"al-Qaeda" Libya and two domestically unpopular grinning boys

The donkey mullahs call this the "Great Islamic awakening"....where Western leaders make triumphal PR visits to such conquered and destabilized countries in the Middle East.

Perhaps the donkey mullahs see certain basic similarities of what happened in Iran 32 years ago, and what is happening in the Middle East now, BUT fail to grasp the sly slippery evil machinations of Western Imperialism using Islamic Fundamentalists as a fifth column to usurp power, destabilize nations, which then become the natural target for further future hostility against the nations a few years later as was the case with Taliban Afghanistan.

Taliban Afghanistan initiated by the USA in 1994 with Pakistan's help, and attacked by the USA in 2001.....the military training for which had taken place a few years earlier, and now occupied by a coalition of Crusader countries, and Pakistan's military backing.

Maybe we will see, Ayatollah Khomenei visit Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria after such popular "Islamic awakening" revolutions. He will be warmly welcomed along with Jew Ahmedinejad. Though it will look strange for him to share the rejoicing with Western leaders like Sarkozy and Cameron in such countries, and leaders who are otherwise hostile to Iran.

The mullah donkeys don't like the USA backed
and installed Taliban, but like the new "al-CIA-duh" government in Libya.

The mullah donkeys don't like the USA backed
and installed Taliban, but like the new "al-CIA-duh" backed Islamic Brotherhood movement which is now very politically pro-active in Egypt, taking an unnecessary hostile stand against Israel, so that Western forces can find the excuse to occupy the Sinai.

The mullah donkeys don't like the USA backed
and installed Taliban, but like the new "al-CIA-duh" backed opposition which toppled the Ben Ali government in Tunisia.

The mullah donkeys don't like the USA backed
and installed Taliban, but some mullahs have stated especially at Friday prayers that they like the new "al-CIA-duh" opposition in Syria.

The donkey mullahs of Iran who should be confined to mosques ONLY, and not in government running a sophisticated country of 75 million, stealing its petro wealth............are confused clueless idiots who are controlled by Israel and London from the shadows.

That is why they talk and act through the backside, in Iran, outside Iran...and against Iranians fundamental strategic interests.

Kurt Nimmo at Infowars.com

British PM David Cameron and French president Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Tripoli, Libya, on Thursday and have pledged to provide military, political and economic support to al-Qaeda.

The New York Times, however, does not mention the fact al-Qaeda is part of Libya’s new leadership. The newspaper instead concentrates on “jubilant Libyans praising [Cameron and Sarkozy's] role in pushing the erstwhile Libyan dictator out of formal power,” while saying nothing about the price average Libyans had to pay.(for their "Liberation")

Sarkozy and Cameron said NATO air-strikes will continue so long as Libyans resist the invasion of their country by the global elite. They made the comments during a news conference with al-Qaeda:

They were speaking at a news conference alongside Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, the leader of the interim administration set up by the insurgents, and Mahmoud Jibril, the rebels’ de facto prime minister, who said the rebels still needed NATO “protection for our civilians.”

Jalil is from the Haribi tribe in northeastern Libya. It is linked to al-Qaeda. Many of the CIA’s assets in Afghanistan during the war against the Soviet Union were from Libya and they would later merge with al-Qaeda. Ayman al-Zawahiri gave the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) his personal seal of approval and the LIFG officially joined the group in 2007. A West Point study revealed the intimacy between Libyans and al-Qaeda in Iraq allegedly responsible for killing U.S. occupation troops.

Behind Abdel-Jalil and Mahmoud Jibril stands Abdelhakim Belhaj, the founder of LIFG. “Hardly by accident, all the top military rebel commanders are LIFG,” writes Pepe Escobar. Belhaj, a dedicated al-Qaeda jihadist, is considered the top Libyan military commander.

“This was your revolution, not our revolution,” Cameron told al-Qaeda.

(Of course Western Special Forces, backed by 30,000 air sorties helped the handful of 'al-Qaeda" rebels to win against Gaddafi in occupying most of the country. Controlling the country is another matter. Controlling the country for Western Imperial and economic interests is another matter)

The New York Times and the rest of the establishment media are working overtime to portray the Transitional National Council and al-Qaeda as heroes and the legitimate rulers of Libya. Precious little corporate media space is squandered on the fact NATO’s rebels are murderous racists.

Cameron and Sarkozy did not arrive in Tripoli merely to heap praise on al-Qaeda – they paid a visit in order to promote business: the business of the bankers and transnational corporations.

The trip, according to the New York Times, “was also part of a high-stakes play by both leaders to cast themselves as successful and muscular champions of democracy as their business elites vie for opportunity in post-Qaddafi Libya.”

The globalists prefer that their captured dominion be ruled over by austere and violent Sunni Wahhabists or other wide-eyed fanatics, as was the case in Afghanistan before the U.S. decided to invade the country and overthrow their former partners, the CIA and ISI created Taliban.(From 1994)

The U.S. State Department saw “nothing objectionable” when the Taliban took over the country in the mid-1990s after the Soviets fled.

“The Taliban will probably develop like the Saudis. There will be Aramco [the consortium of oil companies that controlled Saudi oil], pipelines, an emir, no parliament and lots of Sharia law. We can live with that,” a U.S. diplomat said in 1997.

Like al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the variant in Libya will likely become another enemy in short order and we will be told billions of dollars more must be squandered – and more women and children butchered (In yet another Middle East country) – lest the evil ones plot against freedom lovers.