Wikilies....gems in the desert.

This has already been covered by Scot Creighton far more effectively, which has been posted here before, but further argument that Assange is a Zionist globalist shill, pretending to be "rebel" leaker of State documents that purportedly will bring peace and end the wars, but in REALITY oiling and greasing the paths towards further war for the Zionist Globalists by arguing.....or should we say slipping those little gems of truth in between mountains of opinion and gossip between diplomats......(1) Fake "al-Qaeda" and still alive OBL is active in Pakistan, directing attacks against American troops (OBL passed away in December 2001, and the American unit pretending to look for their agent OBL was dismantled in 2005)....(2) sections of the ISI run and direct attacks against American troops in Afghanistan.....(3) North Korea has given rogue states nuclear armed missiles.......(4) Iran is arming rebels in Iraq who then go on to kill American servicemen (5) All Arab governments would whole heartedly approve an attack on Iran by the USA for Israel once again. All of which are substantively inaccurate save for the ISI allegations, which are a partial revelation, since the USA is the ultimate arbiter and funder of ISI ops in Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Suffice to say Netanyahu is very happy about Wikileaks leaks.

In that sense ALL the prominent celebrity journalists who back Assange must also at least partially be involved in this Zionist funded Psy-ops......Michael Moore, John Pilger etc.


Wikileaks' Assange's Lawyer has connections to Rothschilds

Posted by Wake Up From Your Slumber.

It has emerged recently that Assange is in the UK since October which means that all those three successive and massive US documents "leaks" have been orchestrated by him from his secret residence in the UK.

So why is this done from the UK. The answer is because that is where he is the closest from his masters, the super powerful dynastic Rothschild banking and zionist family.

And now here comes the proof that this is indeed the case:

Assange's lawyer is the prominent Mark Stephens whose law firm Finers Stephens Innocent is legal adviser to the Rothschild Waddesdon Trust which is concerned with the "maintenance, improvement and payment of certain of the outgoings in respect of Waddesdon Manor (Rothschild's most prestigious property in the UK) in the Vale of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire."

The Wadesdon Trust's board of trustees is chaired by the Queen''s former Private Secretary Lord Fellowes and has three Rothschild family members as trustees, Lord (Jacob) Rothschild, Lady Rothschild (his wife) and Beth Matilda Rothschild. It is domiciled 14 St James's Place in London which is also the London address of Lord Jacob Rothschild and his high profile wealth management business St. James's Place Group (formerly J. Rothschild Assurance Group).


Besides that, and as a side note, Mark Stephens law firm Finers Stephens Innocent appears to have a strong focus in providing tax avoidance advisory services to mega-rich customers (see Michael Lewis and Simon Malkiel particularly) such as, I suspect, Sir Philip Green who advises the government on how to recover the mega money his and his peers avoid to pay in taxes thanks to the services of Finers Stephens Innocent's lawyers by squeezing public services, etc....


In summary Assange's lawyer is a high profile establishment lawyer whose law firm works for the Rothschilds.

It seems to me that this is proof enough that Assange is a Rothschild puppet and that Wikileaks is a Rothschild operation.


Source: David Icke Forums, posted by secretagent