Yes, more cooperation of this type.

Zardari and his Kleptocracy backed by the blank cheque USA is the biggest crook in Pakistan. If Pakistanis need to go all the way to India to seek wisdom and inspiration to fight Zardari, and corruption in Pakistan generally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So be it.....if it works.

Zardari Bhen is a OTT parody of what is wrong with Pakistan in a rather Bollywood goonda way.........it can't be real and true surely?

But the ever smiling man who goes on expensive state financed trips to the West, so that he can check his loot money of $3 billion stolen from the poor Pakistani people, WHILST the country suffers many problems, must surely be an affront to the IZZAT of the Pakistani nation of 190 million......if after so many years the country has any Izzat left.


Pakistani team to meet Anna Hazare for tips on anti-graft crusade

By Times of India

Social activist Anna Hazare, who led one of India's biggest mass movements against corruption, will receive a Pakistani delegation at his home in Ralegan Siddhi, Maharashtra, on Wednesday to seek his opinion on starting a similar drive in their country.

The delegation constitutes three legal experts, including former Pakistan law minister Iqbal Haider. The meeting has been organised by the NGO Sarhad.

"The delegation will meet Anna Hazare at 1 pm and discuss starting a similar movement in their country because both have similar problems of corruption and terrorism," Sanjay Nahar, who heads Sarhad, said.

"We want to take his views on how this movement can be started in Pakistan," he added.

Hazare went on a 12-day fast in the capital last month demanding a strong anti-graft bill, attracting the support of massive crowds.