Logical step forward.

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. This collapse was not inevitable, but was the result of poor leadership by Mikhail Gorbachev and the Jewish Inner government operating as a state within a state within the KGB, which caused the unnecessary collapse.

China by contrast, years behind the Soviet Union in 1989 and ideologically more dogmatic in some respects, has since shown in a sophisticated manner how an old style Communist state can remold itself for a new better successful future.

Based on this premise, and the sophistication of the Soviet Union in 1989, the collapse of the entire state was NEVER inevitable.

North Korea which hasn't reformed itself along the Chinese model, and which still spends the better part of 26% of GDP on defense hasn't yet collapsed after 55 years of dogmatic Communist rule.

Cuba hasn't collapsed.

Vietnam hasn't collapsed........despite fighting the Khmer Rouge, China, USA and France.

The Soviet Union should not have collapsed.

But unfortunately the secret Inner government of the Soviet Union decided otherwise, and taking orders from their International tribal elders, destroyed the Soviet Union, and in a matter of a few years converted Russia into a Third World basket case in the 1990's (As is the case with the Ukraine now) with a debauched drunk at the helm of power, implementing IMF/WB shock therapy monetarist economic models from Washington along with their spying-advisers (sounds surreal and untrue). 170,000 factories sold for pennies, and the Jew looted the country of trillions of $ worth of assets to Israel, London, USA and the West generally.....never to return.

The USA meanwhile pretended friendship from 1991, with Bush II inviting Putin to his private residence in Crawford, Texas but as the linked article so clearly indicates by the professor, from Clinton onwards the USA was waging war against Russia.

The puppet Russian leadership drawn from the KGB largely, and funded by the Jew Oligarch's who run the country along with the Jew secret inner government in Moscow, have mysteriously remained passive and timid in the face of this OBVIOUS 20 year drive by Washington to encircle and conquer Russia. Maybe such facts are not so obvious for a KGB officer? Some of whom who have to go to Israel for further training.

I keep repeating this example, but this is probably the starkest example and the saddest for me.

The USA occupy's Afghanistan for its heroin which is grown by the Afghans and then exported by the Western military to various destinations, one of which is Russia. In fact it was USA policy to introduce drugs into the Soviet military, and then through them into Soviet society during the 1980--1989 Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

Millions of ordinary Russians are affected by this activity. One would have thought that combating this problem would be a national priority. But the KGB leadership which forms the political leadership of Russia significantly seems at best oblivious to this huge problem. What are we saying? That Russian intelligence does not know about the strategy and role of the USA in Afghanistan, directing heroin into Russia? The close relationship of the CIA, Wall Street and American banks involving drugs since at least the 1960's? Logically at a very minimum Russia should use its state resources to blockade the USA/NATO in Afghanistan........and if Russia was feeling bullish, support an entity other than the Taliban to oust the USA/NATO from Afghanistan asap via Pakistan, Iran.

Such as things are, it is welcome that Russia at a strategic level grows closer to mullah puppet Iran. Iran and Russia's interests serve each other acting as bulwarks against USA/NATO expansion and war into each other.....put simply. Perhaps in this light Russia will ultimately sell the S-300 systems to Iran in significant quantities soon to discourage the Israelis and their puppet governments in Washington.

Saddam was recruited by the CIA in the 1950's (Miles Copeland) and installed into power in 1968 operating initially in the background from 1958, removing a left wing Pro-Soviet military dictator in 1963, Brigadier Abd al-Karīm Qāsim. One assumes that the KGB knew about Saddams real background, and who were his true masters. But despite this fact the Soviet Union became the main backers of Saddam's military machine. If I am not mistaken 80% of Saddam's war machine, and 100% of its theoretical strategy was from the Soviet Union, including several thousand military advisers in the 1980's. And how much military equipment was given to Saddam from the Soviet Union arsenal? 1968----1991: $80 billion? Why?

The Soviet Union considered the Mullahs of Iran to be a threat, and the rise of the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, both orchestrated by the USA/UK.

Now the irony of history places the mullahs towards Russia, against USA/NATO expansion. Both countries share a "basic need". That it has taken the expert KGB leadership in Russia 20 years to figure out this "basic need" is surprising. It should have been figured out in 2001, after 9/11 at least. The Mullahs like Saddam were installed by the CIA, and Russia must now honestly and sincerely work with Iran to protect their mutual interests. And in the process through working closely possibly change the nature and fundamentals of Iran.

A far safer endeavor than pouring $80 billion worth of expensive military hardware into Iraq, to prevent the mullahs winning the Gulf War, or invading Afghanistan in 1980 for ditto reasons.

The British expertly mold and run the mullahs, and Russia too can run and direct the mullahs as their neighbor through trade, cultural exchange, student exchange and many other things.

It will be good if both countries conduct large scale military exercise together.

It will be good if Russia leases to Iran significant quantities of air-defense equipment both AA and SAMs at very preferential rates (money and business with profits should not be a serious consideration at this delicate juncture)

As was argued 5 years ago, and addressed to Russian sources, Russia's true defense lies in Iran, as much as it lies in the Ukraine, Mongolia AND of course CENTRAL ASIA.


Iran, Russia ink strategic security pact

By Presstv.com

Iran and Russia have finalized a strategic security agreement aimed at further enhancing ties between the two countries.

The agreement was signed on Friday by Deputy Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Baqeri and his Russian counterpart Yevgeny Lukyanov.

“This document incorporates various aspects of collaboration between the national security councils of Iran and Russia in different security, economic, political and intelligence sectors,” Baqeri told IRNA.

The agreement establishes the framework of the mutual cooperation in terms of its structure and content, he added.

Baqeri's visit to Moscow takes place upon the invitation of Russian officials and in line with regular consultations between the two countries.

During the Iranian mission's visit to Moscow, the two sides also discussed the latest developments in the Middle East, Iran's peaceful nuclear program and the position of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the case as well as Russia's 'step-by-step' strategy on Iran's nuclear case, Baqeri pointed out.

The latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on Iran's peaceful nuclear program has accused the country of conducting non-civilian nuclear activities.

Iran dismissed the report as "unbalanced, unprofessional and prepared with political motivation and under political pressure by mostly the United States."

On July 13, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested a "step-by-step" approach toward Iran's nuclear program that would enable Iranian authorities to take steps to address questions raised by the IAEA on its case.

Under the proposed plan, Iran would revive negotiations to alleviate individual concerns of the IAEA about its nuclear activities and be rewarded along the way by the partial removal of sanctions.

The approach would start out with the easiest questions and move onto more complicated ones that would require a longer time to respond to, according to the Russian official.