Let more mullahs protest loudly against the ruling mullahs of Iran

It is very important that many more senior clerics in Iran out of 140,000 mullahs protest and criticize the USA/UK installed mullahocracy through the internet, through newspapers and through speeches at Friday Prayers.

In such speeches they must avoid general statements, but rather highlight the illegality and gross mistakes of the mullah puppet regime.

They must do it without joining a CIA backed organization based in the West, funded by the CIA and trained by the CIA/State Department. This would be morally repugnant.

This is what I do.

Germany is a satellite state of the USA, where the USA has military bases for 66 years, and into infinity in the future. The USA fixes German elections, and the State and especially security structure operates at the behest of the USA. German politicians are sometimes "allowed" to go against the USA, but within very narrow limits (Gerhard Schroeder....as much as Erdogan talks against Israel; even though the Turkish State and the Israeli State are very close at many levels) The USA naturally given this situation is the most loathed country in Germany, given that most Germans are quite educated and conscious of this "special relationship" or post war arrangement.

Thus any criticism of the puppet mullah regime from Germany by any Iranian however noble, at this delicate juncture of false IAEA inspection reports is to say the least suspicious. At any other time fine. Presumably the dissident mullah understands the deep implications of war against Iran initiated by false intelligence reports originating from Israel yet again, Iraq like.

The faults of the mullah regime are glaringly cartoonish clear. We don't have to be expert investigative reporters of Iranian extraction to know the true facts of Iran under puppet mullah rule........that is why the USA/UK brought them to power after all:

1. The mullahs sustained the Iran/Iraq war for 8 years; causing $500 billion worth of damage to the country, and the death of possibly 1 million boys and men fighting Iraq, and Saddam an American recruited agent since the 1950's. Saddam the American agent sought peace after two years of the war in 1982; the mullahs in Tehran were not interested.

2. The Iranian civil war 1981-1982 between the mullahs and the Tudeh left alliance; 100,000 dead.

3. The mullahs promoting pan-Islamism, and general Arab culture over and above traditional Persian identity. For a genuine Iranian who loves his country this might be considered a GREAT crime.

4. The de-legitimation of Iran's standing in the world, with silly OTT antics; taking over foreign embassies; threatening foreign writers ; holding Holocaust revisionist meetings and so on and so on.

5. The destruction of the Middle Class; their partial expulsion from the country 5 million of the most educated articulate Iranians in favor of the illiterate villagers, who are constantly promised great things, and used primarily in the security apparatus to keep the rest of the population in line.

6. Running a banana Republic economy which could collapse at any time. $1.3 trillion worth of Capital flight by wealthy Iranians who refuse to or cannot do business in mullah Iran. The current wisdom that mullahs and mullah cronies are the only people privileged and qualified to own and run significant parts of the economy through Bonyard charaties, and corrupt banks that give loans to friends of the mullahs.

7. Running a very repressive police state, which has accounted for the death of possibly 30,000 political prisoners since 1979. A regime that executes more children than any other regime on earth.

8. Seeming to posture internationally, usually through speeches against Israel and the USA, and through talking up the Uranium Enrichment issue designed to niggle the USA and Israel. And through the support of Hamas and Hezbollah directly, WHILST not making any real efforts to defend itself militarily......spends 3% of GDP on defense, and is not a significant conventional power....at rank number 18, with Israel at 11, and the USA at number 1. Turkey at 10; Pakistan 15, Egypt 17.

9. Upwards of 3 million drug addicts in mullah Iran where the regime touts its conservative austere, puritanical credentials, but is unable, and unwilling to tackle this serious national problem. Credible reports indicate that aspects of the mullah regime are involved in the narcotics trade into Iran from Afghanistan, and towards other countries such as Iraq and Turkey.

10. The mullahs are modern slave runners selling "surplus" destitute Iranians to Gulf Arab countries, who face an obvious bleak future there after. Any Iranians who dare criticizes this national mullah shame are punished with imprisonment or death.


Dissident cleric lambasts current Iranian regime

By AP and antiwar.com

A dissident Iranian cleric said Friday he is confident of a resurgence of the protest movement in his country, calling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presidency the most "destructive" in Iran's history.

Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari, an outspoken middle-ranking cleric who was jailed for four years in Iran, told a conference of Iran scholars and experts in Berlin that Ahmadinejad's administration has "crossed almost all political and religious lines."

Eshkevari said through a translator there has never been a "similar gang that has been so destructive" and that this Iranian regime is deeply at odds with Shia tradition, ultimately threatening to "destroy Islam, the government and the country."

The cleric, who fled to seek political asylum in Germany two years ago, said he is confident that the protest movement that followed the disputed 2009 presidential election will eventually come back to the forefront again.

"I have no doubt that this movement will come back," he said. "In the future there will be a democratic development," he said, adding that he believes the majority of the country's young population not only longs for change, but also has grown estranged from religion.

The peaceful development of nuclear power is supported by many Iranians, but they reject the country's leaders' alleged push to develop an atomic bomb, he said.

A fatwa, or religious edict, by the late Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri also explicitly forbade the pursuit of developing nuclear weapons, said Eshkevari.

"Neither the people nor the common Mullahs want this weapon of mass destruction," he said.

Eshkevari, 63, was arrested in 2000 after returning to Iran from a conference in Berlin where he made remarks considered by the regime to be detrimental to religion and state and was charged with crimes that can be punished with the death sentence in the Islamic Republic.

He was sentenced to seven years in jail and was released after serving four before seeking asylum in Germany.