Pakistan ........again.

Pakistan is a beautiful country, filled with beautiful able people. 30-40% of the 190 million Pakistanis are Iranian......a country next to Afghanistan and Iran (or to put it another way its the biggest Iranian populated country after India with its 15% Iranian minority). The country has extremely able people producing Nobel Laureates in Theoretical Physics, and many more gifted people in ALL fields. Theoretically the country should do well, but has not and is in fact Failed State.......number 10 from the bottom.

A country and its able people can only blossom if the state "reasonably" serves the people. Otherwise the natural talent of the country is wasted, with the talented fleeing to the West, or in other cases their talent never being realized or utilized in service of the state. The Ukraine may have highly talented people, but because "the State" fails the people with the basic fundamentals, that great nation also languishes tragically at the bottom with other Third World nations....and some of its most beautiful women sold as slaves around the world, through the clever devious lure of work and opportunity.

The problem with Pakistan is its birth at inception in 1947 as a bastard child of the extremely evil Rothschild run British empire. It was a problem child from the beginning............loathed by the British even though they created it (The British have never funded one single strategic project in Pakistan for the last 64 years.........industry, roads, rail, dams, canals and general infrastructure....."Paki bashing" is a favorite easy pastime of the Jewish run British media, though I hear East Europeans are competing seriously for that privilege).

The problem of the state began in 1948, when the extremely devious evil slippery British Empire created the ISI, and directly ran it from 1948--1958, through one of their own generals. The ISI staffed and run by the Pakistani military are thus the main SPECIFIC problem/challenge of the Failed Pakistan state.

ALL strategic failures of the state since 1947 can be attributed to the Pakistan military and their love for gora sahib UK/USA with whom the Pakistani military operates with covertly and overtly to this day against Pakistan.

Nowhere is this basic fact stated in the above paragraph more highlighted than the so-called Abbottabad raid in May of this year.

Abbottabad is a garrison town near the Indian border, and therefore it is already in a heightened state of alert throughout the year, with radar stations near by. 25--30% of the Pakistani military personnel are awake all night, and if there is a fire-fight lasting 40 odd minutes, and half a dozen helicopters flying about, with 80 gora commando's THEN OBVIOUSLY the WHOLE Pakistani garrison would react and attack an alien force in its territory in about 10 minutes..............it just can't be done without Pakistani permission and knowledge. The Pakistani Military run the states foreign and security policy, despite the country being a "democracy".....the USA could not carry out the raid without getting Kiyani and Suja Pasha's permission first.

The strong suggestion in the blogsphere is that it is in fact the USA armed and trained Pakistani SSG which carried out the fabricated Bin Laden raid as a PR exercise to boost Obama's re-election chances announced a week or so earlier, with the White House settling for B-movie roles in front of their monitors rather shamefully.
Osama the CIA agent to the last, had died in December 2001 after all. But in an age where thieving big banks are given trillions of $ of public money to save themselves from their own contrived mistakes, and the ordinary public in the West must pay for the mistakes of the banksters, such lies as the fake Abbottabad raid are Pro Forma practices of the Washington ruling elites.

For our narrative on Pakistan the Abbottabad raid is very instructive and puts significant context on the so called memo from Zardari bhen seeking USA aid to control the Pakistani military recently.

Quite obviously the Pakistani military does not operate for Pakistan, the nation state, but for itself and its narrow interests as decided by its top brass. Most terrorist ops in Pakistan are carried out by the Pakistani military as a strategy of tension and destabilization. BUT the Abbottabad raid revealed to us the level of depravity and treason of the Pakistani military in falsifying a raid for the USA, AND then enduring withering American attacks on the honor of the Pakistani military, and the sovereignty of the country. This is further reinforced by the drone attacks which have killed 2300 people in Pakistan, mostly innocent civilians. The Pakistani military as with the drone attacks, AND the Abbottabad raid produce strange convoluted excuses for their non-action/covert cooperation with gora sahib. This is not surprising given that the Pakistani military has been so indoctrinated since the 1970's with the mantra of cooperation with covert ops with the USA, the Abbottabad Raid in May became the logical tragic conclusion of such a relation of 30 years.

