India's foreign aid strategy....what strategy?

India is rich, as the third richest nation on earth with a PPP GDP of $5.5 billion.....and a budget of $370 billion 2015-2016.

On the other hand India may be considered poor as the country contains 850 million people who live on just $2 a day and ONE MEAL consisting of just white rice a day.

India also takes foreign aid to the tune of billions, STILL. It would be thus paradoxical for such a needy country to give out foreign aid simultaneously, when it has such acute needs at home. Indeed it gives out far less foreign aid than China, overall.

Logically when poverty stricken INDIA does give out foreign aid it should  be carefully measured and considered in terms of overall strategic value, in such ways where rich Sweden may not give such considerations.

MONGOLIA is a small country in the realm of Indian strategic thinking, in many senses.

A Mongolian ruler probably has not visited India for a long time and vice versa.

There is probably zero interaction between India and Mongolia in the realms of trade, education, tourism, investment, security exchange and political interaction. The Mongols last attempted to conquer India in the 13th century, but were soundly defeated by the Turkic rulers of India......and that is the sum total of Indian-Mongol relations. In 1337 a Chinese-Mongol army (China was under Mongol rule) defeated an invading Turkic Indian army of 100,000 in Tibet.

Mongolia has a population of 2.8 million.

Mongolia is a satellite state of Russia.

Why in such a scenario should INDIA give so much money to such an insignificant country?

Could the money have not been given to the poor of India, in order to accelerate DEVELOPMENT in the country, in such ways as to benefit the poor who have been waiting patiently since 1947, since independence for the fruits of freedom? Are the Chhattisgarh Maoists going to wait indefinitely for the Indian rulers to get their finger out of their asses, so that they can deliver DEVELOPMENT?

Could the money have not been given to neighboring Nepal, with a personal visit by Modi with a fat cheque in their hour of need and tragedy?  What an impact that would have made to Indo-Nepal relations!!!!! Rather than the clumsy BUT sincere peace meal help India had given to Nepal?

The answer lies with the BJP, and its RSS spiritual masters, with their close links to Israel. The RSS was covertly founded by the British, like so many other fascist groups in the 1920's (Mussolini's black shirts, Nazis in Germany, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.........the Criminal UK state is a right royal trouble making nation that is not equaled by any other nation). Whilst Indians fought for independence generally, the British used the RSS and Muslim League dogs to counter the Indian independence movement.

In the last 90 years, since its inception, the RSS true to its communal roots has developed close relations with Israel. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'....something crude like that. Since the ascendency of the BJP from a tiny two seat insignificant fringe party, with guidance from Israel and London, India has gotten closer to Israel, especially in the realms of security, defense contracts and so forth. India turned to Israel for over priced expensive munitions during the Kargil confrontation of 1999. A whole host of Israeli security personnel have come into India, to advise and train Indian security.....and look at security through the lens of Israel. Indian security was thus 'rewarded' when the FBI asked RAW of India to draw up the list of the so called 19 Arab Hijackers of 9/11 residing in and near American military/security installations in 2001.

The culmination of this closeness, has been the increase in Saffron terror within India, and 26/11 which was carried out by Mossad, RAW, RSS, Shiv Sena, CIA and the CIA funded and run ISI.....with foreign gora mercenaries in broad daylight killing Indian citizens in the streets of Jew smelling Mumbai.

Help the BJP into power, with elections pending in several states. Help ignite war between India and Pakistan.

Back to Mongolia......what the fuck does all this have to do with MONGOLIA?

Mongolia has two things which the Jew loves, and worships (Besides the fact that Khazar Jews are racially linked to the Mongols)

(i) Overt machismo, war likeness, primal animal toughness. For the Jew living in the fringes of European society for so long after the Roman sacking of Jerusalem, quietly serving the gentiles subserviently, until the Rothschilds came along...the sight of physical and military strength and power, ESPECIALLY when exercised against others was to be worshiped. This is in certain senses also relate to Jewish homosexuality.....and why Jews love war.


(ii) The Primitive savage Mongols destroyed 4 great civilizations....The Chinese, which they eventually took over; The Russian....The Golden Horde; The Iranian Khorassani Empire and the Arab Empire centered around Baghdad.

For the anti civilization Jews this was GREAT work...rather in the manner Palestinians clapped and cheered as Saddam Scuds hit Israel in 1991.

And thus, this is why Modi gave insignificant Mongolia $1 billion dollars.

Modi will be the first Indian PM to visit Israel. Modi will go there and pay homage to the RSS-Israeli links.

If poor impoverished India can give insignificant Mongolia $1 billion, why can't the USA give Israel more money annually?


Mongolia gets $1bn while Maharashtra farmers die, says Sena