Massive build up of American armed forces

There are no significant policy documents developed in the USA carefully and in detail by Team Trump over years as to how the armed forces of the USA are to be 'rebuilt' again.

It is a fuzzy, political, sloganist, populist FASCIST/Nazi like declaration.....which sets the USA on a war footing, or even looking to pick fights, and is in contradiction of Trumps declaration not to interfere in another country.....BUT refocus the country to rebuild the USA again, away from the globalist agenda.

Traditionally for the American elites and globalists at the dinner table...talking domestic and about roads, bridges, industry, healthcare, education, social security, the environment, ethnics in the inner city, immigration, the american family is depressingly boring. For them it is far more exciting talking about FOREIGN LANDS FILLED WITH EXOTIC FUNNY PEOPLE.

It is an elite taste acquired from the UK.

Subconsciously the USA elite wants to immitate the Wonderful British Empire.

Its an Oxymoron to re-build something that is already at the top of its game....the American Armed Forces which unofficially according to Chalmers Johnson devours around $1.5 trillion of the national cake, along with the other security agencies.

The problem with the Pentagon is its massive corruption, and its bloated defense budget. Giving it more money with which to be more corrupt does not solve the problem. The Trump administration is not doing any favours to the Pentagon, and the American people by giving it more money.

Whilst simulutaneously calling for $10 trillion budget cuts, which will harm the working class and the middle class.


Aims to Increase Number of US Warplanes and Ships

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
Trump promised the plan would include new warplanes, new ships, new resources, and in increase in the number of special forces. The order calls for the Pentagon and Office of Management and Budget to work jointly on increasing military spending in the next fiscal year, and in ways that will give the Pentagon chief more flexibility on spending.
Exactly how much bigger the 2018 military budget is going to end up being is unclear, as analysts have estimated things like the planned increase in warships adding a massive amount both in construction costs and in maintenance. At the same time, the Trump plan calls for reducing spending on projects not considered “highest priority.”
That’s potentially difficult, however, as the costliest weapons projects, even those the Pentagon is relatively ambivalent about, tend to carefully spread their spending through enough Congressional districts as to make the cuts politically difficult.
Trump made increasing the size and strength of the military a top priority during the campaign. He is considering several proposals on escalating the fight against ISIS, which is likely to involve an increase in ground troops deployed around the Middle East. This too is likely to increase costs in the final budget.