It has many nicknames, but usually for good reasons:

Cocaine Importation Agency

Clinton Informant Agency

Corruption Insidious Agency

Criminal Inc. Agency

All Intelligence Agencies are politicized, but the questions is to what degree.............how much resources do they have ?(not including black funds, it is about $10 billion for the agency)....at their disposal? To what degree are they embedded in American society, in terms of reach and influence?

As an external intelligence agency, LEGALLY it should not have ANY domestic functions......but in reality it does.

1. This domestic role should be totally eliminated.

2. The external covert operations should also be eliminated, and I will explain why later ('Chickens come home to roost') 

'Trying to control Intelligence agencies is like trying to grab a slippery eel in a bowl/bucket full of slime'

Opening line by Mostaque Ali, final year law dissertation March 1996. "The relationship between the state, the security services and the law"  15,000 undergraduate dissertation, which provided the Criminal British State the excuse to harass me overtly, whereas previously it had been covert...1985--1996.

Take the Operational Wing out of their hands....shut it down along with 5000 Operational Field Agents.

Jimmy Carter did half a measure in 1977, when he ONLY got rid of 800 serving officers..........then they will come back and bite your ass, with an October Surprise organised By George Bush senior of the CIA, and the USA embassy takeover by students in Tehran, which so deeply embarrassed Carters administration (52 Diplomatic hostages held for 444 days)........Iran given hostage money for their release and the eventual setting up of the Iran/Contra/Cocaine/Israel/Singapore TRIANGLE again organised by the CIA.

The CIA was set up by Harry Truman, a democrat President in 1947. Prior to this its forerunner, the OSS was a covert military operation during WWII, fighting against Nazi Germany mainly under the direction of General William Donovan in enemy territory using propaganda, subversion, and at wars end post-war planning.

Traditionally the founding Fathers and most American leaders did not favor the cloak and dagger arts that were associated with the totalitarian monarchies of old Europe. It is only in the middle of the 20th century, and 164 years of existence as a democratic state, that the USA for the first time sets up an external Intelligence agency.


In 1945 the USA became a super power for the first time, with a global military reach, and 12 million men and women under uniform. A staggering 45% of the GDP was allocated to defense...and it seemed logical that since all the other great powers, still standing such as the Soviet Union the British Empire, had Foreign Intelligence agencies of their own, that the USA also needed to have one too.

The CIA would have a limited role, and act as a minor annex information gathering mechanism to the Presidential office, providing strategic information to the President, in a world that suddenly became more complicated and involved for the USA, and of course the threat of the 'Red Menace' from the Soviet Union and China.

From that time onward, key characters in the new CIA, and especially James Jesus Angleton and the Dulles brothers redefined the CIA's role both domestically and in the International arena, far far far away from the original intentions of its founders..........leading to coups, destabilization and assassinations abroad, and in the USA the murder of a serving USA President, just a decade and a half later after being established.

In the domestic arena, officially it had no roles to play save for providing strategic intelligence to the President. In reality the CIA initiated several illegal unconstitutional domestic programs to increase its powers, which still exist today......and is a clear breach of constitutional law.

These CIA domestic programs should be thoroughly investigated, brought out of the arena of an Urban Legend, and DISMANTLED completely for the betterment of the USA.


Operation Mockingbird was a campaign by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to influence media in the US and internationally. It was reportedly organized as an independent office by Frank Wisner in 1948. After 1953, when Allen Dulles was appointed as head of the CIA, he took a strong role in overseeing the operation, which already had influence with 25 newspapers and wire agencies. The operation has been documented as operating at least during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The unit recruited leading American journalists into a propaganda network to help present the CIA's views. It funded some student and cultural organizations and magazines as fronts. As it developed, it also worked to influence foreign media and political campaigns, in addition to activities conducted by other operating units of the CIA. (Wikipedia)

List of Internal Crimes:

List of External crimes:


Trump Team Views US Intelligence Community as 'Completely Politicized'

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
Deals on the exact nature of the changes are still being sorted out, but President-elect Donald Trump reportedly plans to revamp multiple US intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, with a primary goal of shrinking them considerably.
Those familiar with the plans say they believe that the US intelligence community is “completely politicized,” and that the various intelligence agencies need to be “slimmed down,” and restructured in how they interact.
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence appears to be a particular target, with Trump apparently believing that the office is driving efforts by the outgoing Democratic administration to accuse Russia of “hacking the election,” trying to portray Trump’s election as the result of interference.
Despite the FBI being the ones initially ordered to investigate the accusations, the CIA is also seen playing a significant role in this narrative, coming out after the election to claim they had concluded that Russia had deliberately tried to influence the outcome of the US election in favor of Trump.
In not accepting the accusations, Democrats are now presenting Trump as “siding with Russia” or deliberately disrespecting the intelligence community. The Trump team appears to believe this whole effort is the result of the politicization of the intelligence community, and that it needs considerable efforts to resolve.