"al-CIA-duh" in Libya.




The overthrow of Gaddafi's regime in Tripoli took place using Libyan Islamists drawn from the East of the country, Cyrenia, and Western Special Forces guiding and assisting the rebels, and finally Western Airpower.

So a guerrilla war very much like Iraq will continue against the Western occupation, which unlike Iraq will not have boots on the ground in the same numbers.
In the Iraq invasion there were, "the United States (148,000), United Kingdom (45,000), Australia (2,000), and Poland (194)".....195,000 Western troops on the ground after the USA bribed Saddam's head of Intelligence, and most of the Generals not to resist the invasion.

The truncated Iraqi military of 400,000 thus surrendered without a fight. The Iraqi resistence subsequently was provided by the SUNNI fedayeen or peoples militia representing about 20% of the population, and gradually joined by ex-military personnel who longer had a job, or horrified by the treatment of the dominant SUNNI's by the Americans, or the treatment of their country generally by the occupiers.

In Libya, with a population one fourth of Iraq, and a small military force thus posed a far lessor challenge for the USA with its colonial ambitions, even though Gaddafi ironically was FAR MORE popular with his people, than CIA sadistic Saddam with his mass graves, endless wars against neighbors encouraged by the USA....and 30 odd palaces, whilst his people died around him from years of Western USA driven sanctions.

Gaddafi according to some sources made the mistake of letting his guard down against the West, especially after 2003.

He placed $110 billion of his nations assets in Western banks. This triggered the "Theft mentality" of Jewish banks in the West who saw an opportunity to steal the countries money. Ditto with the Shah of Iran and his petro-$ in Western Jewish banks.

He allowed greater cooperation and training between his forces and those of the West, thus giving the USA the opportunity to recruit spies within his security apparatus.

Gaddafi failed to develop a credible conventional military machine, which could effectively fight the Western neo-colonialists. Thus Gaddafi was overthrown by a rabble rag tag force of "al-CIA-duh" affiliated Islamists of how many....1000?....2000? and Western Special ops units.....working with Western airpower.

Gaddafi allowed his sons, educated in London/West to drive his key State policies.

Libya will now descend into chaos, slaughter and destruction al la Iraq.

Gaddafi, the dictator who united the nation and who was popular is no longer running the country, but will be fighting for it from the margins.

Mubarak under Egypt might have intervened to protect Gaddafi from the Western intervention, BUT USA bought the Egyptian generals who themselves toppled Mubarak have been absolutely silent in the face of naked Western colonial aggression against Libya, their neighbor.

These Egyptian Generals deserve the worst, betraying their leader, their country...and now silent whilst Western colonial forces trample and destroy their neighbor.

If today Libya, why not Egypt tomorrow after Syria?

Is Libya run by "al-CIA-duh" terrorists, with full diplomatic cooperation with Israel, and Western Special Ops troops on the ground good for Egypt? Good for the whole North Africa neighborhood?

What kind of worthless gay donkeys and dogs are the Egyptian Generals? Why did Algeria remain passive and silent?

And the Saudis, the Jew Saudis....what can one say about them?

Arab countries silently obediently queuing to be slaughtered by Western Colonial forces, one by one.


U.S. And NATO Funded Libyan Rebels Free Al Qaeda Prisoners As Americans Continue To Lose Freedoms Over Same ‘Terrorists’

The Intel Hub

CNN has reported that hundreds of supporters of Al Qaeda have been freed by U.S. and NATO funded Libyan Rebels.

Up to 600 prisoners that were released are believed to be pro Al Qaeda militants.

As The Intel Hub and many others in the alternative media have reported for months, the Libyan Rebels are actually Al Qaeda connected war criminals funded and run with the help of the CIA.

In fact, on August 22nd, former U.S. asset in Libya Susan Lindauer destroyed the NATO and corporate media lies in a 2 hour transmission on The Bob Tuskin Radio Show.

While Americans continue to lose more and more freedoms all in the name of protecting us from Al Qaeda, the CIA and NATO have openly funded our supposed enemies who in turn have released 600 Al Qaeda prisoners and are Al Qaeda sympathizers themselves.

This was the plan from the beginning. Pretend the war in Libya is for humanitarian issues, bomb the hell out of the civilian population in the name of freedom, and then fear monger over Al Qaeda taking over in Libya!