Caution is better than sabre rattling

I watched with amusement the Iranian navy "10" day military exercise in the Persian Gulf and Arabian sea on Presstv, 24th December to 2nd January. I watched them several times, the same news.

It was not very impressive, watching Iranian commando's with their Israeli supplied Uzi's in their rubber dingy's, and even more unimpressive looking naval commanders threatening to block the Straits of Hormuz (profiles left to right speaking to the reporter....reptilian, bearded, Semitic looking creatures and not what one might call true Persian naval commanders). Iranian marines storming beaches? What for?

The true master guiding their illiterate donkey mullah servants.

Iran does not have a great navy. The Shah wisely did not develop a huge navy, but instead wasted billions on his personal hobby horse, the Iranian air-force with its 100,000 personnel as of 1978, and 445 combat planes( 225 F-4 Phantoms and 80 F-14 Tomcats......5000 pilots .....he himself being one). Not that the Iranian air-force in 1978 was very effective. In 1987 I believe the Americans sank a good deal of the Iranian navy in the so called "tanker wars", without a single loss to themselves.

As I have stated before Iran's security policy seems to be written in Tel A Viv and London (The British ambassador has gone, but the embassy is still there in Tehran. The UK is run by Jews linked to the Rothschilds of London, and works closely with Israel....its tools of mischief hover near Syria/Turkey; it has 10,000 troops in Afghanistan harvesting the opium for the UK and International market; it was in Iraq destructively, and it played a critical role in toppling Gaddafi).

Persia is and always will be a land power.

It is absurd that Iran should contemplate blocking international waters with such a weak navy, and thus taking on the full might of the USA/British/French/Israeli navies and ALL other possible allies in a Jew formulated International coalition of the willing against Iran.

Given this stark FACT, any rational and elaborate argument offered by the donkey mullahs in favor of closing the Straights of Hormuz...... fails. International Law, and International geo-strategy has been defined by American military might, revved up since the late 1990's, and rampant since 2001, after the false flag 9/11 atrocity committed by Israel and the USA. The USA encouraged by Israel is thus looking for wars in such a scenario. The recent attack that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers is but a small obvious example of this fact and mindset in Washington.

It is absurd that Iran should contemplate blocking international waters with such a weak navy, and a MERE expenditure of 3% GDP on defense and thus taking on the full might of the USA/British/French/Israel navies and ALL other possible allies in a Jew formulated coalition of the willing against Iran.

Such donkey absurd policies advertised in advance for the benefit of the enemy can only come from controlled puppets installed by the USA/UK in 1979, in the manner of the recent "Arab Spring" (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) ALL of which have resulted in CIA linked "al-CIA-duh" groups coming to power. Are the mullahs of Iran with their Semitic Arab posturing and the promotion of deviant Islam that different from "al-CIA-duh"?

Donkey mullah Iran must not follow the desired policy of Washington and Israel. As professor Webster Tarpley so eloquently argued on the very Presstv 28th/29th/30th December?, Washington with Israel's encouragement desires war with Iran..............in a scenario where Iran first blocks the Persian Gulf, because:

(i) It paints Iran as the aggressor power who initiates the conflict. Same strategy that was used against Imperial Japan, which forced Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor, ultimately.

(ii) JEWSA puppet client states such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Kazakhstan replacing Iran's oil exports.

(iii) A chance to destroy Iran, and its infrastructure (Israel in Lebanon 2006. NATO in Libya 2011. NATO in Serbia 1998/99)

(iv) War will push up the price of petroleum which benefits the major oil bourses of New York, London and Rotterdam. Oil is dealt internationally in dollars still, and thus it will be a boost to the dollar currency (Webster Tarpley specific argument on Presstv..........which left the Iranian commentator speechless...ummm ummm..ummm)

We live in an era where the Jew is all powerful, and requires global affirmation of such power. A mere 200 years ago the Jew was a marginal ghetto character expelled from Occidental countries about 109 times covering a period of 2000 years.....due to their filthy scatology based habits and characters. Such consistent frequency cannot merely be attributed to primitive racism on the part of the hosts.....ranging from Germany, Russia, Spain, France and England. But led by the Rothschilds clan in Europe in the last two centuries the Jew has acquired c
entral controlling positions in such Western societies.

