Pakistan China strategic relations.

So the Punjabi Coolie Kuta's in Islamabad have sent a "Chosa Pudi" to China hoping that they will forgive and forget Pakistan's role in the Zing-yang riots.

How stupid.

Is it not better in the first place not to do ANY HARM to the best strategic ally of Pakistan for at least 40 years, rather than do the dirty for a few $ from gora sahib, and be exposed for it.

The long term solution to this, which has included attacks against Chinese workers working in strategic projects in Pakistan (biting the hand that feeds you as they say in English).......is:

1. Reign in Pakistan's vast security state, always looking for work...ANY WORK.

2. Make the ISI more accountable.

3. Investigate and reveal which government agencies were training and arming the terrorists in Sinkiang Province for the West, from Pakistan.

4. Reduce the number of Westerners in Pakistan, especially in sensitive areas such as the NWFP, Baluchistan and Gilgit/Baltitistan.

5. Lets have Chinese security based in Baluchistan, NWFP, places especially where China is carrying out strategic projects.

6. Conversely lets de-link Pakistan's security system from the West. If Pakistan has lost about $80 billion since 2001 economically by associating with Washington's GWoT, then from Pakistan's point of view it hasn't worked out too well...and counter measures and appraisal of the situation needs to be taken. Stock taking.

7. Pakistan is a failed state, and this implies that its institutions don't work, and thus are out of control. Can the budget of the military which unofficially consumes about 8% of the GDP be reduced, and the extra state resources which are freed directed towards civilian projects. CLEARLY the Pakistan military is not working for Pakistan's strategic interests, so why should they get a whopping 8 % share of the GDP..........what for? If they can't defend the sovereignty of the country; causes national humiliation and like a pagal kuta attacks Pakistan's best friend.

Absolutely stupid sending Shuja Pasha on a covert rescue mission to China after such a massive "strategic depth" blunder. The Sinkiang incident tells the Chinese that military run Pakistan is an insincere, unreliable ally.


Pakistan, China ties are unique: Hina Rabbani Khar

Times of India.

Foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, who is on a visit to Beijing, has said Pakistan and China enjoy a unique relationship and dialogue was an ongoing process between the two countries.

(Pakistan has a "unique" relationship with the USA first and foremost, which provides up to $4 billion worth of military aid annually unofficially, AND in addition has thousands of security personnel in Pakistan, telling the Pakistanis what to do, and training their personnel....with the largest embassy in Islamabad right next to the Presidential palace. Most of the top brass of the Pakistani security have been trained in the USA, and security cooperation is still very extensive, and greater than the security cooperation with China CLEARLY.....given how often America's great and good visit Pakistan.

For Pakistan to have greater relations with China, the countries relationship with the USA would have to be reduced to a minimum, OTHERWISE CONFLICT OF INTEREST ISSUES ARISE.....where on the one hand China helps Pakistan generously, but on the other hand due to Washington's policy of using Islamists to destabilize various nations through "Operation Cyclone" .......against Iran, Afghanistan (Soviet Union) Central Asia, and China....since the late 1970's as per Brzezinski's "Grand Chess Board"....conflict of interests arises.

Pakistan just can't go on and on relying on good will begging missions in Saudi Arabia, The Gulf, Iran, China and the USA. It must choose sides.

My view is that Pakistan is better off relying 100% on China, and ditching the USA totally, AND improving relations with India in addition. Sooner the better.

"Chusa Pudi" with the nice smile and excellent Italian fashion sense, has no voice, and has no power to move such a significant strategic state policy.........India and China recognize this fact. In that sense Shah Mehmood Qureshi had greater integrity, standing and voice, but he was removed from his position on the orders of the USA government, and the puppet regime of Zardari complied meekly..."Acha Sahib."

Again "Chosa Pudi" is not going to be able to rectify the FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM OF Pakistan's FOREIGN POLICY....no matter how many times she smiles. The problem of a failed state; the problem of a powerful military which dictates FOREIGN and Security POLICY, though Hina thinks they don't.....and finally the Zardari government and the problems of having a Harijan Coolie Kuta billionaire crook running a puppet show government for the USA so that they are free to implement fundamentally anti-Pakistani state policy's which destabilizes and further fails the country.

After 10 years since 2001, or is it 60 years since 1951........this simple FACT, has not been grasped by our "strategic depth" generals)

Talking to media persons on arrival in Beijing, Khar said the leadership of both countries had invested immensely for the enhancement of existing strong bonds of friendship.

(China has given MORE since 1963, than Pakistan has ever offered to China. Dangerously some Harijan Coolie kuta's may think that China will just continue giving, so long as the military/ISI make the right 'strategic depth" calculations. This is the mentality of the beggar, and fraudulent scamster.

The imbalance of China/Pakistan relationship is partly due to China's need to contain India, especially after the 1962 war....BUT if India wisely rebuts Washington's insistence to act as an American poodle power which has been setup to fight China {aka Nazi Germany/Soviet Union 1941--1945, where both powers were built-up by NY/London ......per PROFESSOR ANTHONY C. SUTTON}........with an FTA between Chindia...greater diplomatic cooperation....India joins SCO.....greater security cooperation.....and China renounces it absurd claim for Arunchal Pradesh.....then Pakistan becomes less important for China, and most probably wise Indian strategic thinkers understand this simple fact. )

Khar arrived late Tuesday evening on a two-day visit at the invitation of her Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi.

She said president Asif Ali Zardari was carrying forward the ties to new heights by frequently visiting China, reported Associated Press of Pakistan.

(Yes and he has been to the Gulf many times, and London...so what?)

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani also paid several visits, she added.

She pointed out that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Pakistan in December last year was historic as it helped in further enhancing the bilateral relations.

The foreign minister said the visit of Premier Wen played an important role in further deepening the the strong relationship.

Khar said: "The relationship strongly exists among peoples and governments of two countries and now we want to commensurate these ties with trade, economic and investment cooperation."

The foreign minister said China is one of the countries with which Pakistan has signed Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

She said the existing strong bonds of friendship between Pakistan and China was multi-faceted and covered all areas including defence, economic and trade ties.

"We have strategic and robust relations with China," she said.

At the Beijing Capital International Airport, Khar was received by Ambassador Masood Khan, senior diplomats from Pakistan Embassy and officials from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, talking to APP, Ambassador Masood Khan said that "this is a very important visit coming at a time when Pakistan and China enjoy enviable solidarity in all areas".

Khan pointed out that "the foreign minister's visit will help us consolidate our strong ties and steer them towards even deeper strategic and political engagement and more productive economic cooperation".

"It will be a meeting between time-tested and trusted friends and partners," Khan said, adding: "Naturally, regional and international situation will be reviewed by the two sides."

Symbolically too, Khan said, the visit is important because this will be Khar's first visit to China after assuming office.