It is a shame that it has taken so many years to see the real problem of Pakistan, the military.

All major Parties in Pakistan now desire complete civilian control of the Pakistani military. The PPP with its experience in power of 3.5 years wants total control, and one assumes so does the PML (N).....BOTH the left and the right. The TII with their Anglophile one time playboy leader is an known quantity.

So the Zardari government is not a complete waste of time. A significant national awakening has taken place, uniting both the left and right. The importance of this cannot be over emphasized.

Zardari bhen is a crook, Mr. 10% as every body knows in Pakistan. Zardari is an incompetent leader who was never liked by his own party even.....neither a real seasoned politician, or an administrator, or a patriot looking to serve the country. Everybody knows that he has stashed away $4 billion of the country's money in Swiss tax havens illegally. He was put into power by the ISI in fixed elections, after they murdered his wife at the behest of the USA......to replace MOSSAD Busharaf.

BUT EVEN SUCH A MAN WITH SUCH A BACKGROUND UNDERSTANDS the stifling control of the Pakistani military in not just security or foreign policy, but many other policy areas from their Rawalpindi HQ. The Pakistani military does an "Operation fuck up" ....Abbottabad 2011, maybe even 26/11/2008 though not convinced, Operation Swat Taliban is going to take over Pakistan 2009, and numerous other such incidents.......and it wrong foots the civilian government, even though the civilians exercise NO POWER over security.

Even Zardari understands this fundamental problem, and wants to address it.

In any given nation the military is not the most productive section of society. The most productive sections of society are the industrial, tertiary and of course primary sectors which contribute to REAL wealth creation.

The intelligence service based on studies I did over a decade ago at university are a problem, and contribute even less to society than the theoretical benefits of the military (create jobs, defend the nation). In Pakistan what makes it worse is that the military are also the intelligence, run by the military, and the military are the intelligence.

If we observe other examples of other nations, we notice that nations that have collapsed into utter failure, despite being modern were nations which emphasized, worshiped and elevated SECURITY/MILITARY too greatly.

The Soviet Union for example had by 1989 5.8 million men under arms with an intelligence service of 800,000 which was powerful enough to determine the leadership of the country, and the political direction of the nation. The collapse of the Soviet empire can partly be attributed to this bizarre unnatural state of affairs. The same in Stasi Germany where one in four of the population worked for the intelligence service, and of course Nazi Germany.

In the USA the FBI along with Israeli operatives carried out a series of terrorist ops in the 1990's in WTC 1993, Waco, Oklahoma 1995 and 9/11.........turning the greatest country in the world into a defacto police state. A nation that celebrated optimism and freedom, now permanently celebrates war, fear, threats and pessimism around the more negative aspects of human behavior. Security men in the USA have now have become the number one attraction in the country...whilst they simultaneously commit heinous crimes under the cover of national security against Americans and against the world.....trafficking drugs into the USA, child trafficking, counterfeiting, war and destabilization of peaceful nations, false flag ops......great indispensable hero's who thwart terrorists.......evasive surveillance, and greater legal powers.

In Pakistan I would like the country to finally abolish the ISI, and try existing without an intelligence service. See how that works? It is already a failed state........so it can't fail further. The country does not even need an IB with retrained police officers. Any source of unaccounted power is bad. The ISI can never be reformed, or re-trained...it can only be abolished.

Zardari Bhen of course will get a lot of criticism for the latest saga ULTIMATELY REVOLVING AROUND PAKISTANI MILITARY ACTION in Abbottabad.....and a weak civilian government reacting to that saga. This is deserving because Zardari is a crook, a lair and a fraud who should not have been put into power by the ISI at the behest of the USA, after killing his wife.

Zardari like Mir Zafar, Like the officers who killed Shaikh Mujib, like Zia ul Haq or the idiots in security who watch Hollywood movies and take their ques of fundamental State policy........from the USA are clueless jungle bunnies who ultimately harm themselves.

