The Chamar chamcha chaudi Coolie Gunga Din's of the Pakistan military.

The Chamar Chamcha Chaudi Coolie Gunga Din's of the Pakistan military are destroying Pakistan.

They have been destroying Pakistan since the 1950's where through careful destabilization of the nascent political structure left by Jinnah they eventually came to power in 1958, though defacto in "power" by 1954, as any Pakistani insider will vouch.

Specifically it was done via the ISI, set up by the departing Raj in 1948 and Major General R. Cawthome, then Deputy Chief of Staff in the new Pakistan army and head of the ISI (1948-1956......more probably into 1959), seconded from the British Imperial Army. Think about that.....a General from the utterly evil British Rothschild empire RUNNING Pakistan's most sensitive state institution 12 years into independence. We NOW know that intelligence agencies are the primary tools of mischief and management by the globalist Zionists. What was he doing at that sensitive post, so many many years into "independence besides toasting crumpets and making Tetley tea?

The head of the Pakistan army at that time were British officers until 1951, General Messervy and later General Gracey
.......4 years into "Independence" of Pakistan. Since that time British generals have developed very close personal relations with senior Pakistani officers....for example General Sir Charles Guthrie with Musharaf, or General Thomas with Zia ul-Haq. Now American senior officers such as Admiral Mullen play that "mentoring guiding" role visiting Kiyani and verse versa very frequently in a few years, supplanting the British through money, patronage and arms aid.

Pakistan was created by the departing British Raj to weaken and divide India. Jinnah was a British agent, never arrested in his entire career of nearly 40 years as a senior "freedom figure" involved in the freedom struggle as a Barrister since 1900. Jinnah loved ham sandwiches, enjoyed sherry/brandy, never seen near a Mosque....and nearly ALL his speeches to the devoted illiterate Muslims were in perfect Oxbridge English (Amazing the power of propaganda and what a few well placed British intelligence Officers as guiding lights can/could do with their puppets).

Most Pakistani leaders since, possibly with the exception of ZAB have been foreign owned puppets. Even the Israelis got into the business when they successfully recruited one Perverse Toupee Musharaf, a commando in the Pakistan army......and a MOSSAD agent since the early 1980's, and a Deobandi/Wahabi/Salafi hardliner at the same time....amazing. Who wanted to attack India and make peace with India at the same time. Most Pakistanis now hate him, but he now wants to return to rule the country. He is the one leader who more than any other has sold out Pakistan to the Americans the most, brutalizing Pakistani society along his Mossad/Deobandi process 1999--2008.

The Muslim League was a British created and run fiction since 1905. The British were in a rather hurry to create Pakistan because they knew Jinnah their agent wouldn't live very long.....so the 200 year British rule in India quickly, and unceremoniously ended with them handing over power to their chosen agents in Pakistan's case, or their own people in the case of the Pakistan military.(commander and Deputy commander ---were British)

The Pakistan military is crap. Its the worst military in the world. Its jolly good acha hai at killing its own people. A fine neo-colonial legacy. "No problem saab....teek hai saab.......I don't need to blink or think or lose any sleep over this". Statistically the Pakistan military have killed more of its own people than any other existing military institutions around the world (hello researchers?).

The Pakistan military is the MAIN THREAT to the stability and well being of Pakistan.

Unfortunately this simple obvious fact stated above hasn't YET dawned on the common Pakistani people, because whilst the Pakistan military might be the worst military in the world, it does have quite an effective propaganda department, otherwise known as the ISI, and the usual Third World greasy methods of controlling "pure truth"....(Pakistan is a very dangerous place for journalists who are not on the ISI payroll).

Pakistani politicians aren't perfect, far from it, but they were never the midwives giving birth to the greatest national disasters that continually faltering Pakistan has experienced since independence..........ITS THE PAKISTAN MILITARY:

Simple superficial examples for the sake of time and getting it across..............

1. The Pakistan military and especially through its special Think Tank the ISI has been destabilizing civilian governments since the 1950's, and then declaring martial law, after the apparent failure of the destabilized civilian governments, which was originally caused by the Pakistan military in the first place........1958, 1977, 1999. Such action by the Pakistan military most probably received outside encouragement from either the UK in the 1950's, or the American more recently. The classic Mir Jaffar/Mir Sadiq syndrome. The cumulative effect of this on Pakistani society has been quite obviously very negative. Pakistan requires, urgently needs stable civilian government rule for prolonged periods, which is not merely in power as a puppet of the USA (Zardari government) to give the veneer of Democratic legitimacy, but as a reasonably EFFECTIVE government, by Third World standards........and is assertive in controlling and managing the Pakistan military (and not the other way round, courtesy of USA largess as is currently the case) The current destabilization of Pakistan is being carried out by..........guess who........the Pakistan military and their fundie proxies too numerous to mention, and by defacto American backing.

