Failed State Pakistan, still failing


I take it that the rumors of Sharif (PML (N) being on the American payroll is true, which explains his total silence ( save a few comfy safe GEO interviews) whilst the country goes down the sewage hole. This means he should not become the next President because he will be repeating the same mistakes as Zardari bhen, but in a slightly less obvious open ended way.

Has Sharif been promised the Presidency in 2013, if he keeps quiet by the USA?

Zardari bhen is an easy political leader to protest against, simply because the man has so many faults in a bad Bollywood goonda way.....any idiot should be able pick on these, and exploit it to their political advantage. Unless they are on the American payroll, and maintaining the present status quo for Amerikkajee is of the utmost importance.

Any good honest political leader should be able to rock the boat, and shout like Sheikh Mujib about the massive corruption; lack of governance; lack of government; lack of security; endless wars for the USA; lack of adequate food; lack of adequate education WITH REAL CONVICTION AND PASSION..........thats should theoretically be the easy part.

The hard part is efficient governance once you come to power. Populist leaders promise the earth in South Asia, but once they come to power, they fail. They fail themselves and they fail the country.

Imran Khan the former cricketer, playboy and now politician who married a Jewish lady who just happened to be related to the infamous Rothschilds family, now has two Jewish sons through his marriage to Jemima Goldsmith. This is not an uncommon habit of many an elite Pakistani who are not emotionally attached to their country. He is educated at Oxford and has been reared in the elite Glitterati Beautiful circle of the UK......where he lived extensively, and is touted by and interviewed by the Jewish Western media. I am not sure beyond the usual Rahul Gandhi photo ops, Imran Khan understands the real meaning of struggle for himself, his party and of course his country.

But then again having Jewish links is not an automatic disqualification. Gadaffi of Libya is Jewish on his mothers side, but he is also a good leader for his people where under his able 42 year leadership Libya became known as the Switzerland of Africa.

In the present dire circumstances Pakistan is in, Imran Khan though given his background and connections seems a very unlikely but welcome leader for Pakistan in 2013, or sooner.

He though needs to ditch his school boy naivety about the Security apparatus of Pakistan, and especially of-course the Pakistan Punjabi military. He needs to do extensive "homework" on the security apparatus of Pakistan, and their linkage with the Western nations. Their games and tricks, paranoia and psychology (they in their tightly knit club live in a planet of their own........a truly weird sociopathic bunch) It is this covert unaccountable link that ultimately harms Pakistan into a failed state for so many years, even though the country is abundant in human talent and potential.

After all 30-40% of Pakistanis are Aryan. They deserve better. South Asia deserves better from Pakistan. Iran deserves better from Pakistan. Afghanistan deserves better from Pakistan. China deserves better from Pakistan.


Pak President Asif Ali Zardari an impotent puppet, says Imran Khan

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan has denounced Pakistan president Asif Ali Zardari as "an impotent puppet" who has not delivered anything to the Americans, and said the US was going to "have to kill a lot of people to make any impact" in the war on terror.

The 58-year-old Oxford alumnus has used anti-Americanism to perfection in a country where most people see politicians as US puppets who facilitate the deadly drone attacks. Not surprisingly , for his tough talk against the US, Khan's popularity is on the rise. The latest surveys rank him as the most popular Pakistani politician and the likely prime minister after the 2014 polls.

Khan described the war in Afghanistan as "most insane and immoral" and asked the government to pull out of it in an interview with The Guardian on Monday. He said the war was unwinnable because it involves more killings and, consequently, more radicalization. "The Soviets killed more than a million people in Afghanistan. They were fighting more at the end than the beginning. Clearly, a population of 15 million could take a million dead and still keep fighting."

While criticizing the drone attacks, Khan also regretted the lack of international acknowledgement of Pakistan's contribution to the war on terror. "CIA chief (Leon) Panetta says that the Pakistan government was either incompetent or complicit (in protecting Osama bin Laden). They're talking about a country in which 35,000 people have died during a war that had nothing to do with us." Khan said bin Laden's presence and killing in Pakistan was humiliating for the country.

"Wherever I went, I felt this anger in the people. It was humiliating because an American president announces it, not our president. And because it was the American military, not our military, which this country has given great sacrifices to nurture, that killed him."

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief stressed that US aid to his country's "puppet government" was destroying it. "We're using our army to kill our own people with American money." Khan predicted that Pakistan's people seem destined to suffer as much as they did during the British colonial rule in "an era of neocolonialism''.