The colonial occupation of Afghanistan, and ALL the wonderful developments in the country.


Things have gone downhill in the USA, and very naturally they should go downhill everywhere else the USA has a presence.

The USA is run by a cabal of criminals who control both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The quality of governance and government does not change with fresh elections and a new party in power.

There naturally will be a global sigh of relief when the USA collapses financially, through purely its own fault of its corrupt elite, and is replaced by China as the new "Hyper Power."

10 years ago I predicted and dreaded this outcome, but now I secretly pray this outcome to come to fruitition sooner rather than later. I made the rather simplistic analysis that a Democractic Power which is accountable to the people is always preferable to the power of a dictatorship which is accountable to no one. But the Democratic land of the free, and brave have committed so many crimes since 1945, to so many nations, resulting in the death and suffering of 10's of millions of innocent poor people.......for the benefit of narcotics, and other criminality and whimsy with a holier than though pompous loud mouth grin, that rather paradoxically an Asian superpower, for the first time after 300 years, looks rather appealing.

Yes dictatorships are bad, as was Hitler, but the reality of history is far more complex. The British Empire committed unspeakable crimes, as the nation hosting the mother of all parliaments for nearly 200 years. It still rather enthusiastically displays Imperialist tendencies, as its soldiers swagger, murder, rape, loot, torture, peddle drugs back to the UK, and molest through various Third World nations from Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan.

China by contrast displays none of this. Historically over many millenia it has had bad relations with Korea, Japan and Vietnam, BUT the current trajectory and projection of Chinese POWER is peaceful co-existence, fair trade, and helping nations build their infrastructure. Maoist wild dogmatism has been firmly rejected, replaced by pragamtism and Communism with two faces.

One does not have to be a firm believer in China (Sinophile) to see that broadly speaking Chinese State policies make sense and are logical, whilst by contrast those of the USA are irrational and criminal against the USA itself and the wider world.

Nowhere is this criminality and irrationality more greatly exemplified than the USA occupation of Afghanistan for the last 10 years.

Drugs, talent, crass, Western civilisation, coalition of the willing, right-wing policies.


US-Supported Afghan Militias Commit Widespread Human Rights Abuses

A Human Rights Watch report details impunity of criminal gangs, off the hook due to ties to corrupt Afghan officials

by John Glaser, at antiwar.com

US-supported Afghan militias are committing widespread human rights abuses, but neither Washington or Kabul are holding them accountable or changing policy in light of the crimes, according to a new Human Rights Watch report.

The report “documents serious abuses, such as killings, rape, arbitrary detention, abductions, forcible land grabs, and illegal raids by irregular armed groups in northern Kunduz province and the Afghan Local Police (ALP).” The governments of the United States and of Afghanistan have not only failed to hold these forces to account, but they have fostered future abuses and generated more support for the Taliban and the insurgency, the report finds.

The ALP was created in July 2010, intended by US strategy to supplement the Afghan national army at the community and village level in the lead up to the drawdown of US occupation forces. This one force is approximately 7,000 strong across Afghanistan, although plans are underway to arm and train up to 30,000.

In March 2011, General Petraeus told the US Senate that the ALP is “arguably the most critical element in our effort to help Afghanistan develop the capacity to secure itself.” Yet the ALP, along with various other longstanding US-supported militias, are committing severe crimes and helping to drive the insurgency.

The ALP has been accused of “beating teenage boys and hammering nails into the feet of one boy,” although no arrests were made. “In April,” the report documents, “four armed ALP members in Baghlan abducted a 13-year-old boy on his way home from the bazaar and took him to the house of an ALP sub-commander, where he was gang raped.” The perpetrators are well known, but no arrests have been made.

The ALP has raided several houses, stolen personal belongings, beat residents, and illegally detained six men. Like in the other cases though, no arrests or investigations have been initiated because of the militias’ patronage links to senior Afghan officials.

The Obama administration’s policy to surge and then announce a gradual withdrawal out of at least some areas of Afghanistan was said to be based on providing security and winning hearts and minds. But their own security forces are abusive thugs that deteriorate the security situation. And Afghan hearts and minds are leaning far, far away from US forces.