Hitler the secret Jew

Most of the top Nazis in Germany (1933--45) were Jews, so it stands to reason that Hitler is also descended from Jews.

Their REAL collective "achievement" was the death of 10 million ethnic Germans in and around Germany between 1939--1947.

The occupation of the country by 4 Jewish dominated nations after 1945.

The utter destruction of the country by 1945.

Imposition of a false guilt on the German nation.

Reparations and indebtedness by Germans to Jews into infinity, for their great contribution to Germany.

The participation of Germany in two unnecessary Jewish formulated wars, WWI and WWII.

The loss of ethnic German territory occupied for thousands of years by German tribes, after they migrated from Russia and the Steppes.

Politically controlled by foreign powers since 1945, as its security.


William Hitler

William Hitler was born in Liverpool, in the UK.

He was the son of Hitler's brother, Alois Hitler Jr., and his Irish-born wife Bridget Dowling.

Alois Hitler

William's parents met in Dublin when Alois was living there in 1909; they were married in Marylebone and moved back north to Liverpool, where William was born in 1911.

Bridget Dowling

In 1933, William Hitler was in Nazi Germany, hoping to benefit from his uncle's rise to power.

"He travelled to Britain in 1937 where he gave an interview to the Daily Express declaring himself, in now heavily accented English, to be 'the only legal descendant of the Hitler family' and even striking poses adopted by his uncle...

"William declined to renounce his British passport in return for a top job in the regime. He then tried to blackmail the F├╝hrer.

William Hitler

"The details emerged years later at the Nuremberg trials.

"Hans Frank, the former Nazi lawyer responsible for millions of deaths while he was the Governor General of Poland, revealed how William had written to his uncle in the late 1930s threatening to expose the Hitlers' 'unusual family history'.

"It was a veiled threat that he would confirm the long-held rumour that Hitler's paternal grandfather was, in fact, a Jewish merchant, Leopold Frankenberger, who had had an affair with his grandmother, Maria, during her time in service to the family in Graz."


William threatened to reveal to the press that Hitler's paternal grandfather was a Jewish merchant.

In 1939, William fled Germany with the help of a British agent.

In 1944 William joined the U.S. Navy.

William Hitler (left)

William Hitler's sons. During renovations of William Hitler's former house in the USA, family possessions were discovered , including blood lab equipment under the rear porch. (Three Quiet Brothers on Long Island, All of Them Related to Hitler ...)

Adolf Hitler spent five months in Liverpool, allegedly to dodge being conscripted into the Austrian Army before World War One.

Hitler stayed in a flat in Liverpool with his married half-brother Alois from November 1912 to April 1913.

(Some writers think that in reality he was already recruited by British Intelligence, and that explains his presence in the UK looking gaunt and hypnotized, forever reading from small manuals rather than ingratiating himself with his surrounding as would any draft dodger. AND NOT because he was running away scared from the Austrian military......he fully participated in the subsequent Great War from 1914-1918 and won a iron cross as a goffer, and joined paramilitary outfits there after)