UK state funding terrorists in Syria

The RT interview is excellent and points the finger at the FO specifically for spending about $250 million on Syrian terrorists 2011--2017.

But of course it is too simplistic to put the UK's Islamic Terrorist network simply in terms of SYRIA, between 2011--2017 and a paltry $250 million. 

In the foreign arena to effect an FO policy of supporting Islamic terrorism in WOG WOGGIE LAND...........Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, GCC and so on over many decades, they would need the help of the Intelligence services, and the military of the UK.....and several billion $ spread over many years. 

It's a state policy that began as early as the 18th century, and specifically against the Ottoman Empire at that time.

Inside the UK to sponsor Islamic terrorists, you would require the COOPERATION OF the police, other emergency services, the Home Office who would cooperate or look the other way. And Social Security, to maintain the otherwise garbage good for nothing terrorists.

Ajem Chaudhury being the most famous example as he went around nationwide in front of the telly Grand Standing for 'al-CIA-duh' and 'ISIS' with MI-5 guidance.

Drum role..................he received about $500,000 of social security. It does not cover police protection. 

The UK is the original Western State which thought of the idea of sponsoring Islamic terrorists, politically at first, then militarily. Then they transferred their art to the USA via the CIA.