2. War clarifies many things. War often exposes the severe weaknesses and tensions inherent within especially Third World states. That is why it is a very good idea to avoid war at all costs. However against prevailing wisdom, the genius's at the Pakistan military launched the 1965 WAR against India hoping to catch India with its pants down, after their defeat in 1962. They launched the war against India with 1 weeks worth of spare parts and ammunition. After a day or two of initial gains due to the element of surprise they soon were on the defensive, given that India was/is a far greater military power, and the Pakistanis American imported arms simply stopped operating due to a lack of..........spares/ammunition. India could have invaded East Pakistan, and captured Lahore quite easily there after, but for the pressure of the USA to back off. India after the war smiled, shook hands with Pakistan in Tashkent, and then began seriously to separate East Pakistan from West Pakistan........from 1968 (containing 45% of the national economy of Pakistan, 45% of exports and 57% of the population)...which was defended by a very weak lone infantry division of West Pakistanis........East Pakistanis were not trusted by the West Pakistanis either to fight for Pakistan or even defend their own territory. India eventually prevailed.

3. Field Marshal Ayub Khan after being destabilized and removed by the Americans 1965--1969, was replaced by General Yahya Khan. Yahya Khan was an interesting "patriotic" man straight out of Kipling's books. He referred to East Pakistanis as Mosquito's, and in one public speech given in Dhaka (get this...for PR value) he said East Pakistan would be a great place, especially for agriculture, without any East Pakistanis existing there. Yahya Khan represented the class of Pakistani British Sandhurst trained officers who mirrored typical British colonial attitudes, which obviously included severely negative perspectives of Bengali's...........The East India company and later the British Raj through Kipling and others propagated extremely negative perspective of the "dreaded Bengali babu" (The historical and psychological reasons are too complicated to go into now.....but it is akin to a rapists perspective of his victim). This leftover of colonial prejudice expressed itself naturally when the Pakistan military using Islamic fundamentalists as a fifth column committed mass genocide and war crimes in East Pakistan over 9 months in 1971, killing 3,000,000 civilians, 500,000 rapes and creating 10,000,000 war refugees into neighboring India........giving India the PERFECT reason to invade East Pakistan, and decisively defeat the Pakistan military. 93,000 Pakistani POW in Indian hands, 10,000 troops dead, and the country destroyed and divided thanks to the Pakistan military......and Civilian politicians from Pakistan going to India begging for mercy in 1972, and the return of the murdering, genocidal worthless POW's. This genocide is the direct responsibility of the Pakistan military, and the British State through its significant WELL ESTABLISHED influence over the senior officers in the Pakistan military. The Pakistan military must answer and face war crimes charges and genocide eventually.

4. Yes it is true ZAB ordered the Baluchistan military campaign of 1973--1977, which claimed the lives of 50,000 to 100,000 civilians, but it is equally true that the actual manner of the campaign was determined by the Pakistan military. Since the 1960's the state has been turned int a virtual garrison state, and has been under a brutal military regime since, with little respect for the lives of ordinary Baluchis. There is much talk of Indian misconduct and covert ops in Baluchistan via their so called Consulates in Afghanistan, but as with East Pakistan ultimately it is the conduct of the Pakistan military SINCE THE 1950'S which is decisively unsettling the state, and not the very recent allegations of wishful imaginary Indian meddling. Most humans are sedentary creatures and if they rebel it is usually for a very good reason. The Pakistan military does not learn from its lessons, but repeats the same same mistakes it made in East Pakistan in alienating fellow Pakistanis either through heavy handedness or Punjabi chauvinism. Schizophrenically, whilst the Pakistanis attempt to build economic ties with Iran, they simultaneously are hosting Jundullah, an anti Iranian separatist movement which wants to liberate Iranian Baluchistan. Surely a free Iranian Baluchistan is a threat to Pakistan's sovereignty as well.

