The Soviet/Nazi abyss of the USA

Before the Soviet Union commenced slaughtering directly and indirectly 70 million people within its borders between 1918--1991 (Alexander Solzhenitsyn) The Jewish Bolsheviks set up a police state, par excellence run by their people whose leaders professed love for all working mankind. The Jewish paradox/Joke being that the Soviet killed mostly working class people.

Before the Nazis slaughtered 58 million people directly and indirectly through WWII, they gradually built up a police state par excellence. The Jewish paradox and joke being that they destroyed the German state into occupation permanently, and the death of 10 million ethnic Germans in Eurasia.

Many in the Jewish elite of the USA, secretly admire Nazi Germany, the vile entity which they funded, and supplied through Sweden into 1945. Especially the Jews with WASPISH appearance and false schizophrenic consciousness.....Im a Jew, Im white and Aryan, No I'm a Jew, no I'm an Aryan with an Anglo name.......Im a Jew, Im white and Aryan, No I'm a Jew, no I'm an Aryan with an Anglo name..............the quija broad tells no lies.....the soothsayer tells no lies.

The USA too is gradually being turned into a police state at permanent war as with the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. American gulags have been set up which can hold 10-20 million people. Dissident lists have been established by the FBI, and files on 20 million Americans has been established. Mass arrest operations have been carried out such as "Operation Falcon" in 2008.

The Homeland Security Department, modeled on its Nazi German namesake equivalent was even advised privately by non-other than Markus Wolf, the notorious German Jew who ran the East German State, and Stasi intelligence service, and Yevgeny Primakov former head of the KGB. The only conclusion one can draw is the drive to establish an unquestioning police state at permanent war within the USA is a Jew design, by a few Jews at the top. (read previous post).

Before the full extent of this elite NY Jew horror is unleashed on an unsuspecting USA, the good American people must "struggle" against such an eventuality, and thus save mankind from utter destruction.

Many Jews died in the Soviet Union. Many Jews died in WWII. So if a few Jews sincerely refuse the call of the tribal elders and follow and hedge their bets with the rest of humanity, then it is all good.


Scott Horton Interviews Will Grigg

Scott Horton at antiwar.com

Will Grigg, blogger and author of Liberty in Eclipse, discusses his article “Support Your Local Police State;” the history and evolution of policing in the Western world; how grand juries have changed from being tools for citizens investigating government crimes, into the playthings of prosecutors; why mall cops deserve more respect than their government employed counterparts; the difference between a law enforcement officer and a peace officer; and how Occupy Wall Street protesters are treated like “disruptive” Guantanamo prisoners.

MP3 here.

Will Grigg writes the blog Pro Libertate and is the author of Liberty in Eclipse.