Standard MO of the International Jews.

In Nazi Germany 1933--1945,

In Bolshevik Soviet Union 1918--1991, from when Jews became the dominant economic and political class (oligarchs)

in the Young Turks Jewish revolution of 1908 and 1913--1918, when Deonme Jews became the dominant economic class to the present after massacring the Armenians.

and Bush II's administration 2001--2009

........and to an extent Thatcher's government in the UK 1979--1990, and Tony Blair's New Labour government 1997--2009,

and of course the mullahs of Iran 1979--2011.....you get crypto-Jews elected,... wildly waving the flag, talking through their backsides whilst secretly under this cover of ultra-nationalism and hate for the day.... you slip in the Jew Jew agenda's.

Using crypto-Jews seem to a significant Jew strategy for taking over countries, putting Jews at the apex of economic and political power, and through which significant Jew policies are implemented.

Muslim/Islam bashing and loving Israel (which coincidentally seem to go hand in hand) cannot will not address or solve the mortgage crisis, the Wall Street banker crisis, the Federal Reserve national financial crisis, the governance crisis, the Capital Hill corruption crisis, the Presidential crisis, the poverty crisis, the unemployment crisis, the health care crisis, the education crisis, the crime crisis, the immigration and open border crisis; the constant wars for Israel crisis; American Jews who work for Israel crisis; Rothschild agents in government crisis.

Sophisticated balanced thoughtful approaches by smart American can solve the above problems.......if they are addressed properly and seriously.

But the Jews will not address these problems, or the crypto-Jews. They have other globalist agenda's.



Comment by Mike Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com

P.S. Dear Jon Stewart. Get off of Newsweek's case. They did not pick a photo of Bachmann to make her look crazy.

She really DOES look that crazy!

Michelle Bachman predicted the world was going to end in 2006

Listen here:

Michelle Bachmann's only qualification for US office is obeisance to Israel and working at a kibbutz when young!

Michelle Bachmann claimed the American revolution started in Concord New Hampshire. It didn't; it started in Concord Massachusetts.

Then Michelle Bachmann claimed the Founding Fathers of the United States who signed the Declaration of Independence opposed slavery. The reality is that most of them owned slaves. (Does the name Sally Hemmings ring a bell?) Michelle Bachmann then tried to bluff her way out of that gaffe by citing John Quincy Adams as the signer who opposed slavery. Yes, John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States did oppose slavery, but was only 8 years old when the Declaration was signed. Michelle Bachmann then went on to sign a conservative Iowa group's "Family Leader" pledge that implies children born into slavery had some advantages over children born after the election of Barack Obama!

Then Michelle Bachmann, when announcing her candidacy in Waterloo, Iowa, tried to equate herself with film actor John Wayne, who she claimed was born in Waterloo. He wasn't. Actor John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa and raised in California. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy was from Waterloo, Iowa.

Michelle Bachmann is a clueless twit, if possible even more brainless than Sarah Palin. Michelle is being pushed on us as a "viable" candidate ahead of well qualified candidates like Ron Paul purely because Michelle Bachmann is pro-Israel, openly stating the God will curse America if it fails to support Israel. Michelle Bachmann wants to ban raises for Americans because presumably, she feels we need to give that cash to Israel! Along the way, Bachmann wants to end minimum wage, and push a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Is this really the best that the American political system can produce, even with the fawning support of Yahoo's Chris Cillizza?


The American political system is rigged, and controlled by the Jews through the power of the Jew controlled MEDIA.

This suggests to us that the rather hopeful naive participation of wholesome just gentiles like Ron Paul in the long drawn out YEAR LONG Jewish managed vaudeville known as the American Presidential race August 2011---November 2012 (15 months.....phew!).......is WORTHLESS....futile, a waste of time.

Jew Central has already chosen the winner and my money is on Obama.

That means serious Americans must think about REVOLUTION......that dark art which the JEWSA practices so well in other nations since the early part of the last century.