5. Jews such as Bernard Lewis from the British Intelligence/Foreign Office establishment in the 1970's started preaching about creating the "Arc of Crisis" in the Greater Middle East, especially in the USA academic Think Tank circles, and as with the Greek to the Roman's ideas it gained currency, especially in the Neo-liberal Carter administration filled with Jewish globalists. The idea was simple and appealed to those who wanted vengeance against the Soviet Union for their backing of the Vietcong and their successful defeat of the Americans. The idea was to set the Middle East on fire using Islamic Fundamentalists proxies, and especially the Islamic Brotherhood based in Egypt to destabilize the Soviet Unions Southern belt, and draw her into the "Bear Trap" of Afghanistan.

The evil Rothschild British Empire was already well acquainted with various Islamist groups that it helped create in India......Muslim League (1905), against Indian nationalism, and the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1920's, against Egyptian nationalism, whose very first Mosque the British helped fund in Cairo.

From the Western Imperialists perspective, Islamic fundamentalists are considered an excellent asset for the greater imperial vision, because given their vague impractical Pan-Islamic objectives, they thwart true NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT in specific emerging Third world countries. Islamic Fundamentalist Movements are also regressive, backward looking and anti-modernization and anti-development.......for the Israelis, later into the 1950's these are equally excellent reasons for backing Islamic Fundamentalists especially within Palestinian society, in addition to both dividing it (Christian vs Moslem Palestinians) and to give the image that Israel in comparison to Palestinians are cool, hip, modern, civilized and thus "deserving'" of Western sympathy and help. Israel created Hamas in the 1970's.....In 1981 the Islamic Brotherhood killed Anwar Sadat President of Egypt....There was an Islamic Brotherhood uprising in Syria in 1982....The Shah of Iran was removed from power by the USA/UK/France/Israel in 1979 and replaced with illiterate mullahs who have since done a lot of colorful things both within and without Iran.......AND finally where Pakistan comes into the picture the USA set the "Bear Trap" in Afghanistan for the Soviet Union, by using Pakistan into backing Islamic Fundamentalists to destabilize the Communist regime in Kabul.....and we have "Operation Cyclone" and "Operation Greenbelt" there on in........billions of $ pouring in from various sources, illicit drugs businesses being established using local criminals, and arms shipments from again various shady sources...and a lot of security people feeling self important and happy with their new programs and wealth, and at the center of the ongoing drama.

In Pakistan General Zia Ul Haq instituted an Islamisation program within Pakistan, based on the above trend in the Greater Middle East and no doubt encouraged by his British/American handlers...500,000 trained Jihadi's within Pakistani society trained by the ever excellent Pakistan military since the late 1970's. From the Pakistan military perspective such people are an asset to be used by the military in various operation within Pakistan against perceived political enemies, regional enemies, Shia and other minorities OR in foreign operations in Afghanistan, and India in particular.......the Pakistan military can thus exert force and project power without being directly involved. To the rest of us, such military proxy creations are a very dangerous destabilization force in any given society, because once you have armed and trained them, how do then control them effectively, especially in a failed State such as Pakistan? Such organizations create a bad image of Pakistan, and allow other nations such as the USA to attack Pakistan, and kill innocent civilians, based on such a reputation. Emboldened by such a move from the late 1970's, the Pakistani military have used such groups against ALL of Pakistan's neighbors....against Afghanistan, China, India and even Iran since.

6. In 1994 the Jewish Sandy Berger Deputy Head to the NSA in the NSC in the neo-liberal Clinton administration came to Pakistan and told the Coolies that they should establish the Taliban, religious Islamic fundamentalists students from the Afghan refugee camps of Pakistan. The Taliban guided, armed, trained and embedded by Pakistani security personnel would take over Afghanistan, and vola! Pakistan would have a federated arrangement with neighbor Afghanistan, and "Strategic Depth" viz India. The previous Afghan Mujaheddin backed by Pakistan (1978---1994), and especially hardline groups such as Hekmatyar and Haqqani especially favored by Pakistan failed to make headway in terms of establishing a reasonably effectively united government which would be very pro-Pakistani, far from it when the nascent governments in Kabul under a broad coalition fell out and descended into civil war......this was obviously unsatisfactory for Pakistan.

Pakistan and Afghanistan had previously entered into greater cooperation and negotiations for a federated arrangement in the 1950''s and this seemed logical for both states given the close multi-level ties between the two states. This process was however scuppered when the Pakistan military led by the Pashtun Ayub Khan declared martial law in 1958, and adopted a slightly more hostile view of Independent non-aligned Afghanistan.

