Another false flag ops by the Punjabi military/ISI.

There have been about 350 terrorist incidents in Pakistan between 2001---2011.

40,000 people, mostly civilians, have died as a result of these terrorist incidents.

It is estimated that because of this terrorism the Pakistan economy has lost about $70 billion (2001---2011). The Business community, commerce generally and businessmen like stability before they invest their money in any place.

ALL such terrorist incidents are carried out by the Pakistan military (ISI) to destabilize the civilian government, or bring the people closer to the military, under the principles of Operation Gladio.(create the crisis, manage the crisis, provide the solution, become the indispensable hero)

It is also probable that some of these terrorist incidents which have significantly increased since 2009 (140 such incidents in 2010 alone) could be the work of Western covert security operatives operating from neighboring Afghanistan. This is the reason why the NWFP police are wary of Westerners and their movement in especially that troubled province. The the reason why Pakistan restricted the movement of American diplomats from 2010. The reason why even the Pakistani military wants to reduce the number of Western security personnel in Pakistan.

This recent hike in terrorism runs coincidentally parallel with greater drone strikes in FATA by the USA......which are carried out with the tacit approval of the Pakistan military.

Thus we can conclude that the Pakistan military and their sponsors, the USA are the main sources of terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistan as a result is defined as a Failed State, at number 10 from the bottom (wikipedia for 2010):

  1. Somalia (0)
  2. Chad (+2)
  3. Sudan (0)
  4. Zimbabwe (-2)
  5. Democratic Republic of the Congo (0)
  6. Afghanistan (+1)
  7. Iraq (-1)
  8. Central African Republic (0
  9. Guinea (0)
  10. Pakistan (0)

Pakistan has ALL the attributes of a Failed State:

Social indicators (Wikipedia)

  1. Demographic pressures: 190 million people now which will reach 400 million by 2050. The disorganized clueless state has not been able to control the rapidly expanding population.
  2. Massive movement of refugees and internally displaced peoples: mostly in the NWFP.
  3. Legacy of vengeance-seeking group grievance: Pakistani military backed Islamists militia's against Shia's, Christians, Sufis, Ahmediya, Hindus...and the Punjabi military against the Baluchis.
  4. Chronic and sustained human flight: Many educated Pakistanis have gone to various English speaking countries.

Economic indicators

  1. Uneven economic development along group lines: Indic Punjab is "prosperous" whilst Iranic Baluchistan and NWFP are severely underdeveloped.
  2. Sharp and/or severe economic decline: Since Zardari came to power in 2008, the economy has stagnated, though the fiddled government statistics show a little growth in GDP; exports have declined, as have industrial production, manufacturing, electric power production...and so on.

Political indicators

  1. Criminalization and/or delegitimisation of the state: Zardari, president of Pakistan brought into power by the USA is an ex-con who is believed to have looted/looting about $3 billion from the state coffers of Pakistan...the USA loves him.
  2. Progressive deterioration of public services: Proper education, health services, infrastructure is poor in Pakistan generally, AND non-existent in Iranic NWFP, and Baluchistan.
  3. Widespread violation of human rights: 3000 Pakistanis have been disappeared by the State in Pakistan since 2001.
  4. Security apparatus as ‘state within a state’: The Pakistan military with the help of the USA controls the FOREIGN and SECURITY policy of Pakistan since about 1951.
  5. Rise of factionalised elites:
  6. Intervention of other states or external factors: The JEWSA has helped the Pakistan military to destroy Pakistan and bring it to its present state of being a Failed State.
As can be seen from the simple above example the Pakistan military is the most powerful actor in Pakistan, which is backed and legitimated by the USA.

Visiting American emissaries and viceroys often visit Chamar chain smoking
COAS Kiyani first, before they shake hands with billionaire ex-con Zardari and his mafia closed door elite. Kiyani, Shuja Pasha and Zardari have never been to most of the significant neighboring South Asian countries, which would otherwise be normal given their position, BUT have been to the JEWSA several times....and have hosted the JEWSA emissaries several times in Pakistan and third countries. We can take an educated guess on which side of their bread is buttered.(no I'm not just talking about the Afghan heroin of which the Pakistan military is also involved)

The Pakistan military has Islamists pretensions and tendencies, recruiting about 500,000 Jihadis since the 1970's to work as a proxy annex force. Bulk of the terrorism in Pakistan is carried out by them for the Pakistan military. That is why the "great professional" Pakistan military has not been able to contain this 30 year old menace, which keeps morphing, changing names and popping up every where in the region.

Most of the 20,000 officers in the Pakistani military are right-wing recruits with lower middle class backgrounds, with very basic education and a rather simplistic world view, and an Islamists tint.

Thus one must conclude the Mosque bombing recently which killed 50 people, was carried out by the Pakistan military. Though of course the good thinking reader will ask why an Islamist bent Pakistan military would want to kill innocent fellow citizens at Friday prayers in a Mosque of all places?

1. As has been explained in paragraph four..before:"Create the crisis, manage the crisis, provide the solution, become the indispensable hero. Germany 1919--1933. USA 1929--1933. Russia 1991--2000.

