Libya developments.


UPDATES on Libya

The EU has promised to fund the thug government of the “rebels” in Libya. Not surprising since the Secretary General of NATO, a man by the name of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was once the head of the EU (2002) and a committed globalist like the rest of them. Thick as thieves they are.

(Certain Western governments are so desperate about their failing finances, that they have taken to raiding the private safety deposits in various banks...and confiscation of those assets....as supposedly alleged holders of those safety deposits are deemed automatically to be proceeds from criminal activity, and that anybody who protests the confiscation of the contents of their safety deposits boxes will be regarded/treated as criminals.

The Libyan government holds 144 tons or $6 billion worth of Gold reserves in Tripoli, and it is believed Libya has untapped Gold deposits in the SE of the country near Chad. Added to which you have Gaddafi who wanted to introduce his own currency backed by Gold which was deemed a threat to the Fiat currency bases of the EU/USA)

All that talk about the sons of Gadhafi being captured by the “rebels” was just more propaganda from the MSM designed to demoralize the Libyan people so they would not come out and fight for their country like NATO feared. Didn’t work.

Saif Gadhafi talks with reporters, walks the streets of Tripoli unmolested. Streets appear quite.

Globalist puppet, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, says that the return and subsequent interviews given by Saif Gadhafi does not mean that the rebels haven’t won. God forbid anyone actually look at what is really happening on the streets of Tripoli after Britain’s terrorist teams have been routed out of the nation’s capitol. We have to use “rightthink” on this and that seems to be the continuing message from the Brits.

British Prime Minister claims that the Libyan “revolution” isn’t necessarily “ours” but that Britain did “play a part”. No shit.

The narrative is already being created that the “rebel” leadership is breaking down; suffering from in-fighting and squabbling amongst themselves. This of course will simply justify the reason that a group of technocrats from outside the country will have to take charge when they completely neoliberalize Libya privatizing everything and selling off the assets of the Libyan people to crony corporations for next to nothing. This is after all the prize at the end of the road.

If PressTV is to be believed, which I doubt is the case anymore, the government of Iran can’t tell a CIA destabilization campaign from a real revolution. They are claiming that the “uprising” in Libya needs to keep the hegemonic powers (U.S., Britain, France) out of their new government. NEWSFLASH FOR IRAN – the U.S., Britain, and France ARE the “rebels” in Libya, you dimwits.

(Yes Scott, I have already commented on the stupidity of the Mullah donkeys who keep talking about the "Great Islamic awakening" in the Middle East, from Khomenei down.

First there is the obvious strategic fact that this so called "Great Islamic awakening" could sweep away Iran's ally Syria, and Bashar Assad, and replace him with a Sunni based fundamentalist "al-CIA-duh" linked group.

Second the "Great Islamic awakening" could encourage a revolution within Iran, later as momentum builds up.

Finally of-course as pointed out by so many blogs these so called "Arab Spring" "Peoples Revolutions" are organized by the USA and especially the State Department, and their European allies follow suit........there is nothing genuine and popular about these revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria......with the exception of Bahrain which maybe genuine, but not backed by the USA, and Yemen where you had with Saleh's 33 years of very poor rule, and the people were fed up with him.

For the mullah's to remotely mention and admit that the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria are backed by the USA, would defacto mean that, quite plausibly the mullah's of Iran were also brought into power by the very same USA, and its poodles.

As we have seen in Imperial Germany in 1933, and Bolshevik Soviet Union, a minority group can usurp power through armed struggle and political machinations)

Now that the pysop has failed, Jack Straw is claiming that the endgame in Tripoli will be “protracted and bloody“. He even makes reference to Iraq as a democracy they created. Anyone here think there is a functioning democracy in Iraq? Can you say “SHOCK AND AWE in LIBYA” folks?

“What we’ve discovered in the last 24 hours is that what we thought was assured 24 hours ago, namely a military victory over Gaddafi – just a matter of time – is now less certain.

“I certainly believe that Gaddafi will be gone sometime in the relatively near future – his authority across his country has crumbled. But I think the military end game is going to be bloody and protracted.

“That said, the critical lesson from Iraq was the need to ensure a proper transition to democratic civilian government. In the end, funnily enough, we got there with Iraq but a very large number of mistakes were made.” Jack Straw.