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Yeah a few statues here and there does no harm, as long as it does not get into Mayawati proportions.

So the RSS are going to put up the statute of every single two bit actor who fought the Mughals?

Not sure this is the pure message to carry across for an inclusive cosmopolitan India.

Akbar had an empire, that was probably the most powerful 'Canon and Muskets power' in the world at his time, and one of the richest that covered Afghanistan to Bengal. His administration was so efficient, that the Chinese sent delegations to COPY his system into Imperial China. He married Hindu Princesses, and tried to create his own religion. In his later life he may have become a vegetarian...................AND who is this Pratab compared to all this?

Another Great Ruler of India is Ashoka, as he united ALL of India, including Afghanistan and bits of Central Asia. Like Akbar the Great he too had a powerful army of 600,000 and a navy. Like Akbar the Great he too had a very efficient administration much admired by the Chinese......you can't have a great effective empire without efficient administration and rules.

SMALL men with small ideas and small circles don't make GREAT nations with BIG creative forward thinking ideas, whilst peering hopelessly into the past.


Rajnath says if Akbar is ‘great’, so is Rana Pratap, wants 'history corrected'

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