Potpuri of allegations but missing the irony

The UK is a pro-active global power beyond its middle ranking power status.

This is especially so for the last 250 years, as the country slowly acquired an empire, and colonization of North America, Australia and other parts of the world.

A lot of the UK global power is now intertwined with the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, nations which have many things in common with the UK. A lot of its military, diplomatic and security policies are thus carried out in conjunction with these former colonies of the UK to a greater or lessor degree.

Another view is that the UK is a satellite client power of the USA, and thus the UK always joins in with the USA, in the latter's misadventures abroad out of a servile obedient need to obey the master, even if its in direct contradiction of popular public opinion.

The Final view is that the UK is host to the Rothschilds banking clan for about 220 years, which is the richest family in the world of Jewish background, and that the UK State to a greater degree operates as an arm of the paranoia/perceptions/designs/peccadilloes/Quija Ja board fantasies (Brown calfs, Nostradamus, sacred numbers, aliens, satanism, greed, ambition......too much wealth and power detaches people from reality)/whim for the day of this particular family and that through this power house it is London which directs the hapless super power through their agents in the USA, mostly of Jewish origin operating within the elite structure of that country.

Though to be fair to the Rothschilds, its not always Jew this and Jew that. You need two hands to clap. For every Rothschild misadventure around the world, on yet another international scheme, at the end of the day they still need the dump-fuck little Englanders to obey and carry out their orders within the UK State structure, dressed up presumably as essential UK State policy.

Thus one can persuasively argue that yes the UK did create the Taliban, and yes the UK had a hand in 9/11; The role of the BBC on that fateful day acting as a propaganda machine legitimating the Bush II conspiracy in Jew York. Purportedly some of the Rothschild along with members of the Israeli government were in their exclusive penthouse suite in Jew York, with a panoramic view of the twin towers .....accompanied no doubt with champagne, Caviar and Belgian chocolates.

The Taliban was officially created by the USA, using the Pakistani military from 1994. Sandy Berger and other USA officials went to Pakistan 1993/94 and proposed to the Benazir Bhutto government to back the Taliban. If Benazir agreed to such a plan, then the USA threat to label Pakistan a terrorist state would be lifted, and with the Pakistani military the JEWSA sold it as a "Strategic Depth" leverage viz a vi India. Funding came from the GCC countries for the Taliban project, as they had also funded the Afghan Mujaheddin, and as they have also funded the Libyan rebels recently.

If Benazir Bhutto did state that the Taliban was created by the UK, then let us have transcripts of the interview. In fact let the book below be translated into English if it is peer reviewed and is actually any good.

Also it is extremely misleading to blame the UK for the creation of the Taliban, and not hold the locals with responsibility.

As stated before you need local dumb-fucks to carry out the dirty deed. Rothschilds global power has always required Anders Brevik type marginal, often gay, low IQ lonely individuals to initiate their policies around the world, within well funded populist groups which suddenly appear during times of national crisis and doubt in various nations (that which is created by the Rothschilds strategically using their agents)

In the case of the Taliban it was the Pakistani military, a nation which itself was created by the UK, and it is the UK which created the ISI. It is this link which encouraged the Pakistani military to Islamise Pakistan from the 1970's and back the Islamic Fundamentalist Mujaheddin of Afghanistan from the late 1970's with overt USA encouragement within the purview of Operation Cyclone and Operation Greenbelt. But given that Iran is NOW attempting better relations with Pakistan, including the funding of strategic projects in the country, this should not mean that credible writers on the topic should erase the role of local dumb-fucks in the creation of the Taliban. If so this would be false analysis.

Yes let us have better relations between Pakistan and Iran but let us also not forget in our over enthusiasm, that Mossad Busharaf but a few years ago as a populist Brigadier on the back of Deobandism/Wahabism/Saudi funding was carrying out pogroms against Shia Pakistanis in Gilgit and the NWFP, using Arab and local Jihadis. Let us not forget that the Pakistani military have trained up around 500,000 Jihadis since the 1970's even though they have zero military value. Let us not forget that it is Pakistani security forces which are operating in Bahrain against local Shia Arabs. Let us not forget that it is the Pakistani military along with the Americans who have airlifted Jihadis from Afghanistan/Pakistan to fight alongside the rebels in Libya.

The very same Sunni Islamist CIA backed rebels, assisted by Western Special Forces and Western air-power....which many political leaders in Iran think is a victory and vindication/affirmation of Mullah Iran.

But the writer of the book below is essentially right, and in saying so logically the British also had a hand in installing the mullahs into power in Iran in 1979. The British created the Muslim League in India in 1905; created the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1920's in Egypt......and backed the Wahabi Saudis into power in the last century.

The UK is a problem country.

'UK, not Pakistan, created Taliban'


Head of the IRIB World Service Mohammad Sarafraz says the United Kingdom was the first state which created the Taliban militant group in Afghanistan.

“The first state which created the Taliban was not Pakistan; the Taliban was created by Britain in the first place,” Sarafraz said at the review session of his book The Taliban Movement: The Mystery of its Rise and Fall, Fars News Agency reported Saturday.

Sarafraz said the notion was confirmed by Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto during an interview with the state-run BBC, but currently all records of it have been removed from archives and this was ultimately the reason behind her assassination in December 2007.

Bhutto was slain in a gun-and-bomb attack as she was leaving an election rally in the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

“Now all the media archives of this interview have been erased,” he further explained.

Sarafraz went on to say that “in the death of Benazir Bhutto, there are suspects such as Pervez Musharraf, who is regarded as one of the prime suspects, but he is now living in Britain.”

Musharraf, who is a retired army general, was the President of Pakistan when Bhutto was assassinated. Many Pakistani officials have pointed the finger of blame at the then government of Musharraf and threatened to take action against the former military ruler.

Sarafraz also raised the issue of September 11, 2001 attacks and questioned the scenarios presented by the US government about the incident.

“Al-Qaeda and the US have devised scenarios in this regard, which have been discussed in the book, but the attacks were not staged by a group called al-Qaeda and there are many contradictions in this matter,” he pointed out.

“The US passenger airliners are completely automatic so that ordinary pilots cannot steer them,” Sarafraz said, adding that a hole was created on the side of the Pentagon building during the attacks, which shows it was not hit by an airplane, but by a missile.

In a recent blog entry, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that the attacks on the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, New York City, and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, could not have been carried out by Muslims but it was the “American Government” itself which performed the attacks.

Recent video images leaked ahead of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 incident confirm eye-witness accounts that the attack was made by a cruise missile rather than a passenger plane.

The close photographs of the Pentagon also show no wreckage of the plane, although normally the remains of a plane wreck sometimes cover a square of a mile.

According to the Iranian author, the newly published book also discusses the Russian occupation of Afghanistan and issues related to Pakistan's spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), and army.

Additionally, the work makes analytical speculations about the future political prospects of Taliban militants and the US presence in Afghanistan.

The book, The Taliban Movement: The Mystery of its Rise and Fall is the first book on the Taliban published in Persian language.