AG ing Sessions wakes from his slumber, after Congress starts the righteous shouting match

Maybe finally he will now appoint a special prosecutor to look at the Uranium deal. The JD re-opening the Uranium One deal in itself does not amount to a hill of beans given its fundamental nature (Its essentially an Obummer/Clinton holdover) However appointing a CREDIBLE INDEPENDENT SPECIAL COUNSELwho is not a Mueller Light prosecutor would alleviate this popular perception and clear Sessions as a Deep State plant. I would tie this investigation to the more serious allegation that in the 1970's, 1980's and into the 1990's certain USA government officers operated an illegal covert 'Nuclear industry supermarket' that had linkages to many shady rogue states around the world. Sibel Edmonds can provide good insight into this, and I feel one relates to the other---they are interlinked, with the latter being more serious than the Uranium One deal. 

Whilst Sessions is still wake, he can ALSO either appoint a special counsel to investigate Muellers 'Conflict of interest'....vis a vi relationship with Comey, Rosenstein, Clintons, Obummer etc or allow the Uranium One investigative special counsel to look at Meullers role in Uranium One as a bagman for the Clintons.

I would go for the former, over the objections of Rosenstein who is a buddy of Mueller and Comey covering 30 years. Enough heat has been generated by Congress with the issue of 'Conflict of interest' to justify an investigation of Mueller ALONE......and which ties in with the behaviour of Strzok, McCabe and all the rest in the FBI who were linked to Mueller as head of the FBI from September 2001 to September 4, 2013....12 years. 

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My Quija board Crystal ball tells me that Mueller the goose-stepping Nazi is a heck of lot more than just being an uranium bagman for the Clintons, and such matters may uncover illegalities with the Globalist Bushes who are extremely close to the Clintons.

This is what Sessions must do.

If Sessions does not do so, then President Trump has the AUTHORITY to ORDER HIS Justice Department to open both the above issues, Uranium One and Robert Mueller, by requiring two separate Special Counsels of HIS CHOOSING .......Guiliani for Uranium One, and Tom Fitton for Robert Mueller. 
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President Trump cannot expect sleeping Gnome Sessions to do what is right for America, especially given the public expression of disappointment with him in the first place, and his cowardly recusal of himself immediately after being appointed in good faith by the President over the Russian Collusion delusion nothing burger.

.......AND allowing the President to take the heat from the Obummer/Clinton holdovers for so long, whilst appearing to do nothing to defend President Trump, but merely protecting his sorry little ass. 

If Trump does not act on this, then we must assume that Trump is a powerless President who is being led to the gallows by his Kissinger appointments list of Deep State swampers and his Jewish lawyers, whilst he simultaneously promotes more and more Neocon policies out of a pique of WEAKNESS and appeasement......to his REAL ENEMIES in the Deep State.

That would be tragic for the tens of millions who invested their hope in Trump, and utterly pathetic for the billionaire.
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That those visits by Henrich Heinz Alfred Kissinger are that of a court knight telling the Jester what he must do to amuse the King in London.