India-Korean friendship and cooperation

India and Korea have some things in Common.

Both are in Asia

Both countries love very spicy food

Both countries have been influenced by the Sakai/Scythian people to an extent, from the great Steppes.

AND.............both countries have been artificially DIVIDED by conspiring Western colonial powers, so that they don't become too powerful and independent.

If Delhi shows too much non-alignment, just send in the Jihadis into Kashmir via the ISI which is funded by the CIA.......or better still elect an RSS fuck ass government.

If Seoul shows too much independence, plan A use the NIS to de-elect the leader, or Plan B prod through their contacts in Pyongyang to shell South Korean waters, or set some missiles off near South Korea (missile diplomacy).

Trade between the two countries MUST reach $100 billion soon as a matter of urgency, before the dollar and American economy collapse (2015--2016). A special bilateral inter governmental commission must be established to ensure this happens beyond mere diplomatic PR pronouncements.


PM arrives in South Korea

By Times of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived here on Monday on the last leg of his three-nation visit during which he will hold talks with the South Korean leadership aiming to give a fillip to economic and trade cooperation.

A slew of agreements are expected to be signed during the visit including one on double taxation avoidance convention, cooperation in shipping and logistics, audiovisual co-production, transport, highways and electric power development in new energy industries.
 (Presumably ALL Korean projects will be in South India.....through the guidance of the USA, as some USA government officials apprehend neanderthal inferiority complexes against Aryan North Indians. Why can't the USA government officials just pretend that North Indians are just Mexicans by another name......and thus through this simple trick/scam overcome faggotty IRRELEVANT Puerile personalized complexes)

The Prime Minister, who flew in from Mongolia after his three-day visit to China, will hold talks on the entire gamut of bilateral, regional and global issues with President Park Geun-hye and explore ways to upgrade cooperation in diversified areas.

He will have a hectic schedule that will start with a wreath-laying ceremony at the Seoul National Cemetery.

Modi will address a community reception where about 1,500 members of the Indian community are expected to attend before getting into talks with the Korean President.

Modi, who is keen to woo Korean investments in India, will address India-Republic of Korea CEOs Forum, which would also be attended by the Korean president.

The Prime Minister will follow this up with meetings with some of the heads of Korean companies that are willing to invest in India or have already invested in India.

He will also visit the Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard in the backdrop of shipbuilding emerging as an important area of cooperation between the two countries.

Considerable significance is being attached to this visit, the first state visit to be exchanged between India and South Korea since the change of government in India in May last year.

Bilateral trade is about $16 billion and the two sides are keen to see that it goes up substantially(Soon).
 There are 300 Korean companies which have invested about $3 billion in India. They employ about 40,000 workers in India.

India's investment in South Korea is close to $2 billion. Indian companies are looking forward to greater access in Korea to pharmaceutical and IT products.