2. Given Zardari's appalling rule there are increasing calls for Zardari to go, and an effective civilian government to replace him. Anna Hazare is a much watched, closely watched figure in Pakistan. All this makes the criminalized elements within the Pakistani military nervous for obvious reasons, because they fear an effective civilian government which is backed by the Pakistani public across the board. That is why sections of the Pakistani military carry out false flag terrorist ops to further destabilize the country, and further militarize it under martial law, and eventual military rule in the whole country(In Karachi and the NWFP, especially). The other strategy of the Pakistan military has been to back Imran Khan who is an Islamist Presidential candidate, with a soft spot for the Pakistan military (political naivety).

3. Cynicism, ideological extremism and lust for power: It is sadly not uncommon in the world that men suffering from such vices carry out false flag terrorism within their own countries to further their political/criminal/economic agenda's....I think no more needs to be said about this.

4. The Racial explanation: Its not rocket science that nations are reflections of the people who live in them on the whole. Norway is as different from Mongolia which is as different from Sudan. Institutions are thus reflections of the state and their people. When you get Harijan Coolie kuta from the Punjab elevated into uniforms what happens? What happens when these Harijan Coolies kuta's get a title with position....Captain, Major, Colonel, Brigadier, General....or a old style Raj colonial uniform with medals......with men working under their command....with an array of modern weapons....with a private security service at their back and call working busily for their particular needs and agenda's (ISI).....where they are doted over by the fawning media which they influence....with military aid from the USA.....where they are privately courted by Western security personnel at a personal level. Such out of the ordinary privileges from the JEWSA destabilizes the character of the traditional Harijan Coolie Kuta.

A few patent absurdities occurs and the nation suffers: They start waging wars against powerful neighbors with gora imported weapons with just one weeks worth of spares (1965) They commit to genocidal wars in a part of the country which is detached by 1000 miles which also happens to be surrounded by India, with just 90,000 troops and paramilitary (1971) They wage wars to scupper peace between India and Pakistan, because ultimate peace might mean a smaller military role within Pakistani society (1999 Kargil) They train 500,000 Jihadis as a proxy force which though has very little military value, nevertheless leads to the fundamental destabilization of Pakistan from the 1970's. They create the image that Pakistan is terrorist hub number one, which must be protected from itself by the USA with more military aid, without fully realizing the dangers of this projection, AND doing nothing to rectify this image......they regularly undertake coups in 1958, 1977, 1999 to undermine legitimate civilian governments.....AND FINALLY THE BEST AND LAST.....they knowingly arm Chinese insurgents in Sinkiang Province even though China is the best and last friend of Pakistan, as a pose to the hot and cold pretend friendship from the USA. In other words the Pakistan military can do the dirty on a strategic ally who is also important for Pakistan, if it pleases the USA and its agenda's against China. For the Pakistan military following gora sahib orders is more important than the Pakistan people and the countries inherent interests........Harijan Coolie Kuta Chamcha Chamars pudis!

The reason why I believe the Pakistan military carried out the Mosque bombing recently.
I think Jew multi-kulti affirmative action is overrated. These Harijan Coolie Kuta's should be sweeping floors and cleaning toilets, their traditional forte and occupation.

Gunga Din's in South Asia running to the USA, and London with their money......a major problem.

MOSSAD Busharaf on the left, who is a heavy drinking, womanizing, toupee wearing, Deobandi Wahabi friend of Israel/USA was President of Pakistan 1999--2008 after a coup. Who was also known for leading crusades against the Shia minorities using Arab/foreign jihadis in the 1980's....and loved giving interviews and appearing on Western TV....and the man who planned and initiated the Kargil war to scupper peace between India and Pakistan. The man who played a critical role in greater security cooperation between Pakistan and the West within GWoT, in the process of compromising Pakistan's fundamental sovereignty.....with his shadow and apprentice Kiyani. MOSSAD Busharaf now lives in London entertaining Israelis at various venues. The more and longer the Pakistan military cooperates with the USA within Musharaf's set precedence, greater the violence and cost becomes for Pakistan. (40,000 dead, 350 terrorist incidents and $70 billion lost to the failing economy.....no nation can sustain this forever, least of all Failed State Pakistan)

Bomb blast kills 53 in NW Pakistan


A powerful bomb blast ripped through a mosque in the Khyber tribal district of north-west Pakistan, killing at least 53 people and wounding more than 130 others.

The attack took place when hundreds of people gathered for Friday prayers in Ghundi area of Jamrud in Khyber Agency, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Initial reports say the roof of the mosque collapsed and many people were buried under the rubble.

The death toll is expected to rise as many of the injured are said to be in critical condition.

The Pakistani army has launched several operations in the troubled northwest in a bid to flush out militants from Pakistan's tribal zone.

Despite an offensive by the Pakistani government against pro-Taliban militants, they have spread their influence in various regions, killing hundreds of people and security forces.

Since late 2009, there has been a surge in militant bomb attacks in Pakistan.

The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001 with the official objective of curbing militancy and bringing peace and stability to the region. However, after nine years, the region remains unstable and militancy has expanded towards Pakistan.