The memo to the USA military is an act of treason against Pakistan by Zardari.

The idea that the Pentagon can FIX Pakistan's internal problems is absurd and DANGEROUS.

The idea that the Pentagon can FIX Pakistan's internal problems, bypassing the civilian government in Washington is absurd and even more DANGEROUS.

The idea that the Pentagon can FIX Pakistan's internal problems is naive, and idiotic........the Pentagon along with Israel is at WAR with several Greater Middle East countries. The USA is a Western gora country, run by Jews......why should it help Pakistan? Has the USA helped Pakistan with any significant strategic projects, like China?........NO.

Trying to stay in power, and gain greater power through the American military is absurd and stupid.

But in highlighting the stupidity and idiocy of Zardari we must NEVER forget that the greatest threat to the stability and well being of Pakistan is and has been the Pakistan military.

Lets Finally get rid of Zardari and his kleptocracy government.

Lets abolish thereafter the ISI, there is no other way...it can't be reformed, or controlled.

Lets reduce the size and budget of the military, and redirect the funds in more productive parts of the economy such as industry and infrastructure development.

Lets remove the military/security as media stars of the nation and centers of importance.

Lets get rid of the USA from Pakistan holistically fundamentally and psychologically.


Pakistan Recalls US Envoy: Claims Grow that Zardari Sought to Move Against Military

Ambassador Haqqani Offered to Resign to 'Quiet' Dispute

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

The Pakistani civilian government announced today that it is recalling Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani to answer questions related to the growing scandal surrounding claims that he and President Zardari sought US help in moving against top Pakistani military officials earlier this summer.

Haqqani, seen as a top aide to Zardari, has offered to resign if it would end the investigation into the allegations, which emerged last month after a Pakistani-American businessman named Mansour Ijaz claimed he had been involved in a plot to deliver a personal letter from Zardari to Admiral Michael Mullen detailing the plan. Ijaz claimed the letter was given to him by a senior diplomat at Haqqani’s post.

Under the putative plan, Zardari would have promised to dramatically weaken the Pakistani military intelligence branch the ISI, including totally disbanding its Afghanistan unit, in return for US military support in a move against Pakistan’s armed forces.

Zardari reportedly feared, in the wake of the US assassination of Osama bin Laden, that the growing public discontent with the military’s inability to find bin Laden so close to its base, coupled with its inability to do anything about the US raid, would prompt the military to orchestrate a coup d’etat against his already shaky government. Zardari denied any involvement in the plot.

but spokesman Capt. John Kirby later conceded that Mullen had in fact gotten the letter, just as Ijaz said. Kirby insisted that the letter was dismissed as “not at all credible.”

The revelation is liable to significantly weaken the Zardari government, which is already under considerable fire domestically for its cozy relationship with the US. It will likely also fuel anti-American sentiment across Pakistan, particularly in military circles, where US air strikes against Pakistani territory are seen as a considerable threat, and one the civilian government is not taking at all seriously.


Courier: Pakistani Ambassador Dictated ‘Coup Memo’ to Mullen
Pakistani Opposition Leader Calls for Commission to Investigate Claims

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com

The “coup memo” scandal continues to unfold in Pakistan today, with Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, the courier of the alleged memo, saying today that the contents were dictated to him directly by Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani.

Haqqani was recalled to Pakistan yesterday to answer for allegations of his involvement in the memo, which claimed to be from President Zardari to US military chief Admiral Michael Mullen. In the memo, he sought US military help for a move against the Pakistani military, promising a more US-friendly military establishment as a reward.

Zardari has denied any role in the plot, as has Haqqani, who offered to resign on the basis that someone under his charge might’ve ordered the memo sent without his knowledge. Mullen acknowledged receiving the memo earlier this week.

Concern over the issue has soared in Pakistan since Mullen’s admission made the story more than just a claim from one businessman, and opposition leader Nawaz Sharif has called for the chief justice to establish a commission to probe the claims that Zardari sought to undermine the nation’s military to the benefit of a foreign power.