Let the process continue

Politically its in the interests of the civilian government to fully back any judicial cum parliamentary inquiries into the so called Memogate affair. To do otherwise indicates that the government has something to hide. With 90 % of righteous Pakistanis loathing Zardari bhen, the civilian government really is not in a position morally, politically, or legally to prevent such inquiries being conducted at various levels.

The best option by Zardari Bhen would be to announce early elections in February 2012, after 4 years of PPP rule, which clears the atmosphere of uncertainty and instability.

There is absolutely no point for Zardari bhen and the failed PPP clinging to power for the sake of power for the full duration into February 2013. This could be dangerous for the PPP in the current circumstances and even more disastrous for the country. The PPP can re-group in opposition, re-organise under younger better leadership so that they can come back to power in the future. With such an appalling government/governance record it is just untenable to cling on to power for a few more days, until ultimate disaster looms.

At least Zardari bhen has conceded these facts to the opposition political parties, which is very sensible. All that is left is a parliamentary and Presidential announcement soon of fresh elections.

As stated before the idea of reigning in and controlling the military, under civilian governments is good, especially in Pakistan.

The idea however that Zardari bhen was going to use the Americans to reign in the Pakistani military at a time when the nation was humiliated by a foreign power smacks of Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq treachery.

The idea that Zardari bhen should try and stay permanently in power into infinity, with his appalling governance/government record, failed state situation, with gora chutia sahib backing even though 90% of Pakistanis loath him and his PPP government, this is clearly undesirable.

On the other hand what Zardari bhen did whilst criminally treasonous is also amusing in that he has given back some of the medicine which the chamar chamcha coolie Gunga Din Pakistani military have applied to Pakistan and its civilian government for decades since 1947......namely the practice of secretly aligning with foreign powers to subvert the Pakistani state in a treasonous manner and gain supreme power.

From where exactly did Admiral Mullen get his nickname the "Kuta whisperer"


Lets see now.

The 1951 assassination of Liaqat Ali Khan was conducted by the Pakistani military, which was then run by British officers.

The 1951-1958 destabilization of Pakistan was conducted by the Pakistani military, as a precursor to a military coup in 1954, unofficially, and 1958 fully, and the ISI was headed by a British officer.

The 1958 coup by Field Marshal Ayub Khan was directed and approved by the USA.

The 1971 vicious nasty brutal genocide in East Pakistan was approved by the USA.

The 1977 military coup against a civilian democratically elected government was directed by the USA.

The 1999 military coup that brought in Mossad Busharaf was approved and directed by the USA.

Since 2001 what exactly have the Pakistani military been doing if not by treasonous alignment with a foreign power in a conspiracy to kill Pakistanis under a fake GWoT narrative...........because they get bribe money from the USA, and lots of military hardware with which to use against Pakistanis.

The Scoundrel is outraged, but who are the REAL traitors to the country?

Will there ever be parliamentary/judicial inquiry's of the above crimes by the Pakistani military?

Not yet.


Pakistan’s Military Slams PM, Warns of ‘Grievous Consequences’
PM Sacks Defense Secretary as Coup Concerns Grow
by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

The Pakistani military has today issued a furious response to Prime Minister Yousef Raza Gilani’s statement earlier this week, in which he claimed top generals broke the law in responding to court requests for statements on the “coup memo,” a putative attempt by the government to solicit US military help in ousting top Pakistani generals.

The military slammed Gilani, saying that not only were the testimonies legal, but that the prime minister faced “potentially grievous consequences” for his comments. The testimonies confirmed that top military leaders believe the memo to have been an authentic plot by the government against them.

Gilani appears to be playing with fire in the situation, and has followed up his statement with the announcement that he has fired retired Lt. Gen. Naeem Lodhi, the Pakistani Defense Secretary for “gross misconduct.” Lodhi will be replaced by a key Gilani ally, Nargis Sethi.

(Pakistan should have a civilian defense secretary, that is the norm in all fully functioning democracies. This policy should be adopted by all political parties in Pakistan and not be compromised on)

Though legally speaking the position of Defense Secretary is a civilian one, historically the Pakistani military has “recommended” a retired general for the position, and has always gotten its way.

The unprecedented move has not only fueled concern that the civilian government is looking to once again sideline the military leadership, but has also convinced many that Gen. Parvez Kayani and the rest of the military are being backed into a corner, and may respond, as has happened so many times in Pakistan’s brief history, with a coup d’etat.