Sultan Erdogan I to create new Ottoman empire?




Syria is not a Democracy, and faces many problems that many Third World nations face. Its per capita income is just $4800. It is a Socialist Ba'athist run state which is run by a Kleptocracy around the Assad family.

But then again Saudi Arabia is not a Democracy.

Indonesia is not a Democracy, run by generals in suits.

Algeria is not a pure Democracy.

Uzbekistan is not a Democracy, where protests by Islamists have been brutally put down by the Karimov regime.

Kazakhstan is not a Democracy.

Tajikistan is not a Democracy.

Iran is not a proper Democracy, with Presidents being selected by the mullah elite in sham fixed elections.

And is Turkey so perfect, that Erdogan should take time off to criticize his neighbors struggling with their own problems?

And is Turkey so perfect, in a country where the leading political party takes its spiritual inspiration from "CIA deviant Islam" in the guise of the Gulen movement?

And is Turkey so perfect, that Erdogan should take time off to criticize his neighbors struggling with their own problems, given that the gap between the rich and poor in TURKEY is one of the highest in the world?

And is Turkey so perfect, that it is the only country in the Middle East (where the bulk of its lies..) is involved in economic and security cooperation with Israel since its creation.

If the armed Islamist insurgents who oppose Assad win in Syria, backed by Israel, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Turkey......what are the long term consequences for the region?

Will Israel tolerate for long a Sunni Fundamentalists based Islamic government in Damascus? Is this good for Turkey? Can Turkey control such a political entity in Damascus, as the Pakistani military tried with the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Is the on-going instability in Tunisia since February 2011 GREAT NEWS for Turkey?

Is the on-going instability in Egypt since February 2011 GREAT NEWS for Turkey?

Is the on-going instability in Libya since March 2011 GREAT NEWS for Turkey?

In what way does the Turkish people, and the AKP gain from supporting the instability in such countries in various degrees?

The loyalties of the Turkish Deonme towards Israel is understandable, for that is their REAL country, but what is best for Turkey as a modernizing prospering stable democratic state? The Middle East on fire? Will not the fire reach Turkey eventually?

A cartoon drawn by boys to fill the imagination of years past.

In Germany the Jews drew cartoon characters, with symbols from the East....and told Germans they were the best race on earth.

In the USA the Jews told the Americans they could have complete full spectrum dominance of the entire world....PNAC 2000.

In India the Jews told India that it can be a Super power which must challenge China, and build a huge blue water navy in the course of achieving this Jew goal.

In Iran the Jews have told the donkey mullahs that they have the power to block the Straights of Hormuz by using a few speed boats, and thus defy the whole world in International Waters.

In the UK the Jews have told the British people that the great British Empire still exists, with just a few more "Wog Wars".......and the British economy can grow for ever with a fake paper fiddling banker economy based in "The City".

In France.......


Turkey PM compares Syrian leader Bashar Assad to Muammar Gaddafi

Times of India.

Turkey's prime minister compared Syria's president to Libya's Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday, as Damascus defied international calls to end the crackdown on a 5-month-old uprising.

President Bashar Assad has unleashed tanks, ground troops and snipers in an attempt to retake control in rebellious areas. The military assault has escalated dramatically since the start of the holy month of Ramadan in August, killing hundreds and detaining thousands.

"We made our calls (to Gaddafi) but unfortunately we got no result," Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said today. "The same thing is happening with Syria at the moment."

The conflict in Libya, which began a month before Syria's unrest, has descended into a civil war as Gaddafi defies calls to end the bloodshed.

Erdogan said he personally spoke to Assad and sent his foreign minister to Damascus, but "despite all of this, they are continuing to strike civilians."

Turkey, a neighbour and former close ally of Syria, has been increasingly frustrated with Damascus' crackdown. But Turkey, Syria's most important trade partner, has not joined the US and Europe in imposing sanctions.

With tension rising, the UN said it has temporarily withdrawn about two dozen "nonessential" international staff from Syria because of security concerns.

UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq also said some family members of UN staff have been relocated to other countries. The government insists its crackdown is aimed at rooting out terrorists fomenting unrest in the country. In comments carried on the state-run news agency, Assad appeared to lash out at the international reproach, saying his country will not give up its "dignity and sovereignty."