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This is directly from the Wikipedia November 2007, since erased:

"There have been many allegations that Wikileaks is a CIA front (eg. by cryptome)...

Arguments have centered around the location of Wikileaks-related matters and the source of its funding...

National Security Agency HQ Maryland.

"The contact number on Wikileaks.org has a D.C. area code and is a Verizon cell phone number registered in Adelphi, Maryland.

"Intellus.com, a Web tracking service, connected the number to a 'Va Reston.'

CIA building in Reston

"Twenty miles down the road from Adelphi is Reston, Virginia, home to iDefense labs, whose Web site says it is 'a comprehensive provider of security intelligence to governments.'

"The DC telephone number is also on the same telephone exchange as the newly created (2006) Iraq Study Group and the Afghanistan embassy of Washington."

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At http://tinfoilpalace.eamped.com/ we read the following posts on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks: Genuine Rebel or the Next Fake ...

A. Assange fits all the specifications of a phony rebel, dished up to the public so that we eventually accept the silencing of whistleblowers and the closure of truth-related websites, all in the name of national security.

A few notes of my observations:

1) If Assange was truly rogue, the mainstream media would simply black him out.

2) Assange accepts the official version of the events of 9/11. Red flag.

3) The finances of WikiLeaks have been described as "opaque."

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4) The overly-emphasized "CIA is after Assange" story in the media rings false.

The CIA does not advertise its own agendas and missions, and the media rarely intrudes on their discretion. But here we have something like Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner. What's wrong with this picture?

5) The recent (last week) NYT profile of Assange was originally bylined by Eric Schmitt, then the names were changed.

Assange has used Schmitt in the past to communicate.

Schmitt is a senior writer on terrorism and national security for the NYT, and is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations!

Red and Black - Satanic.

6) Assange dresses the part: black suit, red tie. C'mon.

7) The WikiLeaks document release reminds many of Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. Remember, Ellsberg worked for Internal Security Affairs.

He was a spook.

Ellsberg himself has recently come out to say he thinks the CIA may be targeting Assange. Oh, please.

8) The information that has come to light in the massive document release is not particularly groundbreaking, and as such, fits the description of a "limited hang-out."

The timing, too, scarcely a week before elections, is worth noting.

(I tried three times to post a one-paragraph comment on the NYT Assange profile, suggesting WikiLeaks was disinfo. The moderators turned it down twice, as the comments thread ballooned from 106 into the 400s, with everyone pro and con Assange but swallowing him whole as the real thing. After a direct appeal to the mods on my third attempt, they posted it shortly before locking the thread.)

: “Israel has not been damaged at all by the WikiLeaks publications. On the contrary, the documents showed support in many quarters for Israel’s assessments, especially on Iran.” Website for this image http://incogman.net/

B. He's as dirty as a they come.

I'll say it again: 15,000 more dead in Iraq than the U.S. admitted?

Try close to ONE MILLION, per the Lancet several years back.

Do I trust the Lancet or some CIA plant? Well, I don't trust the Lancet, either; but, I'd trust them over this yackdoodle any day of the week.

C. Well, well, well.......

Wikileaks Proves WMDs in Iraq


It gets really boring after awhile, doesn't it?

D. Funny how Assange and Ellsberg gave a press conference last Saturday at a hotel located "a stone's throw" from MI6, where yesterday spy chief Sir John Sawyers gave the first public speech in MI6's 101-year history, defending secrecy in the war against terror.

“Secrecy is not a dirty word,” he said. “Secrecy is not there as a cover-up. Secrecy plays a crucial part in keeping Britain safe and secure.”

Both press conferences were written up in the NYT by John F. Burns.

It's always interesting to learn a little about the guys who write these stories, right?

Burns studied Russian at Harvard, Chinese at Cambridge, and later Islamic history at Cambridge. He served as bureau chief in Moscow 1981-84, and is currently London bureau chief. He is married to a woman who is currently the NYT Baghdad bureau chief.

Foxes watching the henhouse, if you ask me.

E. For a wanted man he seems able to show up in public with ease.