Fagot writers and spooks



Sir Stephen Spender (1909 - 1995) was an English writer who wrote: 

"I find boys much more attractive, in fact I am rather more than usually susceptible...

"But actually I find the actual sexual act with women more satisfactory, more terrible, more disgusting, and, in fact, more everything." [17]

Spender was a typical member of the English elite.

From 1953 to 1966 Spender was editor of Encounter magazine, which was set up by Spender and the neoconservative Irving Kristol.

Encounter was funded by the CIA.

Spender pretended to be 'left-wing' and even homophobic.

The critic Cyril Connolly described Stephen Spender as being "shrewd and ambitious, aggressive and ruthless".

Three gay writers - WH Auden, Stephen Spender, Christopher Isherwood.

Spender was married to Agnes Maria Pearn (Inez Pearn) and then to Natasha Litvin, who was Jewish.

Spender's mother Violet Hilda Schuster was half Jewish.

Stephen Spender's son Matthew Spender describes a scene in postwar Paris when, "at a party of intellectuals, Natasha (still newly married) enquired who the elegant young man talking to her husband was. 

"'Don't you know?' the worldly Parisian replied. 'That's Stephen's new lover.' She promptly fainted."

A few days later she tried to throw herself out of a train.

'A House in St John's Wood: In Search of My Parents'. / A House In St John's Wood: In Search Of My Parents

Stephen Spender (left) and family, 1959

Spender wrote: "Whatever happens, I shall never be alone. I shall always have a boy."

Spender was brought up in a house in St John's wood and attended the Hall School in Hampstead

Stephen Spender and Franz B├╝chner - 1929

Stephen Spender's male lovers included Tony Hyndman, Lucian Freud, WH Auden and Bryan Obst.
Spender used to 'cruise' for young men.

While cruising around Piccadilly in London, Spender met Tony Hyndman, a former Welsh guardsman and occasional male prostitute.

The relationship lasted 6 years.

Boy by Lucian Freud.
In his 30s, Spender was in love with the teenage Lucian Freud, who was later a friend of the Kray Twins.

Freud "had a well-documented relationship with the Kray Twins Reggie and Ronnie."


Spender's last gay lover was the American ornithologist Bryan Obst.

Obst died from an Aids-related illness.
Stephen Spender: The Authorized Biography

.Stephen Spender and wife Natasha shortly after their 1941 wedding
Stephen Spender's wife Natasha used to receive passionate love letters from the crime-writer Raymond Chandler.

Stephen Spender and son Matthew - 1950.
In 1955, Matthew spender overheard his father telling his mother he wanted to leave her and live with a new boyfriend in Japan.


You are unlikely to find any top novelist writing a book about 9 11 being an inside job.

This is because the CIA and its friends control many of the top writers.

The novelist Ian McEwan wrote the novel 'Sweet Tooth'.

The novel deals with the subject of Britain's security service MI5 giving money to writers and academics so that they will promote certain propaganda.

Ian McEwan

Ian McEwan is the son of an army officer.

He was educated at a government-run boarding school.

It is known that the CIA poured money, through front organisations, into cultural projects  in Britain.

Ian McEwan feels obliged to say: "I don't think MI5 ever backed ten writers and academics…" 

Ian McEwan: Why I'm revisiting the Seventies

A A Milne

Among the writers and intellectuals who have worked for the security services (CIA, MI5 and similar):

A.A. Milne

Malcom Muggeridge

Roald Dahl

Ian Flemming

C.S. Forrester

James Michener

Eugene Fodor

Somerset Maugham

Graham Green

Crompton Mackenzie

Aaron Copland

Igor Stravinsky

Britten of the CIAaangirfan: BENJAMIN BRITTEN

Benjamin Britten (CIA)

Stephen Spender

Nancy Mitford

Vladimir Nabokov

Jayaprakash Narayan

Arnold Toynbee

Bertrand Russell of the CIA.

Bertrand Russell

Hugh Trevor-Roper

Arthur Schlesinger

Arthur Koestler

George Orwell 

A surprising number of the above were lovers of boys.