President John McCain.

John McCain, Zionist Warmonger, Rothschild puppet

By Texe Marrs.

John McCain is a vile, wicked, deceitful man, a warmonger and a sexual deviant. Make no mistake about it. If this man wins the presidency, America is finished as a nation. Forever.

Dumb Beast Led Around by Homosexual Lieberman

In March of this year, John McCain traveled to Israel where he shamelessly pandered to Prime Minister Olmert, the Likudnik extremist Benjamin Netanyahu, and other Zionist Masonic overlords and groveled at their feet. McCain also had a stopover in neighboring, war-torn Iraq, where he was led around like a dumb beast by his Mossad and ADL stooge handler, Jewish bigot, and closet homosexual, Senator Joe Lieberman.

McCain then flew from the Middle East to London where, on March 20th, two Rothschild Illuminati, the super-wealthy Lord Jacob Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild, held an "invitation-only" private luncheon for him at the luxurious Spencer House, St. James Place. No doubt, McCain kissed "Lord" Rothschild's ring, if not his big right toe and pledged that, if the powerful Zionist poobah would only make him President of the United States. Israel's enemies, Iran and Syria, would end up nuclear toast.

(blogger: Lady Lynn De Rothschild is backing Hilary Clinton, openly dictating to Nancy Pelosi that Bilderberger Hilary should be the next American President---so obviously the Rothschild dynasty is hedging its bets, and has openly identified itself with the More War For The Jews constituency, overtly backing two pro-war/endless war candidates; not a surprise given the track record of this dynasty, and their involvement in the European revolutions of the nineteenth century, the First World War, the Second World War and so on..........It is a shame that they can manipulate the USA, a superpower with such capable and intelligent people for their specific agenda's, which is clearly inflicting great harm on the American nation to its profound detriment, and so goes without saying the rest of the world. In a sense this is an unique position to be in, as the nations involved in WWI and WWII did not have this knowledge but now we do..............and the next logical step is dealing with the issue meaningfully, so that no further harm is done then that already has been achieved by this blood lust cult dynasty)

"I love you too"

Lovefest between liberal Senators McCain and Clinton: "Not a dime’s worth of difference."

"John McCain is Bought by Jews"

As Nathanael Kapner, a knowledgeable Jew who—thank God!—is also a Jesus believing Christian, writes in his website (www.realjewnews.com), "John McCain knows which side his bread is buttered on. And that's the Jewish side of campaign contributions."

Brother Kapner noted that McCain was at the private Rothschild fund-raiser in the posh London Spencer house. Kapner's sage conclusion: "John McCain is bought by Jews via the Rothschilds!"

Kapner also reported that McCain recently was forced to apologize to the Jews for having the audacity to say in a speech he had given that, "America is a nation founded on Christian values." Immediately, the Jewish organizations sprang into action, prompting the frightened McCain to trot out before the news cameras and retract what he had said.

McCain Betrayed Our POWs

McCain's innumerable deceptions and treachery extend back many years—virtually his whole life is one, big fabrication. Sure, he was a POW, but after he returned from Vietnam, McCain is the dirty rat who sold out the remaining POWs in captivity. He and his liberal pinko buddy, Senator "Swift Boat" John Kerry, even engineered "Favored Trading Status" for their erstwhile Communist friends back in Hanoi. Jane Fonda, Move over!—You've got company.

McCain's father, Naval Admiral John McCain, was an even greater fraud. He's the guy whose cowardice, lies and incompetence as Commanding Officer of Pacific Forces doomed thousand of American troops to misery and death during the tragic Vietnam War. The senior McCain also just happens to be the sorry traitor who stood by and let Israeli bomber aircraft decimate the U.S. Liberty Ship in 1967, killing and wounding so many of our sailors.

Nuking Iran is McCain's Promise

John McCain and his insane, bloodlust, Zionist whack-job colleague, Pastor John Hagee, promise to use nuclear bombs to destroy Iran. That would mean thousands more U.S. fighting men and women going to their graves and tens of thousands more coming home minus legs, arms, and limbs. It would entail the entire world viewing America as a heartless, savage beast nation. John McCain is a monster, period. In a word, this man is a dangerous, soul-less psychopath.

Here is a man who only got into the Military Academy because his grandfather and father before him were military brass and pulled strings. Predictably, McCain finished almost dead last in his graduating class. He never accomplished one positive thing as a Naval aviator. He did, however, manage to execute a miserably incompetent, faulty landing that killed a number of carrier personnel and, later, he was shot down over North Vietnam. Not exactly a picture of success.

John McCain has never done an honest days work in the private sector his entire life. He cheated on his first wife with the much younger Cindy Hensley, then abruptly divorced his wife and married the pretty Cindy within a few weeks. Now come reliable news reports about McCain messing around having an affair with a young Washington D.C. blonde lobbyist, Vicki Eisman. A real "Family Values" character wouldn't you say? McCain is so vile that other Senators have labeled him "President McNasty!"

McCain has threatened to reduce Social Security benefits, and he consistently voted as a Senator for higher taxes. His World War III insanity will bankrupt America and force this nation into a North American Union slave state. But then, why should John McCain care about you, me, and other middle class Americans? This heel married into the Hensley fortune—Cindy's rich dad owned a beer distributorship and reportedly got his fortune via his unsavory ties to the Jewish Mafia.

McCain: "I think gay marriages should be allowed"

John McCain is an unprincipled man who kisses up to the homosexuals, liberals, and The Bohemian Boys embrace. John McCain has promised the Jews to keep U.S. troops in Iraq another hundred years if necessary.

He lies and pretends he's a "conservative" to win high office. In a 2007 Massachusetts forum, the scoundrel stated, "I think gay marriages should be allowed." Yet, on the campaign trail, he often states just the opposite.

I have no doubt that ignorant Christian evangelicals will act like the stupid lemmings they are and go straight over the cliff to support this filthy reprobate, McCain, for President. Like dumb dogs, they'll pull the lever for him simply because he's the Republican nominee. Today's evangelical Christian has no principles and is neither evangelical nor Christian. As Pastor Chuck Baldwin so sagely stated in a recent internet column, "I will say it straight out: any Christian or conservative who supports John McCain has no principles left worth defending."

Pastor Baldwin then went on to observe: "Christians have swallowed the Bush/McCain Kool-Aid as surely as did the followers of Jim Jones. They are drunk with denial and deception."

Of course, the truth is, these Kool-Aid drinkers are not "Christians" at all. They are fakers, hoaxers masquerading as Christians while, in actuality, doing Satan's bidding.

McCain is Every Patriotic American's Nightmare

Liar, compromiser, warmonger, bloody arrogant hothead, and more—I explain in my investigative report exactly why all these derogatory adjectives apply to John McCain. Beware, people of America—Satan's Illuminati-endorsed, straw-brained, would-be U.S. President, is at our door. He's the Rothschilds' stupid, inept, but pliant puppet-and he's every patriotic American citizen's nightmare.

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