War clouds over Iran?

Talk of attacking Iran by Israel or USA led forces has been on the table since 2003, just after the invasion of Iraq and the "cakewalk."

The war talk against Iran was and is led by Israel and their Jewish agents in the USA foremost.

Such elements have been emboldened by the quick fall of Gaddafi, and feel they are "in a roll".

The stiff resistance of the Sunni elements in Iraq to the American occupation most probably contributed to second thoughts on an immediate Iran attack after 2003, planned already in the Pentagon in the late 1990's..........with indefinite and indeterminate results.

The tricky issue for the Jews is how to find an excuse to attack Iran.

The IAEA created by the USA in the 1950's and based in Vienna is a spy surveillance and fishing mechanism. Most of its international personnel are spies for their respective countries. Naturally it must gravitate towards the wishes of predominantly Western nations. The current head of the IAEA is a Japanese national, and has a long track record of being not so neutral towards Mullah Iran. Japan is a satellite state of the USA after all.

But all said and done, the IAEA inspectors in Iran have had EIGHT LONG YEARS since 2003, with go anywhere, inspect anything and everything on the spot, zero notice inspections of Mullah Iran. It would be highly suspicious if now at this very delicate juncture of Israeli/Likud warmongering if the Japanese head of the IAEA were to suddenly announce that there was something "fishy" going on in Iran. The IAEA after all has FAILED to carry out its duties in Israel, Apartheid South Africa and North Korea.

It is not the IAEA's job to enable Likud Israeli foreign policy through false oblique insinuation and semantics, which leads to many many more deaths because they have excited the "wrong' crowd.

Iran with its 77 million people, vast size and military capabilities will provide a little more resistance to any such attacks, despite the best efforts of the mullahs installed by the USA/UK 32 years ago . Iran spends a paltry 3% of GDP on defense, with the mullahs convincing the Iranian people that Israel will NEVER attack Iran........hence REAL WAR PREPARATION since 2003 is unnecessary according to them.

This small FACT above should indicate to us that mullah Iran is not seeking WAR, or even Nuclear weapons.

Eight years of intensive IAEA inspections should indicate to us that Iran is not weaponizing its rudimentary Civilian nuclear program.

The combined assessment of all USA intelligence agencies in the NIE reports should indicate to us that Mullah Iran is not seeking nuclear weapons.

It thus behooves countries such as Russia, China, India, Turkey and Pakistan to discourage the USA from taking unwarranted unilateral action against Iran, a nation which is so close to these countries, with clear unstable consequences for them should hostilities begin.

As for the Israelis, the CIA predicts that the country will destroy itself with its Nazi like foreign policy abroad, and its extremist racist ethnic based policy at home. Perhaps the CIA are right.

The Jew immersed in historical fatalism, and victimhood are not happy that the USA will finally leave Babylon in two months.

Now they seek vengeance on the country of Esther, another of their weird false history based celebrations.

And the USA poodles are barking.........as per usual.


Britain Prepares to Attack Iran

Defense Ministry Expects US to 'Fast-Forward' Plans for Attack

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

With Defense Ministry officials saying that they believe the US may soon “fast-forward” plans to attack Iran, Britain’s military is stepping up its own preparations for such an attack under the assumption that they will join in on the war.

The planning is based on expectations that next week’s report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will be a “game changer” and will convince President Obama to launch another massive war.

It also comes just a day after reports in the Israeli press that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hoping to convince the rest of his cabinet to launch a unilateral attack on Iran before winter on the argument that an autumn war would be much more convenient.

Though Netanyahu seems to be gaining some ground, there are a number of Israeli cabinet members who say it is their preference to convince the US to start the war instead. Though threats of an impending war against Iran have been coming off and on for over a decade, it seems the Obama Administration’s preference not to see Israel launch a disastrous unilateral war could convince them that the US should start its own disastrous unilateral war instead.