In the UK the Rothschild of London control and run the two main parties, and vast swathes of the State, especially the "Intelligence services" mysteriously propagated by Jewish Hollywood......The Foreign Office....The Home Office. It is believed the two princes, William and Harry have Rothschild lineage, so the UK after Charles III will have its first King Emmanuel I.

Israel created by the UK from 1917 to 1948, whilst simultaneously suppressing the indigenous Palestinians is an artificial state sustained by the JEWSA. Given this Western backing it now desires an empire, called Ahavat Eretz Israel. For tactical reasons this is not official Israeli government policy but it is very real, and is the sole driving, defining force of Israeli state policy. Naturally given its minuscule size and resources it prefers to use the power of the USA and other Western states to do its bidding.

For this Jewish dream to be achieved, there will need to be serious fighting for a very long time with Israel and its allies winning ALL the wars and conflicts.(Washington's foreign policy).

Naturally, statistically and practically this Jewish dream will not be achieved, EVER, but along the long sorry path of failure of such a policy many wars will be committed and many innocents killed. Diehard Nazis in Germany resisted the allies into 1945-47 after all. Many Nazis occupy the Israeli security structure, where they dream of Arab vassal states such as Jordan, and Saudi Arabia prostrating themselves before the great Jewish Ahavat Eretz Israel. The pliant faggots in Western security will also get a good wank out of this great Jewish scheme.

The key tool of such a policy is the promotion of Islamic fundamentalists in targeted countries.....Muslim Brotherhood...."al-CIA-duh". Islamic Fundamentalists working as Israel's filth column....destabilizing and legitimating otherwise unremarkable dirt poor Third World states. The Jew will shout there after through their media that the Islamic hoards are at the gates of Jerusalem, and then the NATO will have to come to their rescue.

In Iran this Jewish conspiracy and covert narrative for empire has been achieved significantly with the installation of the mullahs in Iran in 1979. There is no need to repeat what the mullahs have done to Iran since 1979.

Iran does not need to Sabre rattle or go to war with the Jew and their dogs.

Iran must find clever ways to circumvent Jew imposed sanctions just as Apartheid South Africa did for many years with the help of American corporations, the Israeli State which offered it the nuclear bomb, circa 1975 and the UK criminal State. Russia, China, Turkey and Pakistan may be certain countries which will help Iran circumvent sanctions and worth exploring strategies for doing so.

The Jew imposed sanctions will cost Iran a few $ billions, but no immediate loss of life. BUT a war against the USA could cost Iran ultimately $500--1000 billion depending on many factors, and the loss of many lives....and of course a fundamental destabilization of the state (Saddam's Iraq 1991).

As advised before by me, Iran's security must focus on the land......in the direction of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Turkmenistan. The Iran/Iraq air-space. Finally naturally the Persian Gulf, and all threats emanating from there.

The Artesh mobilized to 700,000; Pasdaran 300,000 each with separate decentralized commands......relying solely on Iranian manufactured weapons. The air-force 100,000 incorporating air defense, and the navy at a minimal at 20,000. Donkey mullah Iran does not need to make the navy into media stars. There is no need to mobilize 20 million children for war, logistically it will be a disaster, and militarily ineffective. Many Iranian youths worship the USA any way.

Iran should focus on ejecting ALL Americans from Iraq including the 15000 civilian contractors left behind, and cutting ALL USA influence in the country (oil sector).....slow unofficial policy, over many years.

Iran should focus on ejecting ALL American forces in Afghanistan in partnership with Pakistan and Russia, either through the Taliban or otherwise using Shia elements in the country.....slow unofficial policy, over many years.

Iran's defense spending must be increased from the current 3% to 12% of GDP.........and greater domestic production of specific key conventional weapons systems, and any "gifts" from China and Russia.