White House press conferences briefings will become more Democratic

President Trump spent an inordinate amount of time cursing the American media.

He cursed the American media before his inauguration, 
during the party primaries, 
during the elections as the Republican candidate, against Hilary
After his election victory in 8th November
And even after his inaugeration

It will be difficult to change the prejudices of the Globalists. 

It will be difficult for the President to keep droning on about how horrible the MSM media are, ad nausuem as he progresses through his Presidency.

The globalists clearly are going to re-group and strike back using the MSM. All globalist political action in the USA is centered around the media.

The campaign to unseat and unsettle the Trump Presidency will be through the Globalist run MSM, and no amount of pleading and invocations of...  'Can we just get along'  and move on from here, will work.

We are dealing with Zealots.

We are dealing with fanatics.

We are dealing with Satanic devil worshipers.....who have lost power.

And no doubt the President may feel he can make deals, and thus buy his way out of his troubles from the Globalists, but I think it is a mistaken assumption.

Yes he can throw bones at them.....and even out do the Israeli firsters in the USA...and out Neocon the Neocons.

But this will count for very little with the fanatics.

What he must do is re-make the American media so that the Trump Revolution lasts for 2 terms, and the Trump revolution for decades to come.

Brand Trump and hustling business deals will only last for one term, if that with Mike Pence waiting in the wings.     

It is a natural survivalist policy, and at a secondary level it is the lightening rod that connects the Trump Revolution to the people.

The first thing President Trump must do is recognize the alternative media through various initiative which won him the Presidency.

The alternative media since the 1990's has been struggling against the Globalist. They for their sins have been harassed by the Deep State, assassinated, murdered, tortured, humiliated, taunted, imprisoned wrongfully, threatened daily with all manner of grief, denied, under surveillance ONLY because they wanted to share the truth with the American people, and were alarmed by the evil globalism that began under the two terms of the Clintons, the two terms of Bush and the two terms of Hussain Obama....the worst of the lot.

Perhaps after 20 years of struggle the American people have finally found their true President, for the people, by the people. But this is a gift of the Alternative media and their selfless, lone, solitary struggle against the leviathan of the Globalist Deep State. With time elements of the Deep State began to understand and accept the arguments of the alternative media, and in many instances participated with the alternative media EDUCATING THEM, and their radical audience about the mechanisms of the Globalist Deep State.The struggle and defeat of the TPP WAS THE RESULT OF THE hard work of millions of people around the world. President Trump merely sanctified what was already the reality, the end of the TPP.

Now President Trump must sanctify the reality of the fact that the alternative media IN THE USA got him elected....period.

The CIA thinks so....they told me, over a nice friendly chat.

Hillary thinks so...Too:


The Washington Post thinks so too...and published a list of the Patriots(screened by the CIA)

A partial list of the sites screened by the CIA, who helped Trump win the elections.

The alternative media helped Trump win the elections, and can help him again next time. It can help him in power.  It can check administration officials who don't follow the administration policies...it can do much more.

President Trump is now busy...appointing billionaires and Deep State Generals to his administration as well as our favorite bank's officials, Goldman Sacks to his inner team....no problem Donald....no problem.

His talking about cuts to spending of $10 trillion in the federal budget

There is talk of spending $5 trillion to expand the Pentagon....so that it can kill more brown people and funny looking foreigners.....and make America GREAT AGAIN.
Image result for Nazi propaganda power through strengthImage result for Nazi propaganda untermensch

He is talking about deregulation of business which will put the TPP to shame.
Image result for Nazi propaganda industry

In between his busy and important first few days initiatives and 'business'...he must officially recognize the alternative media in the USA:

(i) Invite them to the Whitehouse...thank them.

(ii) Whitehouse Press briefings should be dominated by the alternative media, and the MSM minimized.

(iii) Monetize the alternative media with some funding so that they can set up their expanded media into radio and TV.

These are small cost free initiatives compared to the BIG Neo-liberal Globalist Deep State initiatives TRUMP is contemplating.

Here are a few alternative sites which Trump can promote:

Alex Jones Infowars (alternative right)

anitiwar.com (center right)

American everyman (authentic left)

1. Institutionalization of the alternative media into White House Press conferences, presidential press conferences, presidential addresses to the nation and closer consultation with the alternative media about government policy, at a semi-consultative level.

2. The financial aid/subsidy of the alternative media for doing their work from the government, and in appreciation of their vital and important work in which they serve the nation for next to nothing......and Deep State harassment and negative surveillance.

3. Repealing the Telecommunications Act (1996)instituted by the Globalists Clintons, where the American media houses went from 50 organisations to just 6, with clear bias for the Globalists, holding positions and propaganda which is totally opposite to what most ordinary Americans hold.

Democracy in Peril: Twenty Years of Media Consolidation Under the ...

4. The abolition of the license of the 6 media globalist houses save for News International and Fox news.

5. The setting up of further independent media houses of a dozen or so, with government funds so that the Trump REVOLUTION is served by two terms, and that the TRUMP REVOLUTION continues after his two terms.The message and truth must get out to the people, but that will not happen with the current 6 media houses since the quid pro Quo of them getting their oligarchical position in 1996 was that they would repeat, like the proverbial echo chamber all the sound bites and talking points written by the globalists ad nauseum.

Trump can continue his rants against the media at various venues, including the UN, but that at a certain stage instead of repeating his disgust with the American media ad nauseum he needs to take solid action to change the media scenery for the good of the country, and the world, permanently using legitimate Presidential executive powers at his disposal.