Obama's speech in the days to come.

There was a long protracted Colonial struggle around the world for liberation against Western Colonialism, during the 1950's and 1960's.

European colonialism had claimed the lives of between 50--70 million people, in Central & South America, Africa and of course Asia. (1500---1970).

The struggle against Western Colonialism was not all peaceful, but involved the SACRIFICES OF MILLIONS of innocent Third World poor people. In Vietnam, in SE Asia, in the Middle East, and of course in Africa post 1945.

The USA adopted an anti-colonial position officially at least against former European powers, after 1945. It after all liberated itself from a Western colonial power.

The Soviet Union adopted an anti-colonial position too, and supported various peoples liberation groups around the world through armed support.

With the diplomatic support of the USA, and the material support of the Soviet Union, European colonialism quickly came to an end.........but not without a fight.

In 1991 the Soviet Union came to an end, as did its anti-Colonial position.

Boris Yeltsin was a drunk front of the Jewish Oligarchical rulers who looted Russia into a virtual Third World country, taking directions and orders from the Rothschilds of London.(1991--1999) Celtic Medvedev, and Slavic Putin both from St. Petersburg which is a city which looks to the West with a longing sigh and yearning, have since been elected and chosen by the Rothschilds of London through the Jewish secret government within Moscow/London, but have been a little bit more "effective" in running Russia, attempting to move closer to the West, JUST AS the West led by the USA has been under mining the country through various fronts. The Rothschild puppets Medvedev, and Judo KGB "man of action" Putin have after the benefit of reflection and 12 years have not been effective in countering the policies of the USA, as it attempts to surround Russia, and there after China.

The Russian leaders support of nations struggling against Western neo-colonialism has thus been very weak, even where Russia's national interests clearly stated otherwise. In fact especially with Celtic Medvedev, who is believed to be Jewish, has shambolically joined in the policies of the West.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Jews in the USA spun a new story that now the time had arrived for the USA to become a lone superpower which would be the greatest empire on earth, unchallenged. This was enunciated in a significant state document known as the "Project for a New American Century" (2000).......a basic wikipedia reading of the policy paper penned by extremist right-wing Jews from Israel and the USA, should tell us what USA foreign policy is really about, both Democratic and Republican.

The Jewish power and control of the USA has meant that this extremist policy paper has been adopted by both political parties, "African" Obama being more enthusiastic. Former colonial European powers have joined in.....but the lead comes from the USA, which itself is led by Likud Israel.

As a result of this in the space of 10 years, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Libya have all been invaded and occupied by foreign alien powers. Aggression is practiced against Iran, Syria Pakistan....and destabilization of Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

There are those who console themselves that this surely affects ONLY Middle East countries. I would say that American led intervention, using "Bay of Pigs" type mercenaries, along with Western covert help sets a DANGEROUS precedence AGAINST ALL THIRD WORLD nations, eventually. It is a bad habit that persists. It is driven by greed and unchecked ambition of a few men.

Thus ALL Third World nations must guard against the ambitions of Washington and specifically the State Department........and the Western poodles of Washington who are nostalgic about the grand old days of European colonialism. And the hope that China strategically and militarily can provide a counter-balance to the power of the West for those nations seeking genuine refuge against Western colonialism.

I don't have a magic formula for fighting Western colonialism........except for doing the common sense things.


OBAMA ON LIBYA by aangirfan

Here is the speech we have written for President Obama when he explains why troops have to go into Libya:

"My fellow Americans, Libya is in chaos and there are clear indications that the 'rebels' are not in a position to restore order.

We must copy the Italians.
In October 1911, our Italian allies brought order to Libya. In just one incident, the Al-Shutt massacre, our Italian friends, with great efficiency, wiped out over a thousand troublesome women and children. (Tripoli Post)

We may need to build concentration camps in Libya.
I will remind you that in 1930, the Italians had to move the population of Gebel, 100,000 people, to concentration camps.

Let us be in no doubt that the Libyans are troublesome people.
Italy had to kill 12,000 Libyans every year in order to keep order. (Arab, Semitic, Third World, Muslim......through vicious propaganda such people are hated figures in the West, except when their leaders loot their country and deposit their wealth in Western banks)

I will remind you that back in 1885, it was decided, at a conference in Berlin, that Belgian troops were to be sent into the Congo. (massacres in Africa) Although, sadly, half the population of the Congo died as a result of this intervention, there was a huge advantage for Belgium. I will be honest. We need to do to Libya what the Belgians did to the Congo.

When it comes to looking after our interests we should not be squeamish.
I will remind you that on 2 September 1889, our British friends killed 11,000 Sudanese in one day - all in a good cause. (massacres in Africa)

In 1904, our German allies brought peace to Namibia by killing 80% 0f the population.

In 1920 and 1921, the British brought order to Iraq by killing 10,000 Iraqis.

Let us not forget our allies in France.
In 1945, French troops had to kill 50,000 Algerians in order to keep order.

(Maybe 1.5 million Algerians died between 1945--1962 for the liberation war)

(More here:
NATO powers have long history of massacres in Africa)