The advance is from the left down to right, and consolidation with Afghanistan, and then up into Central Asia, and into Russia.

The British Super agent Bernard Lewis advertised it and wrote about it from the 1970's, referring to the creation of the "Arc of Crisis" with the specific purpose of creating problems for the Soviet Union. With the help of Soviet Jews, the Soviet Union subsequently collapsed into further problems in the 1990's under the Jewish Oligarch managed Yeltsin junta farce.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, an ethnic Pole who hated Russia with a vengeance, reinforced the policies of Bernard Lewis in the 1970's as NSA to the Carter administration and also as a major geo-strategist in Washington since the 1970's. He too advertised Washington's desire to encircle Russia in his important book, "The Grand Chessboard" in 1998.

One does not need to be a paranoid, fearful, insecure conspiracy theorist to know that these policies have subsequently materialized and have exacted a heavy toll on Russia, both as part of the Soviet Union and since 1991. You'd have to be a complete idiot or a Jew to ignore such facts on the ground around Russia.

Russia does not need speeches from the Great and the Good stating that the sunny blue sky is blue. What is required is solid action on the ground in and around Russia:

(i) Russia needs to massively bolster the defenses of Syria, and send thousands of military personnel to the country, near especially the Turkish border. The nature of the military personnel, their numbers and the type of equipment sent should leave everybody bewildered and guessing for a long time.

Russia needs to massively bolster the defenses of Iran, and send thousands of military personnel to the country for training purposes/joint exercises......AND PRESS the mullahs with this as a pre-condition of significant arms sales. Significant amounts of leases should be made of equipment, which the Iranians will not be able to pay for immediately. It is well known that mullah Iran doesn't like to spend huge amounts on arms purchases, for a variety of domestic political factors, but that is beside the point around immediate requirement. The nature of the military personnel, their numbers and the type of equipment sent to Iran must be kept top secret, and should leave everybody bewildered and guessing for a long time.

(iii) From Junior bloggers in the USA to everybody else knows what the USA is up to in Afghanistan, and that the huge heroin plantation in Afghanistan is harming Russia in a very real way, unintentionally or INTENTIONALLY. ....with its 4 million drug addicts. It is inconceivable given the USA geo-strategy in the Middle East and Central Asia (Arc of Crisis, The Grand Chessboard)..........that the Russian leadership and Intelligence aren't aware of these facts. Given this reality Russia must not facilitate the USA's occupation of Afghanistan, at a minimal in terms of general logistics, not just arms, and should use its huge influence in Central Asia and its FCR of $560 billion? to ensure that ALL Central Asian Republics follow Moscow's dictates on this, especially Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

(iv) Ensure that the Mongolian state remains within the Russian sphere of influence, and that the USA should not set up any military bases there.


Russia: Attack on Iran a ‘Direct Threat to Our Security’

Russian Officials Oppose Iran Embargo, War

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

Speaking today at a press conference in Brussels, outgoing Russian Ambassador to NATO Dmitry Rogozin warned against a NATO attack on Iran, saying that Russia would view any military attacks as a “direct threat to our security.”

Rogozin’s position in the government is growing, and he is leaving his current position to become Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Russia’s defense sector.

Other Russian officials have expressed opposition both to efforts at an oil embargo and continued Israeli calls for a US-led war.

Experts have said in the past that if either Russia or China were to make it clear that they viewed an attack on Iran as an attack on them it would basically end the option of “preemptive” war on the nation, and while Rogozin’s comments fall somewhat short of this they do seem to be in this same general vein.

At the same time, the genuine threat to attack Iran may be illusory, as French officials are saying that they don’t believe war is being considered as a serious option.