China and Russia bringing balance to the world?

And so a Chorus for war against Iran has been on-going since 2003.

Russia since that date has largely been defensive, watching the USA with NATO surround the country via the attempt in Ukraine, the Baltic States, the Caucasus with Georgia and of course Central Asia with Afghanistan as the base. The Russians have been extremely timid and passive which of course merely encourages them even more.

With China the country has been stand offish not wishing to embroil itself in global affairs, but focus on economic development. But of course matters of strategic security cannot be forever ignored in relation to both countries, with a country the size and geographical significance of Iran.

Iran is run by the British.

The first source of influence is the British embassy naturally and the countries dealings with Iran for the last 100 years as a controlling power which has manipulated its leadership and politics for the better part of a century, using the Soviet Union, USA and Israel and the mullahs at various times (British FO networking). Short of closing the embassy nothing can be done to reduce British influence in the country.

The second source of British power is exerted through the secret Jewish network that runs the Iranian state, and is linked to the Rothschilds of London who are considered unofficial sovereigns of the Jewish race (qualification: They have the most money, and they have edged themselves into the British Royalty---Prince William) .

Ahmedinejad the current President being the best example of the secret Jew in Iran, and Saeed Emami former deputy head of the notorious secret service SAVAMA being another clear indisputable example. Short of raiding the Rothschild mansion outside of London, it will be very difficult to find out which secret Jews have infiltrated the Revolutionary Guards, the Police, the military, SAVAMA and dare I say it even the mullah leadership.

We can only take vague indications of their true loyalty by the fact that such types unnecessarily bait Israel and the USA incessantly with rectum sourced public speeches, BUT NEVER AGAINST THE UK, promising the Iranian people foolishly that Iran will never be attacked whereas as a safety measure true leaders of Persia would at least psychologically prepare the nation for war if not physically, then in the next sentence in direct contradiction state that if Iran is attacked mullah Iran will give a great response, and yet only spend 3% of GDP on defense.

These are severe contradictions, and can only be explained in terms of the secret Jewish presence in the higher echelons of the mullah state.

These are "Challenges" that Russia and China must work with when dealing with Iran.

Whilst joint statements by Russia and China are welcome, clarifying the matter of Iran to the world, a better precautionary measure would be to beef up Iran's air defense. Iran requires on a lease basis huge numbers of AA (20,000), SAM's (3000), radar equipment and electronic warfare equipment. Beefing up Iran's air defense does not convert Iran into an aggressive military power. CIA Saddam's demise and CIA Gaddafi's demise ultimately was the weakness of their air-defense. The same should not happen with the CIA/British installed mullahs of Iran.

Russia and China should also consider backing Iranian civilian fractions which are not run by the mullahs which changes Iranian society for the better, without creating a destabilizing revolution within the country. This idea was communicated in 2006 to the relevant parties and Russia certainly has the expertise.


Russia, China Warn US Against Attacking Iran

Lavrov Says Attacking Iran Would Be 'Serious Mistake'

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

Faced with a round of threats and speculations of an impending war so shrill that it has sent oil prices soaring, Russia and China were quick today to caution the United States against launching an attack on Iran.

Attacking Iran would be a “very serious mistake fraught with unpredictable consequences,” warned Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, while China expressed concern that the threats were harming the prospects of diplomacy.

They are just the latest in a growing chorus of nations to express concerns about starting another major war. Germany has also said they oppose such a move.

A growing number of US officials past and present have expressed a preference for launching a military attack on Iran soon, with an IAEA report alleging some vague allegations about computer simulations serving as the latest pretext.

Israeli officials have also been hyping the prospect of launching an attack on Iran themselves, with President Shimon Peres insisted the war was “more likely” than any sort of diplomatic solution. Israeli military officials are said to prefer an attack before winter.