Military top brass not with 90% of Pak-i-stanis.

The is a tragedy that Pakistan lost so many soldiers due to the actions of the Pakistan military ally.....NATO/USA recently.

This is not the first "mistake" by the NATO/USA, nor the last.

But who bares ultimate responsibility for the tragedy?

OBVIOUSLY and OF COURSE the Pakistan military top brass.

No doubt the free USA louta money for Kiyani and Suja Pasha has a lot to do with the clear fundamental disconnect of these top brass pursuing gora sahib dictated policy which harms Pakistan clearly ($70 billion loss to the national treasury since 2001 since participating in GWoT, 35,000 dead Pakistanis, Pakistan since 2006 a Failed State, political instability, economic instability, ethnic instability, social instability........drone attacks......NATO/USA unauthorized intervention in sovereign Pakistan territory, and 300 terrorist incidents).

You have to be a complete idiot, and a general in the Pakistan military not to be able to see the problem strategically and at a basic human level (the sight of innocent Pakistani children killed by American drones fired from Pakistan territory, and Pakistani military bases, with the help of the Pakistani military on the ground.)

I understand that military training involves de-sensitizing, delinking human emotion with action. Jolly good. But does military training also include being good traitors for gora sahib, and defying basic strategic interests of Pakistan?

We know that the ISI was set up and run by the British from 1948-1959.

We know that the Pakistan military top brass are trained in the UK/USA and that because of this close relationship, fundamental ideas at many levels are deffer-ed to when they emanate from the USA/UK, military to military, civilian gora sahib to Pak military: The Pak military gestures, action, smell, Engrezi talking points, name tags on their jacket shirts, military doctrine and general attitude tell us so.

The Pakistan military as argued clearly over many years on this blog is a post-colonial military force which is a mini-me of the Raj Indian military, carrying out significant vicious nasty brutal operations against its own unarmed population, and against innocent neighbors such as India, Afghanistan, Iran and China AT THE BEHEST OF AND INTEREST OF GORA SAHIB AND ITS STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES (PNAC 2000)....which have significant negative repercussions on Pakistan subsequently.

We know that the Pakistan military for Masterji undertook a coup in Pakistan in 1958.

We know that the Pakistan military for Masterji undertook a coup in Pakistan in 1977......because the Americans mistakenly thought Bhutto was actually directing a nuke bomb program.

We know the Pakistan military for gora Masterji armed the more extremists elements of the Afghan Mujaheddin such as Hekmatyar and Haqqani from July 1979.

We know the Pakistan military for gora Masterji armed, trained, directed and even led the Taliban from 1994.

We know the Pakistan military for gora Masterji created the false "al-Qaeda" myth and sustained it there after along with the false narrative of 9/11, even though they knew OBL had died in 2001.

We know the Pakistan military for gora Masterji has waged war against the good Pashtun people for certain ill defined anthropological reasons whether in Afghanistan or Pakistan, and that fundamentally it is not good for Pakistan, the FAILED STATE, to be at permanent war against 15% of its own people in alliance with and funded by gora sahib publicly, because of the strategic objectives of gora sahib IN PAKISTAN (Weaken the state, destabilize the state, pretend to be a friend, declare the country a failed state and terrorist hub number one and then invade to secure the nukes with India).

But "our" strategic depth genius generals do not, cannot see the problem, because of where they were trained and because of the $ loota in Swiss accounts. All our 194 serving generals are guaranteed millionaires........only in the Pakistan military (Ayesha Siddiqa: "Military Inc"). For the first few days the top brass will avoid the spotlight and the media after this tragedy.....because Pakistanis with common sense can and will make the link between the tragedy and the military's close relationship, position and action with gora sahib.

Powerless Gilani who has no say over security and foreign policy..........WILL make statements about state security and state foreign policy for the Pakistan military top brass. Then token PR action will be taken until "everything cools down, and forgotten". (i) Blockade of supplies to NATO/USA forces in Afghanistan for a few days. (ii) Ceremonial closure of American military base..1....just 1...which is already inactive in Pakistan.

Thats it, until the event repeats itself again.

NATO/USA are conducting probing attacks against Pakistan to see the reaction of the state, THE PAK MILITARY with the eventuality of full invasion later.

Naturally the Pakistani military should send a strong force into Afghanistan and give the NATO/USA forces a good smacking, in the vicinity of Kandahar....division level. And then with a straight face LATER say the division was on exercise in Baluchistan scheduled for the year, and it veered off in the wrong direction.

This is what Sher Shah would do.

I do not know what
Alauddin Khilji would do?

To do otherwise is dangerous.

You can't mistake a Pakistan military post, up on the top of the hill, with the flag, and the men in their particular uniform....again...again...again.

NATO/USA forces running their Afghan drug plantation along with the puppet and corrupt Karzai government is not wanted by most Afghans, not wanted by Iran, not wanted by Russia, not wanted by the Pakistani people if not the generals and probably not wanted by China. They are isolated there with their 280,000 soldiers and mercenaries........killing women and children at wedding parties.

Pakistan must do more than tokenism in reaction to this latest outrage, but obviously the "Zardari government" and the Pakistan military top brass aren't going to do it:

Close ALL USA military bases in Pakistan.

Eject ALL USA military personnel from Pakistan.

Cut ALL military training programs with Western countries especially the USA/UK.

Cut all military aid programs with the USA.

Close ALL USA consulates in Pakistan and reduce the USA embassy staff to about 10 people.

Close ALL foreign NGO's in Pakistan since most are intelligence fronts.

Reduce Western tourism in Pakistan.

Close ALL Western missionary organizations in Pakistan since ALL are intelligence fronts.



Faced with massive fallout from their overnight bombing of two Pakistani military bases in Mohmand Agency, NATO officials are incredibly defending the strike, saying that the strafing of two bases full of sleeping soldiers amounted to “self-defense.”

Early reports from NATO indicated that there was some sort of clash with militants near the border that led to the bombers and attack helicopters being brought in. Despite the apparent official approval of the incident it is entirely unclear why they would’ve attacked the military bases in response to a cross border raid by militants.