By backing the Taliban the Pakistan military hoped to achieve this dream from the 1950's. However they failed to realize the threats and dangers of backing fundamentalists into power in a neighboring state such as Afghanistan for Pakistan. In addition, with covert American encouragement Afghanistan became a giant pool of fundamentalists of varying shades concentrated in the country, including one OBL invited into the country by Pakistan in 1996 from Sudan. Steadily with covert American backing and blessing the Taliban eventually managed to take over 90% of Afghanistan IN ADDITION TO hosting about 5000 foreign Islamists fighters, subcontracted out by the USA in ops in Bosnia from 1994, and Kosovo from 1998.

There after the myth of "al-Qaeda" was created by the USA, and sustained and supported by the Pakistani military to this day. .....who purportedly carried out many terrorist ops in the Greater Middle East, Europe and the USA and 9/11. No doubt the Pakistani military annexed to the USA feel confident, and smart participating in this elaborate charade that harms millions, not least fellow Pakistanis. BUT any individual with basic common sense can see the dangers of such American manufactured fairy tales for PAKISTAN. First being called the most dangerous unstable nation on earth can't in any conceivable sense be beneficial for Pakistan. The dangerously failed nuke armed state with multiple strategic, and structural state problems. In the name of pursuing phantom enemies created by the USA, namely "al-Qaeda" and the Taliban which is still run this day by the Pakistan military for the Americans as "Controlled Opposition"......the Pakistani military are committing treason against their own country, and helping the USA kill countless civilians in sovereign Pakistan territory. Finally the Pakistan military are helping the Americans slowly occupy Pakistan.

7. Nawaz Sharif of the PML was in power as head of a civilian government between 1996---1999. Naturally as head of the civilian government he attempted to consolidate his power within the country through a variety of actions, mostly legal. This obviously irked the Pakistan Military never too happy about a strong civilian government residing in Islamabad......becoming independent and self assured, and therefore winning a second term. NO PAKISTANI CIVILIAN GOVERNMENT HAS/HAD EVER SERVED A SECOND SUCCESSFUL TERM THANKS TO THE PAKISTANI MILITARY AND THEIR WESTERN BACKERS. What alarmed the military the most was the peace overtures towards India over all matters and especially settlement of the Kashmir dispute. The Pakistani military wasn't about to give the enormous prestige that would obviously come, and thus legitimacy to any civilian government which would make peace with India.

The Pakistan military WORTHLESS IN ALL RESPECTS accept in the business of killing unarmed Pakistani civilians used the Azad Kashmir rally call to justify its worthless bloated size, and project itself as the true defender of Pakistan's sovereignty and UNITY (sick joke).........so in this noble rally call four Pakistani generals and one Mossad agent, Pervez Toupee Musharaf conspired to instigate a short border clash with India, with the objective of scuppering DEVELOPING on-going peace talks between India and Pakistan. Musharaf in between playing golf used the NLI paramilitary, some Jihadis and a few SSG'S from Musharaf's units, poorly equipped for the operation but enough to create a stink between the two nations. The result obviously was 4,000 Pakistani combatants killed 550 on the Indian side, and a weakening of Sharif's position in power in Pakistan. The callousness of a SECTION of the Pakistan military carrying out such operations with utter disregard for lives lost, and not withstanding the fact that here was yet another occasion the excellent Indian military had soundly beaten the Pakistanis, after a few days of initial success. For Musharaf, ends must have justified means because he came into power a few months later (and one guesses that this was ALL done with covert American backing).......justice is calling in Pakistan, which means giving Sharif the chance to finish his second term finally soon, very soon.

