not CIA staff.)

From a psychological perspective it might be useful to hire Irish/Italian American catholic prosecutors...since a lot of the shady aspect of the CIA is related to these two ethnic groups in the CIA. 

It takes one to know one.

President Trump must shut down all CIA domestic programs, prioritizing which of the illegal CIA domestic programs challenges his power the most...to the least threatening (Operation Mocking Bird....CIA control of the USA media, is a good starting place).

Another reason why Trump must shut down the domestic illegal programs of the CIA is that the internationalist globalists use the CIA as their primary tool of power within the USA...more than the USA POLICE, OR FBI,  DEA,  NSA,  DIA.......KGB (FORMER)......MOSSAD......BND......MI5....RAW....George Soros and his real master the Rothschilds of London.  (52 hostages for 444 days)....George Ball of the CIA was a USA government servant (1950--1980'S), instrumental in bringing the mullahs into power in Iran in 1979, but his original master is the Rothschild of London.   So it is the case with George Bush senior.  So it is with Bill and Hilary Clinton, Rhodes scholars educated at Oxbridge. 

Not a good idea having foreign entities and power structures running YOUR COUNTRY through key personnel embedded in the government, the media, security and all else.

President Trump can have the best original ideas to make the USA great again, but his administration will fail if he has too many traitors to the cause in his administration. By all means have well established power players, but these men must be chosen carefully.

The final point about this area is that the President must be open with his intentions, and take into confidence the American public (Reagan was a great communicator as was JFK......both electable twice for such a quality)       after inauguration, of what he intends to do with the CIA. 

Tell the American people, as much as possible.  Trust the American public. Believe the American Public.....and not see them as mere sheep that must be toyed with through false propaganda,and smoke and mirrors and deception....and BAIT AND SWITCH.   

One of the mistakes that JFK made was that after he consciously decided to sort out the CIA after the 'Bay of Pigs' fiasco. 1962..beyond his immediate circle that included LBJ he didn't share his true intentions towards the CIA. He made the decision to deal with the CIA after his election for a second term. 

1962-Ping, idea! Sack the head of the CIA. 1965-initiate a more detailed program against the CIA.

1977- inauguration of Carter--January 20th--(On Halloween)31st October 1977 deal with the CIA, partially, with a one fix jack. 

This was a mistake since the CIA could have blocked JFK's second term via the Mocking Bird controlled media, and the USA mafia, and the USA unions  (as with the lessons learnt in Iran 1953).Or they could have killed him, just like their operations in banana republics around the world (Patrice Lumumba in the Congo)......for the CIA, the USA is just another banana republic.

It is wrong to disparage a man/President who dies at the hands of his own government, BUT...had JFK had the foresight to deal with the CIA comprehensively, earlier in his first term, then he would have been alive for the second term.

In addition, there would have been no 10 year Vietnam war, and consequent military defeat, and 58,000 Americans officially killed...200,000 later. The CIA played a dominant role in the war in pursuit of the 'Domino Theory'.....and a genocidal Coup in Indonesia (1965).

During the Vietnam War, it was the first time that narcotics is imported into the USA by a government agency, enmasse (Golden Triangle Opium)....and a leading focus of the CIA in that war, where the USA is not suppose to win, but merely prolong the participation and killing of 4,000,000 million Vietnamese, and millions more Laotians and Cambodians...and many Americans for this particular CIA enterprise.

American gangster (2007)The USA government is the primary importer and business partner of illegal narcotics in the USA.

A funnier look at the same problem...if you think its funny.


Oh what evil liars!

By Scot Creighton at American everyman.
Let’s forget collectively, shall we, the fake intelligence the CIA gave Dick Cheney so he could launch a war of aggression on Iraq. Okay? They lied. Pretend that never happened.
( Its a 'Slam Dunk' Mr. President that CIA Saddam in 2003 still has WMD's, after our covert team of Scott Ritter et al in Iraq under the UNSCOM/IAEA investigative teams, confirmed that after 10 years of dismantling them in Iraq, he no longer had any....so lets go for invasion, war, occupation, murder, destabilization and the Salvador Option )
Also pretend there was never a Senate Intelligence Committee finding back in 2014 that said the CIA was fabricating all sorts of “intel” in service to their various agendas. Let’s forget they lied about torturing various suspects and then destroyed the videos of those torture sessions after congress asked to see them and that those torture sessions provided the basis for our official conspiracy theory of 9/11. Lets forget all of that.
The findings of that investigation, which the summary of which can be found here, in part are as follows:
  • #2 The CIA’s justification for the use of its enhanced interrogation techniques rested on inaccurate claims of their effectiveness (i.e. “they lied”)

  • #3 The interrogation of CIA detainees were brutal and far worse than the CIA represented to policymakers and others (i.e. “they lied”)

  • #4 The conditions of confinement for CIA detainees were harsher than the CIA had represented to policymakers and others (i.e. “they lied”)

  • #5 The CIA repeatedly provided inaccurate information to the Department of Justice impeding a proper legal analysis of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program (i.e. “they lied”)
  • .
  • #6 The CIA has actively avoided or impeded congressional oversight of the program (i.e. “they obfuscated”)
  • .
  • #10 The CIA coordinated the release of classified information to the media, including inaccurate information concerning the effectiveness of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques (i.e. “they propagandized their lies”)
Not only was it proven that the “CIA’s directors lied to members of the U.S. Congress, the White House and the Director of National Intelligence about the program’s effectiveness and the number of prisoners that the CIA held.[39]” … but they also found the ” CIA deliberately planted false stories with members of the media and claimed that the stories had been leaked.[1]:4[39]
Everybody straight on that?
The committee that conducted this investigation, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence used to go by another name, the Church Committee and they did their own little investigation into CIA lies way back when.
Also important to note that Chuck Schumer is a ex officio member of the Select Committee on Intelligence so he knows full well the findings of the 2014 report.
Also important to note… the CIA illegally spied on members of the Select Committee as they were conducting their investigation and later, the head of the CIA LIED about it to congress (i.e. “they lied”)

It is absolutely ridiculous at this point to believe a single word that comes from the intelligence industry. 

They have their own agenda and they have a proven track record of fabricating whatever they need to see it through. That is the only reasonable conclusion anyone can have about them at this point in time since the Obama administration did nothing to hold them in check over the past 8 years in office.