Military men should not become media stars spreading Jewish dis-information.

Strange how army men make pronouncements on naval matters, as authoritative experts.

In a Democracy (Big D) military people on the whole should not become media stars, appearing on TV or the press too frequently. They should remain in the shadows, as public servants quietly doing their job for the nation.

In the UK, exceptionally for an advanced country, the British military have become media stars appearing symbolically at football matches, Wimbledon, and in everyday TV, waxing lyrical about their noble selfless deeds. Of course this in a Freudian cynical way naturally hides their criminal activity in Iraq, and especially Afghanistan.........which has absolutely zero purpose for the interests of the British tax paying public, but merely satisfies certain morbid fetishes of some elite groups in the UK. ........against Libya....against Syria....and against Iran, posturing in the Gulf.

How does enabling "al-CIA-duh" to come to power in Libya, or possibly Syria enhance the security and prosperity of the recession hit UK state? No doubt the Foreign Office and "British Intelligence" have a very rational explanation...........it serves Ahavat Eretz Israel's purpose??

If the advanced UK state makes such pointless sacrifices for Israel, what hope is there for Jewish run mullah Iran?

"Empty vessels make much sound"......If the Iranian military has so much capabilities why repeat them on national tv, again again again?

Iranian military commanders should not make delusional bombastic statements in such a delicate juncture.

Iran spends about 3% of GDP on defense, and let us say roughly that the Iranian economy is about $360 billion as of march 2011, end of financial year. That is a defense budget of about $11 billion. of this maybe $2--3 billion is earmarked for the navy.

It is simply impossible to be a "Regional and global naval power" with such a small naval budget.

Iran has a mere 5 frigates .....this is not a true blue water navy (aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, nuclear submarines). At least 20 other nations have bigger more powerful navies.

1. US Navy. The most powerful without a doubt.
2. Russian Navy. Still has a lot of big ships and nuclear subs.
3. Japanese Navy. No aircraft carriers but many modern destroyers with AEGIS system and US technology.
4. French Navy. Modern navy with a Nuclear carrier and submarines.
5. Royal Navy. The Invincible are old and limited but the British always count.
6. Chinese Navy. Lots of destroyers but many of them old and obsolete.
7. Italian Navy. A considerable navy with carrier projection power
8. Spanish Navy. Similar to Italian navy. AEGIS destroyers.
9. South Korea Navy. Modern ships and amphibious capability. AEGIS technology.
10. Indian Navy. Considerable number of ships. Old aircraft carrier (ex-HMS Hermes).
11. German Navy
12. Canadian Navy
13. Royal Australian Navy
14. Brazilian Navy
15. Turkish navy.
16. Dutch navy.
17. Taiwan navy.
18 Norway navy.
19. North Korean navy.
20. Pakistan navy.

From Wikipedia the great "Blue water navy of mullah Iran":

28,000 personnel
65 aircraft
5 Frigates
3 Corvettes
26 Submarines(including mostly midget submarines)
24 Fast Attack Craft
98 Large Patrol craft
+100 light missile boat
16 Hovercraft

Israel, though has a substantial coast, facing the sea has a very small navy:

3 corvettes
10 missile boats
3 submarines (Dolphin class)
42 patrol boats
6 support ships
19,500 personnel

Politicians like Ahmedinejad and mullahs can talk through their backsides, but military-men with so much serious responsibility for the security of the state should not ever make such statements, since so much is at stake.

I am not suggesting Iran significantly increase its naval budget, this is not what is required.

Iran requires a stronger army and air-force to secure and defend Iran on land FIRST, before the state contemplates any offensive strategy which is capital intensive, with heavy reliance on machines in sea engagements.......and thus a strain on the basket weaving economy of Iran.(220 billion Kwt electricity and 13 million tons of steel, $930 billion PPP GDP and a small number of armaments/ordnance factories)

With such a small defense budget and such large powerful adversaries best to pool the resources of the state into the army and air-force (air-defense)...FIRST, AND FOREMOST in defensive warfare, before contemplating delicate, capital intensive, highly speculative, complex maneuvering, fancy offensive warfare at sea, near or far from Third World Poor Iran.

Its is a frightening spectacle to see senior military commanders talk like illiterate villagers, who have drunk too much wine (secretly). We know the mullah puppets like to promote illiterate villagers, because they are loyal, but in such serious matters of state it does no harm to have sophisticated urbane pronouncements and theories.


'Iran, influential naval power'

By Presstv.com

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Ahmedinejad Mousavi says the Islamic
Republic has developed into a regional and global naval powerThumbnail for version as of 23:03, 20 December 2005 in view of its major breakthroughs.

