Destabilisation and invasion of Third World countries using Islamists.

I suppose history does repeat itself, and that a lot of people don't learn from it.

The USA is a dangerous globalist power since 1945, with 800 military bases around the world, and a security budget of $1500 billion unofficially, and run by Jews.

The "Project for a New American Century" (2000) policy paper states that this hyper-power should seek MORE POWER around the world.....in fact "Full Spectrum Control", so that the USA is eventually recognized as the ultimate empire, which will never be challenged by any new power....whether its China or Russia.

Obviously to meet such an unrealistic ambition a lot of fighting has to done before it is achieved. There are many nations who don't want to be ruled, or dominated by the USA after all (The land of the free and brave).

As these wars for the PNAC empire increases, so will the resistance against it within the USA itself and the rest of the world, never mind the clever attempts at camouflaging ultimate American culpability, by getting various Western countries and NATO involved in such imperialist ambitions.

But lets face it without American involvement there would be no American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan for 10 years now as the lead country....or Iraq for 8 years now with the USA as the lead country which wants to stay far longer well after the welcome has clearly ended....or Somalia since 2006...or Libya now.

Then the European little poodles who take queue and encouragement from the USA will no longer be involved in these foreign misadventures, which benefits nobody except the exclusive Jewish International bankers and a few within the elite.

What is the cost of these Jewish Imperialist Wars........a few trillion $ for the USA, and counting, and 100,000 dead unofficially.....with another 500,000 ex-military on the streets. For the UK in Iraq and Afghanistan at least 1000 unofficially dead soldiers....with another 15,000 on the streets ......and $30 billion cost to the exchequer who is so desperate that they are holding fire sales of MOD equipment at rock bottom prices.

Who benefits from all this? Not the majority of people in the USA, UK or any where else.

But nor will REASON/RATIONALE bring an end to these wars for the Jews.

What will bring an end to these wars is when victim nations in the Third World learn from the historical lessons of American aggression and are able to fight harder and better against this racist, greedy, imperialist, evil.

What will bring an end to these wars is when the American war costs become too exorbitant, and the economy is no longer in a position to sustain this "war economy" forever.

What will bring an end to these imperial wars is when China takes a more pro-active stand in the global stage, and asserts without shame its role as the banker and debt holder of the USA economy.

The USA put simply is waging global war, using China's, Japan and South Korea's money. These three countries, two of them military colonies of the USA, have relented so far.....but for how long?......"Give us money or else Comrade Kim will attack you with missiles?"

A simple observation of the so called "Arab Spring" "Peoples power" which has been funded by the State Department as a clever destabilization program looks spookily like the coup against the democratically and may I say popularly elected Mossadeq government of Iran in 1953, or "Operation Ajax" involving faggotty Spooks, rent a crowds, mullahs on the pay of CIA/MI6 and greasy local military men who liked the $, and the possibility of power....working through the American embassy.



The CIA, with MOSSAD and NATO, began the Arab Spring with their coup in Tunisia, a peaceful, prosperous and moderate Moslem country.

1. On 17 December 2010, a false flag operation apparently took place in in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouzid. The family of a street vendor called Mohamed Bouazizi became very rich.

2. Various CIA mercenaries and NATO special forces reportedly stirred things up by killing a lot of Tunisians. (False flag ops)

3. Some treacherous Tunisian dogs, 'coached by Soros NGOs', joined the revolt. (rent a crowds which were also used against the Mossadeq government in Iran in 1953)

4. And Tunisian generals, 'working for the CIA', forced out Ben Ali.

(Basic outline of the revolts in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, directed by the JEWSA)

On 24 August 2011, we learn that Tunisia's economy "has suffered increasingly this summer".

Tunisian voters do not believe that the CIA-MOSSAD-NATO will give up its grip on Tunisia.

Less than 15% of Tunisia's eligible voters have registered to vote in the election due in October 2011.

Tunisia's Revolution Struggles

According to a new poll, by the Applied Social Sciences Forum, optimism amongst Tunisians fell from 32% in April 2011 to 24% in August 2011.

The town of Sidi Bouzid, the birthplace of the uprising, recorded the highest levels of distrust in the progress of Tunisia’s revolution at 62.1%.

Arab Spring Slips Into Tunisian Fall

The CIA's Arab Spring hit Egypt, which under Mubarak was becoming more prosperous.

In August 2011, European Union Ambassador Marc Franco expressed concern over the Egyptian economy, which he said is in an 'alarming' state.

He praised the former regime of Mubarak for liberalizing the economy and encouraging investment.

Egyptian economy in 'alarming' state, says EU ambassador

On 9 August 2011, Egyptian stocks plunged to their lowest in more than two years as international investors withdrew money.

Egyptian Stocks Fall to Lowest in Two Years on Economic Concern

Now Libya is being wrecked.

In Tripoli, there is no water and no electricity.

"NATO's mandate ends in September and without a victory, real or imagined, Libya will become a tactical and political defeat." (Battle for Tripoli & Greater Libya Still On)

Qaddafi’s Leadership Structure is Intact; NATO’s al Qaeda Infantry a Contemptible Rabble; Get Set for a Long War