In the JEWSA now if you steal a loaf of bread you must do 6-12 months prison time, but if you steal $10 trillion dollars of the public taxpayers money

You are given the Congress Medal of honor, praise by the President, full media adulation where the Chief of Staff Mullen gives his opinion on every conceivable national topic.......and television programs praising their glory, and movies praising their glory and so forth.

But in reality they along with the bankers are the biggest lying crooks and murderers, who grow heroin in Afghanistan, steal money from government funds in Iraq, and conduct massive scams with the Pentagon budget...................WAR thus; fake war, against Fake Enemies along with PATRIOTISM are false covers for their massive criminality.

These are evil worthless gay farts which should be eliminated from the face of the earth.

Then maybe perhaps humanity can move to the next level of civilization.


Author Stephen Glain: $10 Trillion missing from Pentagon since 1991
By Information Clearing House

In an interview with Tech Ticker's Aaron Task, Stephen Glain suggests that the U.S. military has squandered via waste, fraud and abuse, up to $10 Trillion since 1991. If that sounds ridiculous, recall that Rumsfeld admitted that
the pentagon had "lost" $2.3 trillion in 2001, just one day before the 9-11 attacks.