(Israel spends over $17 billion on defense 2012, officially....7% of GDP, and this does not include USA military grants and aid......with over 3,200 tanks and over 750 combat planes.........the Israeli navy has a none-existent role in Israel's defense, save for combat petrol of the coast line)

Iran maintains that the maneuvers were defensive in nature and intended to convey a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the region. The Islamic Republic has also extended a public invitation to regional states to conduct joint naval drills with Iranian forces.

The senior Iranian military commander on Monday praised the massive 10-day Velayat-90 naval drill, conducted in an area stretching from the east of the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden, as a demonstration of Iran's naval might and capability in the international waters.

He stated that Iran's naval forces are closely monitoring all moves by extra-regional powers in the region as they spotted a helicopter and a US aircraft carrier during Velayat-90 naval exercises.

He said the Iranian Navy's surveillance of foreign military moves during the massive ten-day naval drill was in compliance with international conventions relating to high seas and in line with the country's doctrine of national defense.

Brigadier General Mousavi emphasized that outsiders and foreign forces deployed to the Middle East follow their evil policies in the region and exploit any available opportunity to reach their goals.

He also condemned attempts to incite Iranophobia in regional states, stressing that Iran is interested in the promotion of global peace and tranquility as well as friendship among all world nations.

The top Iranian commander reiterated that the country only resists against expansionist policies of a few bullying powers.

On January 2, Iran wrapped up Velayat-90 naval drill, which was launched on December 24, 2011.

The defensive drill had four stages, namely the preparedness, the expansion of forces, the tactical, and the power phase, which were carried out successfully with the surface and subsurface vessel units and aviation units penetrating to the targeted depths.

The naval drill took place in line with a recent directive by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, instructing Iranian armed forces to maintain total readiness to defend the nation against any potential threats.

(The first "potential threat" is an air-force and missile attack against Iran's strategic targets on land in IRAN. Therefore massive state resources must be poured into this to counter such a threat......for the Iranian air-force and air-defense as FIRST PRIORITY (YES?).

The second "potential threat" is a follow up land incursion, after a successful air campaign........ from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan or Azerbaijan. Therefore massive state resources must be poured into this to counter such a threat.......for the Artesh and Pasdaran as a SECOND PRIORITY (YES?).

Iran is a poor country which is not heavily industrialized, therefore it has limited finite resources. It is thus wiser to pool the limited finite resources of the state into areas where they are most needed....PRIORITY ONE AND TWO Stated above.

Example: There is absolutely no value in putting one AA gun in say Tehran, one in Mashhad, one in Isfahan, one in Shiraz, one in Qom............it is far more affective to pool them in groups of 100, backed by at least 10-20 SAM batteries.......and 60 Light SAMs; massive smoke screen shields, basic fireworks fired into the sky that are normally used for celebrations within the AA firing zone, and of course large numbers of electronic counter-ware fare equipment in many places as possible...1000 places.

A city like Tehran ALONE with 14 million people, should have 4000 AA guns with 500 SAM batteries/systems with 20,000 missiles with ranges of 50-100 km; massive smokescreen devices, civilian fireworks and of course electronic counter-warfare equipment. Thus the air defense of Tehran will require 60,000 air defense personnel, and air bases with fighter planes outside of Tehran charged with guarding the city's air space 300--500. This will cost 10's $billions ....time, training and domestic mass production of the ammunition and equipment in or near the city.

Then after Tehran one must think of Isfahan's air-defense, Mashad's air-defense, Tabriz, Shiraz, Qom...........30-40 major cities......ALL airbases, each with 500 AA guns and 50 SAM batteries, electronic counter warfare equipment etc. Then the main Artesh and Pasdaran installation which I have suggested be spread out, with under ground facilities away from their traditional bases.

If Tehran is destroyed from the air, and a land borne attack is launched from Azerbaijan/Georgia/Turkmenistan by the USA then the puppet mullah regime of the USA/UK will collapse. This is what happened to Tripoli and the Gaddafi regime in 2011 (a long time CIA puppet who was killed humiliatingly in public). This is what happened to Baghdad and Saddam Hussein in 2003 (a long time CIA agent recruited in the late 1950's and put into power by the USA, killed by his own former master and their new servants in Iraq)

The same military principle applies to the general defense of Iran. A focus on the navy is not a priority in the defense of Iran.

The challenge is then to over come the objections and secret designs of the Jews within mullah Iran.

Such things are stated by the humble worthless fakir who will never visit Iran. A worthless fakir who has no networks in Iran. Who is not Shia, not Iranian or speaks a word of Farsi......mischievous malicious gossip not withstanding)