Staged riots.

As has been suggested on this blog before, one possible motive for the riots may have been to do with a 20% cut in police spending and manpower cuts of 34,000 in line with general government policies of cuts across the board by the present government, announced exactly three weeks before the riots.

This may seem cynical and conspiratorial, but such instances of state entities carrying out false flag ops to JUSTIFY AND HIGHLIGHT THEIR IMPORTANCE and necessity to the state is not out of the ordinary or that uncommon as the post below explains.

Following the rules of "Qui Bono" we see that the great fire of Rome in AD 64 were purportedly started by government entities against the minority Christians in their section of the city, and then after the event the government blamed the whole episode on the Christians, the main victims.

There is also the possibility that the riots in London could have been a massive distraction exercise away from the Rupert Murdoch Hacking scandal, which at many levels is far more serious in its repercussion and consequences for the UK State, than the riot and its $300 million dollar damage to property.

We know that Rupert Murdoch has over 40 years developed close corrupt working relationship with the police, especially the Metropolitan police....many of whom work for him even in retirement. Where the riots originated, and where previously Rupert Murdoch performed a small staged Jewish vaudeville act with his wife, in parliament to garner public sympathy and distract the public from the real questions and the real issues around unauthorized private spying by a commercial entity, using a publicity seeking idiot patsy perp who will presumably earn 100,000 pounds after a mere few months telling his story in "The Sun".

The UK police are corrupt, and contain significant criminal elements. Most of the narcotics of significant quantity which enters the UK, is later distributed into the streets by the police after the military and elements within the intelligence have imported it into the highly secure Police State of the UK. Thus given that the police already have extensive "street" knowledge they more than anybody else are in a good position to initiate and close any riots that occur in the UK. After all such management skills are expected with one of the oldest and most "Effective" police forces in the world.

Unlike the post below I am NOT suggesting the Tory government had a hand in this.



Detroit 1967

The Economist suggests that riots help the 'right wing'.

(Bagehot: After the inferno The Economist)

In 1967, in President Johnson's USA, there were riots in Detroit and elsewhere.

The US media linked young people to drugs, wild sex and anti-war activity.

The right-wing Richard Nixon benefited from the riots and 'moral decline' and was elected president in 1969.

Brixton 1981

In 1981 and in 1985 there were riots in Brixton in London, in prime minister Margaret Thatcher's Britain.

The right-wing Margaret Thatcher appeared to benefit from the riots as she remained in power until 1990.

In 2005 there were riots in France.

The riots appeared to help the right-wing Nicolas Sarkozy become president in 2007.

The 2011 riots in England may help the right-wing UK prime minister David Cameron to stay in power.

Cameron wants to cut spending on welfare.

Riots in Obama's USA could benefit some right-wing Republican.


What have been the results of the riots in Egypt?

The generals currently run the country.

What have been the results of the riots in Tunisia?

The generals currently run the country.

What was the result of the 1998 riots in Jakarta?

The current president of Indonesia is a former Suharto general, Susilo Yudhoyono.

We are not suggesting that the 'left-wing' is necessarily 'better' than the 'right-wing'.

In the USA, both President Johnson and President Nixon supported the Military-Industrial-Narco-Complex.

The leaders of both the 'right' and the 'left' are apparently chosen by the 'bad guys'.