8. Surrendering sovereignty to the USA, aiding attacks against fellow Pakistanis. This is now well documented thanks to publications globally by reliable Western and Pakistani sources. The Pakistani military, after spending the better part of 60 years killing unarmed Pakistani civilians has now gone one better by aiding the USA in killing unarmed Pakistani civilians on sovereign Pakistani soil, in the pursuit of wholly bogus causes that it fully knows about, namely that "al-Qaeda" elements still exists on Pakistani soil, which constitute a viable threat to Occupation forces, and that the Taliban is a true Afghan resistance group which again is a threat to Occupation forces in neighboring Afghanistan. In the process of aiding the Americans in this bogus war known as GWOT, the Pakistani military has allowed up to 5000 American servicemen into Pakistani soil, and more on the way, occupying whole Pakistani military bases in Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP and even the Punjab........It is well known that a good deal of the terrorism in Pakistan is the result of the Pakistani military through their Jihadi proxies.......as much as a lot of the so called Real IRA/IRA were the actual handiwork of British security forces.....but imagine that a lot of the terrorism in Pakistan IN ADDITION COULD also be the work of the private security contractors such as XE (Blackwater renamed) and other such security organizations such as Dyncorps. The strategic logic of the Pakistani military defies logic allowing America to kill Pakistani civilians with impunity in the name of fighting a bogus terror war...WHAT SELF RESPECTING NATION WITH A MODICUM OF DIGNITY WOULD ALLOW THIS???? Yes Turkish security forces committed atrocities against Turkish civilians in the 1970's, and then blamed such work on the Kurds or left wing groups.......BUT never with the aid of outside forces......SO OVERTLY. Then as stated before what is the point of having a 800,000 unofficial standing regular military with 30 odd divisions, and a 300,000 paramilitary force if you require a regressive state such as the USA to carry out basic security ops against YOUR OWN OWNED PROXIES WHICH WERE ORIGINALLY BLESSED BY THE USA, and one Sandy Berger....where is the logic in all this destabilization of Pakistan, and fighting ceaseless wars in Pakistan based on bogus causes?

The great propaganda paradox of claiming to be Pakistan's greatest defenders, but in reality its WORST ENEMY. Simple below average educated Pakistanis will not be able to grasp this fact too easily, and the Pakistani military will continue playing them for suckers.

What Pakistan needs is a "struggle" by the civilian population to usurp the power of the military. In doing so they will also have to confront the regressive and negative influence of the USA in Pakistan. In that sense Nawaz Sharif is incorrect in courting the Americans now......Zionist run JEWSA is simply no good for Pakistan....it NEVER will be good for Pakistan, and the sooner this simple fact is accepted the better it will be psychologically for Pakistan's true national leaders. Zardari and his eventual removal is the main objective now politically, but in doing so it must be remembered he is not the main problem. He is merely a powerless puppet brought into power by the USA via the services of the ISI in 2008 to give a democratic veneer to American power in Pakistan and its policies....his removal will not solve Pakistan's problems wholly. But yet he must be removed.

The objective is to get Nawaz Sharif into power as soon as possible.......Pakistanis must not put up with 3 more years of this utter mess, and national humiliation. They must press for fresh elections SOON. 3 more years of the puppet Zardari's rule will mean 3 ever more worse years to come (there's no silver lining in ALL this) where the Americans with their Zionist agenda will be further entrenched into Pakistan for the worse.......then the mess will become so bad, nobody will care if the military or some other Chaudi takes the reins of power.

Sitting passively and hoping for the best is no good.....the Pakistani civilian population must agitate for a better future NOW, from today. The Pakistan military have clearly shown through open deception and double speak that they will not defend Pakistan, but merely engage in amassing more American arms for some dubious future strategies of unknown credibility. The Pakistan military have chosen their side and it is the side of Zionist America.

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Pakistan military waging war against Pakistan

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General Kayani allowed US special forces to secretly operate in Pakistan

In a visible expression of disrespect and distrust of politicians, the ISI has refused to brief the Pakistan Parliament’s standing committee on defense about their role and cooperation with the US drone attacks on Pakistani territory.

According to recent revelations by Wikileaks the current drone operations in Pakistan are being conducted by the USA with due permission and help from Pakistan Army / ISI.

A few days ago, the National Assembly Standing Committee on Defense had taken serious view of the media reports that US was seeking to expand drone attacks in Quetta. The committee is chaired by the PPP MNA from Sindh, Azra Afzal.

The NA committee, which met at the Parliament House on 25 November, sought a clarification from the Interior, Foreign and Defence Ministries by December 7. The committee also directed for a special briefing on ISI role in the war on terror.

The ISI has however refused to welcome parliamentarians in their headquarters because of ‘security concerns’.

The ISI, which is largely conceived as a state within the state of Pakistan, is notorious for its disrespect for elected representatives of the people, and also for its illegal interference in the country’s political system.

According to the ISI’s criteria, almost all politicians and activists (except Imran Khan, Munawar Hassan, General Hameed Gul, Hafiz Saeed, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, Pir Pagara etc) are a risk to the national security of Pakistan.

In the past, the ISI and its paid agents in Pakistani media have categorized elected Prime Ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif as a threat to the national security.

Same allegations are currently being leveled against the elected President Asif Zardari, Prime Mnister Yusuf Raza Gilani and their aides including Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Law Minister Babar Awan etc.


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